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Default Banoo Mein teri Dulhan 2nd October 08 Written Update

sorry for the late update...

Recap given

bharat is in his room thinking about sindoora and going through all flashbacks where he took revenge on Sindoora. Aditi comes there and asks him what he is feeling. bharat says that no one knows how i am feeling. he says that no son till now has lied like that and behaved like that with their mother like i have. aditi says that you are right, I dont know how you feel because i never saw my mom, but i do know that without a mother how life is. So i do know what are you feeling, my respect for you as increased because it takes a lot of willpower to fight against for truth when you are fighting against your own mother. Aditi says that I want to do something for you but I dont know what to do. Bharat thanks her for trying to understand him. Aditi tells him that your dad has been discharged from the hospital and i told baba to bring them here because i thought you would want to see him. Bharat says that I had promised my dad that i will stay with them, so you did the right thing by telling Baba to bring him here.

Its raining and Sindoora is being driven to the police station still. They get into a traffic jam and someone goes to look what is happening. The media has blocked the way because the whole city knows that Sindoora has been arrested. He says that we will have to walk. As soon as she comes out, the media people start asking a lot of questions and dont let her go anywhere. It looks like she is thinking of escaping. the handcuff comes off her and she starts pushing people and runs away. there is a chase going on.

Bharat is at home waiting for his dad. he comes in and has flashbacks of them living together before. Bharat finally sees him. Amar comes there and sees him too and they have their own flashbacks. Divya tells them to wait for one sec and she will be right back. She brings the pooja thali. Divya gives the thali to Aditi and introduces her to Aniket has Bharat's wife. Aditi does the pooja and ask for his blessings. Amar is emotional seeing Aniket and says that i am glad that you are back home. Mahua and Chandra greet him too. Bharat tells Aniket to come and he will show him his room.

On the other hand, Sindoora is still running. I just realized she has those jail clothes on. While she is running, she remembers how she chased Sagar and Vidya this way. she falls and hides. The police cant find her and go away.

Bharat shows Aniket his room. Suddenly Aniket sees Sindoora's photo. Bharat says that you are afraid of that photograph and dont be afraid. I wont let anything happen to you. Baba takes their leave and tells them someone has to take care of the house there and promises to visit often. Everybody is watching the video that was recorded at the cliff where she admits to her all crimes. Mahua gets emotional and shuts it off. She says that rajeev was always right and I should have listened to him. Bharat gets a phone call and tells everyone that Sindoora ran away. Everyone is shocked and worried.

Precap: Sindoora is in some village and someone sees her Wanted poster and identifies her.
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