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Default Rajeev speaks about life after LRL

Guys please reply if you like the work that I do. Because if you don't I will not know how am I doing? And might not be motivated enough to work harder ....

Njoy the article.....

Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal shot to fame with his much loved character Sujal, who later went on to create history by quitting ‘Kahiin To Hoga’ at the peak of his career with stardom. Temptation is the last word in this talented actor’s dictionary. Read on to discover more about him, his affairs and his so called rift with Ekta Kapoor…

Do you feel Sujal is the replica of your personality in any way?

Sujal was the character that brought me to the forefront. I don’t think that I performed amazingly well but, Sujal suited me very well. Sujal is the character which is present in everyone. Rajeev has a part which is like Sujal. Both of us are very passionate and stubborn. We have a lot of similarities except, I would not chase a woman if she is happily married. I would accept that as my destiny and will let her go.

One decision you are proud of making would be…

I am proud of all the decisions that I have made. The biggest one being the decision of quitting ‘Kahiin To Hoga’. I am glad and happy that I made the decision of quitting ‘Kahiin To Hoga’ at the peak of my fame. The character was at the peak however; I realized that if I needed to maintain the fame I had to leave. I would repeat every thing I did including the failures in the last four years.

You quit KTH at the peak of your career. Was it easy for you to go away from the temptation- the fame, the money, et al?

When there are temptations all around you, it’s very difficult to make up your mind but, trust me it’s very easy to make up your mind to say that I am going my way. I kept myself away from all those things which tempted me. I knew one thing if I had to last for longer period, I had to take the decision. People knew that it was not easy to quit but I took the decision in a fraction of seconds. We ourselves make all the decisions very difficult because we start weighing with the temptations around us.

Did you ever see the new Sujal performing before ‘Kahiin To Hoga’ going off-air?

I saw the guy, who replaced me. I feel he should have worked harder not that I am a great performer but, the character didn’t suit him. With all due respect to the man, I don’t even know him. I am sure he must be a great guy however the character Sujal was not made for him.

You share a great equation with Aamna Shariff and other co-stars. What do you have to say about your off-screen romance with them?

(Blushes)…Honestly, I would love these rumours to be true. I would love to date as many women as possible. I am a very normal and a straight guy so obviously women attract me. But these rumours are baseless.

What do you have to say about Aamna as a friend?

Aamna is a very special friend. She is very close to me. I remember meeting her recently after four months; she made me have Chinese food. Accidentally I had prawns. I was on the verge of throwing up since I am very allergic to prawns. She quickly settled the bill and took me to the car. She made me stop the car and was rubbing my back so that I could throw up. She did this in the middle of the road. It is only Aamna, who can do it and no one else. Aamna gives me a lot of comfort level and she has been special but, I am not dating her. I would love to date such a pretty girl. She is made for a guy, who is much better than I am.

But, don’t you feel like taking this relationship to the next level?

You can’t plan about certain things in life. With Aamna, I really can’t plan things. More than that, everything is destined. If Aamna has to be in my life she will be in my life.

Since you have been a documentary director, are you planning to direct documentaries someday?

Someday I will surely direct a film for sure.

You perfectly fit the role of a dream boy, so please share the persona of your dream girl with us.

I hope my dream girl would be reading this. A girl, who has her own mind= and who believes in herself. She should be someone who would read my eyes and would know what I am feeling. She should also believe in family, marriage and the feeling of togetherness. A woman who would accept my real self which is not too great and decides to be with that self will be the girl of my life.

Which is the role you would love to perform on the big screen?

I would love to perform the role which I have not read or heard before. I would love to enact the character which I have never dreamt of.

What do you have to say about the rift between Ekta Kapoor and Rajeev?

There was no rift between Ekta and me except for difference of opinion. It’s absolutely professional to part ways if you are not on the same wavelength when it comes to creativity.

Are you in touch with her?

We live in the same city and that’s all.

What’s your stand on the rumors of you getting back to Balaji Camp?

If I had to go back to anyone, I would have said it myself. I don’t understand why the world wants to hear Rajeev going back to Balaji. I don’t want to go back to anyone. I don’t like going back in my life. I want to go ahead in my life. If they come ahead and meet me, I would love it.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would want evolve further as an actor. I want to grow as an actor. I need to learn so many things so I wish to graduate into an actor where I am proud of myself. I want to do that kind of work which satisfies me and I am still waiting for that kind of work.

Your take on the famous fives !!


Bollywood is Mecca Madina for every actor. Like any industry it has its pros and cons and it has its own flipside. But I feel whatever happens in Bollywood happens in every field.

Reality game shows

I don’t relate with reality game shows. I don’t think I will ever be a part of those shows.

Actors from TV industry getting into Bollywood

Big deal, an actor is an actor. Just because couple of them have not reached where Shah Rukh Khan has reached doesn’t make everyone any lesser than the guys in Bollywood. I think if you are talented you can make it to Bollywood. We had one Shah Rukh Khan 18 years back and we will have another one very soon and I am not talking about myself.


Well, just a part of many shows on air. I am not a part of them but due respect to them. I think the time has come to evolve and re-invent ourselves. I am happy that I am doing Left Right Left and not any K-serial…

Present day TV scenario

TV has come out of age. People are ready to experiment and with new channels coming in we can hope for the better future of TV industry.

Party Time!!!

When is your Birthday and how do you celebrate it?

16th October, I celebrate my birthday with my fans. I am constantly busy on that day because I switch on a particular number and I announce it through internet and channels so that my fans can wish me on my birthday.

Last time you went on a holiday….

I love traveling. I had gone to Himachal Pradesh a month and a half back.

Last time you lost your senses…..

About three days back, I had gone to Benaras and I had tasted Bhang. After few hours, I felt everything has come to a standstill. After that I have decided that I will never taste Bhang in my life.

Last time you partied hard….

I am not a party animal so you will not find me partying till the wee hours of morning.

Last time you gave a big treat to your friends…

I don’t have too many friends here in Mumbai and the fact is I don’t have too many friends in my life as well. I give treat to people who are close to me. I don’t remember when the last time I splurged money on my friends.

Last but, not the least…

I hope that I live up to your expectations even if you don’t have one for me. I hope that you enjoy watching me on-screen and if you don’t enjoy watching me then there is no point in me being on screen. I would always be honest in analyzing my performance and please give me my due only if I deserve. I wish you all the best and let’s all spread the four-letter word LOVE.
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