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Default Saath Phere 31st JULY Written Update

Episode starts with samar going to soctor as nikita is sick. . Doc tells her give these medicines to her and make sure to take care of her and send her to her mom.

samar's home

samar calls ambika. Bhbho and ambika is seating and talking. Bhbho tells ambi; no matter what a mom takes best care of her child. Ambi says yessal asked me to stay with her.

Samar on the phone: mom how 's saloni di.

Ambi: she is ok but she has fever and asked me to stay with her. i will try to come back as soon as I can. how's nikita.

samar says: nikita has fever too. Mom but you stay with di. If you need me I will come there. Ambi says: no.

then she is sad.

bhbho says: I understand you are sad bcos you had to lie. But you wanted samar not to be worried that is why you lied . So it is ok. don't feel bad. samar is thinking to call kaveri and thinking may be nikita is sick so kaveri will come back let me call..

kaveri in the garden

she is seating in the garden or patio and looking at her pictures with samar and nikita and thinking about them. Then she sees ginni's pic with niki and thinks bcos of this mother and daughter I had to leave samar and my home. She then take out the picture and tears it into pieces angrily.

Just then samar calls and gives the news nikita a very sick and plz come back.

Kaveri says: nikita is sick or not I am not coming back. Now that you need me you call me. I am not coming back to you.

samar: kaveri it is not nikita;s fault why you bring innocent child in between. it is not my fault either. kaveri hangs up saying: I am never coming back. samar is sad.

he thne calls Ginni and tells her about nikita and to come quick. Ginni agrees.

Brijesh' Dinnig room

everyone is seating at the dining table and watching Naahr to start eating Nahar is totally withdrwn. Brij

then asks Nahar to start the food. naahr asks did saloni eat. Ambi says no she refused.

Nahar takes the plate to saloni while every one is watching.

Sal's room

sal is playing with adviitya and singing lori. advitiya is watching him. sal is smiling seeing Naahr. Nahar says I am so happy an relieved seeing you smile. sal says: want to put this behind and be happy and she is sad again

Naahr then asks her to eat. she says I am not hungry. nahar says I have not eaten and I cannot eat if you are not eating.

sal says: I know you are very stubborn. Ok give me some. nahar feeds her and sal asks him to eat so he eats too. kali and ktj are watching them evilly and says I got my plan. Sal can not live without adivitiya and Tara also will not leave advitiya. Like I said you have to be alert all the time.

Brij's room

In the morning Brij wakes up and try to wake up Tara. tara says: let me sleep little. Brij says: but your son is already awake. advitiya is seating in the bed playing. brij goes to bathroom.

suddenly a knock on the door. it is saloni banging the door so hard. tara wakes up and opens the doot.

Saloni: bhabhisa it is already a morning and advitiya is very hungry. let me feed him

Tara: saloni advitiya does not eat this early.

saloni: bhbahisa I am his chotima and I know him best.

Brij comes out and smiles eeing saloni fedding him and says: looks like saloni knows advitiya best and what he needs. can I plz have my breakfast or I have to go hungry like advitiya.( That was said in a bad taste)

tara is shocked. KTJ kali are watching them again. kali says: saloni has to be satisfied with.

CREDIT:- ramas
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