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Default Banoo Mai Teri Dulhann - 18th March 08 written update

18th March Written Update

1st Part

Amar and Divya are entering the temple now, Chintu waits outside... Bindiya sees their hands together and looks slightly upset.. they go inside the temple and Amar shows Divya how to fold her hands, how to hold the phool, and they pray.. Amar is praying (very cutely, I might add) and Divya opens her eyes to make sure his eyes are closed.. she puts her bracelet in his pocket and smiles.. suddenly, during the veneration she yells out that her bracelet is missing and Amar asks everyone to see if they have the bracelet or not.. Divya says she thinks someone has choried her bracelet and both go around and ask people if they have seen it, everyone is checking their own jewellery too.. Divya goes to the police and tells them that someone has choried her bracelet, and points her eyes towards Amar and says to check the people who were closest to her, and she says her guide.. the police go over to Amar and ask to search him, and at first Amar is confused, but the police check his shirt, pant, and then check his pockets and they take out the bracelet.. Amar is shocked and keeps repeating to them he didn't steal anything.. Divya is standing in the back with a satisfied look on her face (lovely expressions!). The police are getting ready to arrest Amar when she says that she'll only forgive him if he says sorry to everyone in the temple.. Amar looks really upset..

2nd Part

Amar tells Divya and the police "Main gareeb hoon, lekhin chor nahin hoon", and walks off with the police without apologising.. his dad is standing there and so is Divya.. everyone in the temple leaves. Chintu comes out and talks to Amar and Amar says that he didn't do anything and he'll leave soon.. they are walking and some people are taunting him.. Amar looks upset and keeps walking. Divya also comes out and tells Amar when he is sitting in the car, and this is the lesson he has to learn for insulting her.. the car leaves and all are upset. Bindiya gets upset with Divya and tells her how good of a person Amar is and Divya says that she is a good person too, but wanted to teach Amar a lesson. Both Chintu and Bindiya are upset. Divya is walking away and thinks why she was sent her in the first place.. she said she wants to leave but want to pray to Shiv first. She enters the temple and it is empty except for one pandit, and but he says one area (i cant remember what, sorry) isnt open until the evening only.. Divya is about to leave but Amar's dad is standing in back and tells her she cannot leave so easily after sending Amar to jail. She says he didnt actually steal her bracelet, and his dad says I know that he cannot do that.. he tells her that he is Amar's dad and she is shocked. Divya says what he did was not right by insulting her..

3rd Part

(I missed the first few seconds, sorry) Chandra says something about Aniket and some glass is broken, Sindoora tells her not to say "jeeju", cos his name is only Aniket. She tells Chandra to make sure that Aniket is removed from that road or wherever he is and then suddenly says that she is worried about Divya. Chandra does not know why and Sindoora says if we try and find her then maybe we can use her to our advantage. Chandra says she will try and find out where she is.

Amar is standing in the jail () and Bindiya and Chintu are there, talking to him.. he says that he will show Divya her place and is looking upset. Suddenly the police uncle comes and says his zamaanat has been done, and all are confused. Amar is taken to the office and his dad and the police officer are sitting there.. Amar looks upset and just leaves before his dad says anything. He is walking out and Divya is sitting on a bench. He sees her and is leaving but Divya calls out his name. He looks angry and tells her that she has said what she already had to and leaves.

Precap - Amar tells his dad sorry for making him have to pay for his zamaanat, but his dad says that he should thank Divya because she payed for him to get out of jail. Amar is surprised.

credit: ammmu
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