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Default Saath Phere 30th JULY Written Update

Saloni's room

Episode begins with saloni telling Nahar we lost our child and apologize to him for not saving his dream and loosing it.

Nahar comforts her saying For me you are here and that is all I want. you are all that matters to me.

They are very sad and crying. Tara brings adviitya and puts him in saloni's lap.

Tara says How wrong I was and accused you of everything but you saved advitiya. what if something would have happend to you? I could not have forgiven myself.

sal says : I have to save adivitiya. My life does not matter but advitiya ' s does and I am glad he is safe.

Tara says: saloni your life does matter to all of us. and I am so ashmed for my behavior. Despite being older i treated you badly and hugs her .

bhabho says: mataji plz keep my family intact like this thru all crisis and we can handle them together.

Kaveri's living room

Dheer goes to kaveri to tell the news. kaveri first tells him that she does not want to hear anything about saloni's god bhari party and how grand it was.

But when dheer tells her sal lost her child. kaveri is happy and tells him to call her now and then and come and visit her.

Dheer tries to instigate kaveri about samar and ginni. Kaveris says I don't want to hear samar's name again so stop.

kaveri then says to herself: chalo I got the chatpati news after a long time and saloni di got hit with ishwar ki lathi(god's stick) finally.

Sal's room

Ambika talks to saloni and comforts her they both are crying and crying.

Ambi tells her she will have another child sal says: mom I know I can't have another child.

ambi says to share her pain or if god let her she wants to take her pain away and cries so much.

sal calms her saying I am fine and gives a knitted baby sweater for kaveri's baby. They are very sad.

KTJ's room

Ktj is angry and upset and says kalika's plan was stupid and it failed. Now sal and Tara are togheter again and also dad will be more concern about nahar and saloni. They will never succeed. What ever they did went to waste. kali assures him they will succeed any moment now.

Preview: kali tells KTJ advitiya will separate tara and saloni. saloni will want adviitya all the time and tara will want advitiya too and won't give him to sal.

CREDIT:- ramas
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