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Default 13th December 2007 KS written update

Thursday 13th December - 7 days left till the Hols! Woo!

Part 1

The episode starts with Bani gettin the boot from her job, and the guards kicking her out... she remembers the managers words and then Ganga's face and their convo. She walks away all upset. She remembers the Principle words, and says i have to find another job.

She goes to other places and they reject her as they say you know JW and he said never to hire you.

Ganga and mausi are skool and meera is there, They have a convo on Gangas admission and Meera goes to get Vidya.

The beggars on the st tlk about how the person gives money to the poor.. Bani watches all this. The guy distributes the money and comes to Bani, she aska bout a job, and someone whispers to him. He starts shouting saying kcik her out. [he heard about the JW thing!]

Bani hears the guy say the JW deal.

Bani sees an idol and prays sayin 'what test is this, how will i get my child educated, please help me'

Vidya asks Meera if she can go to the park, she says yes. The Hymns go ff and Bani prays, Maeera is walking and something drops. Meera overhears the principle say they are plannin to cancel Gangas admission.. Meera has flashbacks of her n Ganga scenes.

Meera tells the principle that she is payin for the fees and that they shouldnt know that she is coughin up the money.

Ganga asks Mausi where is Bani so they can get admission. Meera comes and says her admission is done [indirectly JW is payin for his daughters education!] Meera says tomrw Ganga can come for an education

Ganga and Vidya go exploring Gangas house, Mausi thanks Meera for paying the fees and is shocked to know how mausi knew, she says Ganga is like her daugher so......

Mausi makes tea for Meera and mistakes Vidya for her daughter and ask s about her husband, the light goes off.. and Meera is tild to find candles. She goes thru a cupboard and the drums beat goes off!!!

Meera drops a jewerllary box and a pic of JB!

Part 2

Meera shouts sayin she is lookin at wat she dropped, Mausi quickly picks everything up and Meera hands her Banis MS.. Meera asks about Banis hubby, Mausi says they are separated 6 years bk. Mausi says lets go bk to the tea.

Bani cries and remembers the rejection and the words 'cry infront of JW' she gets up all confident.

Theres a party going on..

Bani rememebrs the time JW met her, the cigar on the Pallu scene,

Part 3

Bani comes to where the party is.. and remembers the old times [where they all look like drowned rats! the wedding, the dances of JW and BW and the way shes kicked out the house]

The guard comes and says who are you? Bani says my name is Bani, the guard prods for a surname but doesnt get one!

Jai gets told someone is here to see him, he says hes busy her rells another person its Bani, JW reacts sayin i will meet her..

Adi compares the 1st time JW met Bani to now. [sheesh no need of this speech now!!]

Adi turns narrator, and decribes the rain n JB meeting... Bani is gettin drowned outside and JW is in his room by the looks of things..

That doesnt look like the great outdoors!

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13th, 2007, december, update, written

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