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Default Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka 21st JULY Written Update

Part 1

Its rainging outside and Soni gets up to close the window. The wind is blowing and we see jeeet comes to help her veers picture is about to gall out the window during the process of closing the windown both jeet and soni catch the picture and jeets hand are on top of soni's. In the backround the song from baabul is playing. Soni then goes back to her bed and looks at veers picture. Then we see Jeet thinking about what Cherry had said about him and Soni having and affair and he seems to be very angry. While jeet is thinking he sees Cherry outside and he goes to follow her. He sees the mystery guy and the guy starts running and jeet is also running behind him! Jeet finally Grabs the guy and Jeet keeps on asking who he is then all of a sudden something hits jeet in thaat back of the head and he falls to the floor unconscious

Part 2

Then we see that Cherry has hit Jeet. Then the guy turns around and takes off the mask and we see its Parmeet! Then Cherry and Parmeet look at each other snf smile. Parmeet tells cherry thanks and says you came on time.Then Cherry says that to hide their secret she had to right. Then Parmeet tells us when Cherry called him he came to India to help her out.They take us back in time when Parmmet changed the Tape and how he put poison in the jails water. He tells her the Jyoti still doesnt know that Cherry was the girl he was having an Affair with in Canada and thats the reason why jyoti came to India. Cherry then says things have changed and she is now married to jeet and he says so no one knows the she is the one who he was having an affair with. She says that he is wrong jyoti still suspects him . She tells him when she came to get her marriage certificate she saw jyoti looking threw his phone. She tells him that she deleted all the pictures of Canada the phone number. Parmeet says thanks he didnt even know that she deleted all that and teels her thanks. The Camera goes to jyoti room and we see she is waking up to see parmeet is not in the bedroom

Part 3

Jyoti gets up and looks for parmeet while she is looking for parmeet we see cherry and him talking and she says because of veer death everyone is supporting cherry. Parmmet says but i thought you didnt care he says lets go back to canada and we can stay together. She says the want jeet she doesnt want soni to win. he says sometimes i feel you dont care for me as much as i care for you. she says of course i care for you sweetheart. Parmeet says you made me you slave. Cherry feels as if someone is coming and tells parmeet to hurry up and pick jeet. the hide behind the bushes and see jyoti looking for parmeet and then she leaves. Cherry tells parmeet to hurry and leave the can't take anymore risks. he leaves and Chery look at jeet and he is bleeding episode ends

Preview: We see jeet still unconscious and everyone is there. jyoti says parmeet you weren't in the room when all this happened.

CREDIT:- princessonline
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