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Default Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan 1st October 08 Written Update

Repeated part

Amar pushes Divya aside and Sin hits amar with a bullet(going in slow mo).

Flashes of Sagar being hit with a bullet is shown.

Divya calls after Amar and runs to him. Sin laughs like a maniac.

Divya asks Sin why she did this..Sin says its because of you, you tried to make me crazy. You took away everything that was mine. i tired to kill sagar so many times but you came in the way.

the cameras are being shown throughout this scene. Sin says that then came the day where i killed you both in this same place, under this more time. Sin says that one is gone, now its your turn. Don't even try to come again(even if they did, you would be dead sin)

Amars hand starts to move and he pushes sin aside. He holds on to Divya.. Sin stands there shocked.

The police come and hold the gun to her head"sindoora singh you are under arrest"(wahoooooooooooooo)

There are police everywhere.

The lady puts hancuffs on her. Sin looks at both div and Amar evilly. They put her in the jeep and all the police leave.

Amar and Divya stand there and then an amazing hug occurs. They bring him in the hopsital.

The doctor says the coin saved Amar, as the bullet went through it. He says for them not to worry. Amar holds the coin in his hand and remembers when divya told him to keep this coin with him.

Amar says what you said in the mandir was right, shambonathji saved me...

He asks Bharat what the next plan is.

Bharat says now we need to send this proof to the police. Amar holds Bharats hand and says they will win for sure.


Amar comes home and Mahua asks if he is okay. He says he is okay. Chandra wonders what has happened as they heard that sin was arrested. Divya says it was becuz of the things she did, including killing us in our last janem. Mahua says how did this happen. Divs says amar remembered everything and we made a plan to expose her.[flashes of their plan are shown]. Divs says how we recorded it all, and it wasn't that easy to do, we had help from someone. Mahua says who helped? Divs says how Bharat helped. Chandra is shocked, she says you took their side. Bharat says this was supposed to happen after all the evil she has done. He says you may call me a traitor, becuz you two have always been loyal to her. He says this may hurt you, but i'm really sorry. Amar says no, you are not the bad one, if there is one who is bad, its us three. We were her family,so were all in this.

Mahua says its not you guys, its me and Chandra, becuz she we stayed quiet and watched di do all this.

Mahua says she deserves this, and Chandra also agrees.

They says we will testify against her, before we had no courage, we helped her sometimes in her plans, now were ready.

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