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Default Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan 7th October 08 Written Update

Recap given

The bus stops at some place and Sindoora is sleeping. Someone says that everybody should get up because we have reached our destination. Sindoora asks smeone where we are and the guy with the horns says that we are at Benaras. Lol....those horns look funny. Sindoora is walking out and here's someone says that they need a manager to finish the tour. Sindoora asks them if its ok that she becomes the manager. They agree after some discussion.

Amar is in her room remembering Sindoora talking about their previous death. Divya walks in and sees Amar lost in thought. She asks him what he is thinking about. Amar syas that we cant live peacefully till we dont see Sindoora's end. Divya says that what we could do we did, now we should leave everything for shabunath ji. Sindoora can hide from us but not from shabunath ji. Sindoora is at the temple thinking about how she escaped. Then this guy comes and tells her that she should pray because you get everything you pray for. Sindoora says that just tonight she will be here, tomorrow she will be out of this country. She says that you are shabunath ji then please give me freedom out of this country.

Chandra is looking at Rajeev's picture and says that today is your birthday, i hope you were here. Divya sees Chandra looking at Rajeev's picture, but she refuses to say anything about. Instead she tells Chandra that Aniket Jiju wanted to hold Dusherra pooja and asks her to be there. She goes to her room and looks at Rajeev's letter that he wrote her. In the letter, Rajeev says that you know I am acting as if I have lost my memory and Chandra has put me in a weird position and because of that i am going to go out of town. Divya says that since Rajeev uncle has said not to say anything, I will not tell anything to anybody.

Aditi gives Aniket his medicine. Aniket smiles at her. He removes a necklace and gives it to her while Bharat watches on. Aditi takes the necklace even though she doesnt feel good taking it. Aniket suddenly sees Bharat and tells him that our bahu is very nice. Divya is doing the pooja and she breaks a lemon and the pandit says that light will forever shine in this house. He also says that Shri ram will help you fight evil and truth will win at the end. They do the pooja after that.

In Benaras, they are practicing their play and all of a sudden Sindoora sees Amar saying that you will die for sure. Suddenly the old guy comes and tells her that we have sold all tickets and we have talked to the travel agency for you, they just need your passport.

Bharat tells the police that you have to find Sindoora because she is a criminal. Amar goes to Bharat and lays a hand on her shoulder and Divya cries seeing the pain in Bharat's face. Sindoora is thinking what to do because she absloutely has to get out of here and her passport is at home. Bharat is in her room and Aditi walks in. Suddenly Bharat's phone rings and its Sindoora calling him and he starts crying.

Precap: Aniket is asking Bharat that Sindoora is asking for his help. Sindoora says that I knew you would come.

creidt - abasra

sorry for the late update... thank you for waiting and coperating....
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