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Default off the camera interview of Shilpa


Hey peeps came across a off the camera interview of Shilpa with a Aaj Tak reporter called Shivani,supposed to have taken place a month back,looking at the turn of events now seems believable.

Here it goes:

SHIVANI: so what else is new on the cards shilpa... the rumour is that you have been getting many offers from bollywood??

(smiles) SHILPA: oh offers have been pouring in for both me and karan since day 1 of DMG... but finally i"ve been offered a very good role from a production house in bollywood....

SHIVANI: has it interested you???

SHILPA: hmmmm yeah actually it has...

SHIVANI: it doesnt mean the end of dill mill gayye does it???

SHILPA: i hope not! but actually since we're off record i think its time i moved on.... theres a lot of stuff out there

SHIVANI: you realize the effect this will have on your fans??

SHILPA: actually i do.... but my life has been really monotonous and i seriously need a break... a break from television

SHIVANI: a break??? you mean this might be temporary??

SHILPA: ahhhh.... no thats the hitch actually... i'm not sure myself because i've only just started reading these scripts... so if i dont make it out there i guess DMG is always an open option for me

SHIVANI: other than that how comfortable have you been with the story line???

SHILPA (sheepishly) actually i did have a little bit of a problem with ridhimas character... though it is really dear to my heart... some of her morals were loosening up a bit... and it seriously didnt suit me...

SHIVANI: any problem on the sets??

SHILPA (laughs): i cant say that can i??? mmmm no a little bit of friction i guess... but nothing other than that... i was afraid that DIL..... might end up taking the regular story line... of a typical soap opera... which is what has been happening lately... so i need a break from that too

SHIVANI: and what about announcing this stuff??? should we get on camera??

SHILPA: its shivani isnt it?? no actually i'm not gonna announce it as of now... we're at a critical stage in the story... i dont want to break my fans hearts... so lets not go live with this

SHIVANI: will you not miss the fame DMG has got you???

SHILPA: afcourse i wil!! DMG has been my life for almost a year now... but you ahve to diversify from time to time... i mean karan has already apeared in bhram... mayank is a model... he's been on magazine covers... so you know everyones doing there bit...

SHIVANI: but this is a very big step... this is leaving DMG right????

SHILPA: yeah i wont really call it a walk out... but yes this is a big step and unfortunately at this point... i can hardly think of the future....

SHIVANI: so what will you estimate... when would you actually leave???

SHILPA: well i really dont want to get into the details... but since my contract is of year with cinevistaas i'm not gonna leave any time before june- july.... it depends on the course the story takes....

SHIVANI: but that means the search must be going on for a new ridhima

SHILPA: (laughs) afcourse it has... for the past month or so i guess theres been these extensive auditions....

SHIVNAI: anyone you see as ridhima???

SHILPA: here where my personal angle comes into it... i love this character... despite some loose ends... and bad decision she made... she's been a very relevant part of me.... so no right now i cant actually envisage someone as ridzi......

SHIVANI: so can fans expect to see you soon?? or perhaps back on DMG???

SHILPA: (shakes her head) everyones been asking me that.... where i'm going frm here... i'm taking a break for one... a good long break.... and then i'm definately going to commit myself with movies... atleast let me find out what the future holds for me... but otherwise if i do find a slot for myself and even if i dont... i dont think i'll be coming back on dill....

SHIVANI: i hate to say this... but the story will get pretty messed up without you

SHILpA: oh god! i dont even want to think of that... i just hope DILL finds a good ridhima... who can hopefully carry off the character better than me... but our creatives are expreienced..... they'll find a way i'm sure

SHIVANI: thanx for this off camera chat shilpa... i think we'll be missing you a lot...

SHILPA: thanks shivani... theres quite a lot of time before this thing actually hits the news.... so right now i'll enjoy my last days of shooting
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