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Default 3rd November 2008 KS written update


The shows start with Pia ask Pronita and Rano to follow her to the airport and Pronita asked her why did she brought them here and Pia says it is because Pushkar is coming.

Rano says to herself that now Pushkar are with them and she says with his help also we can prove to everyone that Bani is still alive.

Pushkar was coming and along with that Pronita was shocked to see Baba and she tries to convince Baba to tell the family the truth.Pronita tells him that it's better for him to tell the family because if the family leaves,she will die.

Baba says I was away from all this is because of Jigyasa who blackmails him and was scared that something will happen to him and Pronita.Pronita says I'm not scared ,all I want is the family to know the truth,and says again that she was his daughter for 17 years.Baba then agreed with her.

Rashi is preparing for Karva Chauth and along with that Rishi is helping her.Ganga came and said that he didn't tell he ranything and she had say all and done all to him,and she apologized for it.Rishi sees others are coming and he changed the topic.Vidya teases them and says this is the asli couple.Varun then says he think that they should not disturb them and they leaves.Ganga tries to talk to him but then someone calls him and he have to leave and help.

Pronita and Rano arrived and Jigyasa asked where is the third one,Pia.Where is she and she says oh I remembered now her original husband is here.She should be with him.Jigyasa says again that she came to remind Bani about how many time she has to prove to the family and Jai is leaving in few hours forever.

Pronita says Jigyasa aunty I only have 1 hour but 10 minutes is enough for me to prove to the family because Baba is with her.Jigayasa was shocked.


Pronita says what would you do now?Baba will be coming here in 10 minutes time,and will tell everyone the truth.Jigyasa says you think I odn't knw anything about it?She says that she knows everything,and also about Baba is coming.You know that your emotional Baba called me from the airport.Pronita says okay you know everything then let it be.Jigyasa then blackmails her and gave her two option that is you want everyone to know the truth about you or someone dears to live.She says that everything is in her hand now.

Pronita says what are you trying to say.Jigyasa then says okay let me explain to you in detail.Today Baba will come and tell everyone the truth and you'll get your identity back I promise.,and the second option is your sister Pia and your Jiju Pushkar checking in a hotel room number 502,I know everything.Wen your sister and jiju enters the room,there is a bomb in that room.

Jigyasa says that she had fixed a bomb there and just to wait for them to open the room door,and call Baba now and get back your identity back.Your main choice is your identity right and leave your sister and jiju apart.Jigaysa asked her to give her the option that she wants and she has no time for it.

Jigyasa heard a car sounds and she says oh Baba is here and he will tell everyone the truth.Pronita and Rano looked worried.Adi ask him to come in and say whatever Baba wants to say.Baba says it is very important matter that I wan to tell to Jai,and Adi then says Jai is not around now,and he can tell him about it.

Jigyasa watches them from far and Baba says okay I will tell you and the reason I am here because,I wan to save someone life's here.Adi says that all of us know the truth about your daughter,and we don't wanna know anything about that and he asked Baba to said it clear about what he wanted to say.

Baba says that Pronita is with him for 17 years and behind of it ,is the truth that...Pronita stops the convo and says is actually she got all the money and she thought why not Baba meet Mr.Walia and talk about his money too.Baba was shocked.

Adi says wow no difference between the daughter and father.Adi then thank god coz Jai is not here,I'll give you the money.Baba asked Pronita what is this?Rano came and says Baba let me tell you what happened.

Jigyasa came to her and taunts her and Pronita says I already done with whatever you wanted me to do and please stop the bomb thing.Jigyasa says oh I just receive a call they said they are not able to stop the bomb.Pronita was shocked.


Jigyasa asked Pronita to call Pia and stop her.Pronita desperately calls her and warn her.Pia doesn't want to listen to her and all of the sudden she can hear whatever Pronita is telling her.Pushkar tries to open the door and Pronita heard a bomb blast through the phone and she was so shocked.

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2008, 3rd, november, update, written

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