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Default Armaan's Indya Chat Transcript

indya:Hi Armaan... Welcome to exclusive chat with your favourite Dr Armaan Mallika alias Karan Singh Grover!

guest47:Hi Armaan love you so much... How does it feel to be heart throb of millions of people?

Armaan Malik:Hi thanks a lot... It's been really great with all the love that I have received from past one year... It feels great.

Karanisthebest:Hey, Karan I am a big fan of yours, I watch your show daily irrespective of all the odds, I am really looking forward to meet you, when are you coming to Kolkata.

Armaan Malik:Hi... Thanks a lot for loving me... Keep watching the show... I am not sure when I am coming to Kolkata... But when I come I will surely meet you.

heenah:You know the best part of your acting is that you look very natural doesn't matter you are doing comedy or serious acting you look too good in all forms.

Armaan Malik:Glad that you found it natural... In front of the camera I am natural... It does not look like I am acting.

guest63o you think Zara Nach Ke Dikha will boost your career in terms of entering the big screen?

Armaan Malik: Zara Nach Ke Dikha is a way by which I can connect with my fans as Karan not as any other character... Yeah hope so some day I am into movies.

love_ht:Karan I love your pair with Shraddha... You both look so cute... Any plans for marriage ?

Armaan Malik:I do plan to get married... Not in the near future but... It feels nice to be loved by you all.

wildthang:Hey Karan! I just wanted to tell I am a huge huge fan its 5:30 am and I am sitting here for you so thank you for coming!

Armaan Malik:I am sorry to keep you awake until this time but this was the only ideal time for me to chat with you all.... Thanks for you love.

guest65:Hi Karan, I am Amelia.... And I am a very big fan of yours and doing a very great job... I love it. Well I have some request from my friends as they are not able to chat. So first request is Dil Mill Gaye gonna end in August... Please let me know... So that I can tell them.

Armaan Malik:Hi Amelia... Well Dil Mill Gaye is not getting over in August... You can still watch us.

guest170:Karan bhaiya I just want to ask your favourite song ,food ,perfume, and your hobbies and please sing two lines of your favourite song.

Armaan Malik:I do not have favourite food... May be I love tandoori chicken, I love reading, I am into fitness and my favourite perfume is Blue by D&G.

kashlover:Hi Karan... My name is Janki and I absolutely love you as Armaan... I love your chemistry with Shilpa Anand a lot and I love her and miss her so muchh as Riddhima. She is the only Ridz... I really hope you guys do something else in the future together.

Armaan Malik:I am glad you loved our chemistry... Even I miss her too, but as a friend... If we are working together in the future... I promise to let you people know.

guest152:Hi Karan do you read novels? Which is your favourite?

Armaan Malik:I don't read novels... But I read a lot of Paulo Choelo, Deepak Sharma.

heenah:I have seen you in Princes Dolly, Kasuatii Zindagi Kay before Dil Mill Gaye and I think your acting is best in this show.

Armaan Malik:Yeah I agree... I am glad and also glad that you did not watch those shows.In Dil Mill Gaye I can be myself and not pretend someone else... I think that's why you guys loved it.

guest231:hi! I am Bhavna and I am your great fan. I want to ask that are there any other serials that you are doing or will be doing except for Dil Mill Gaye.

Armaan Malik:I don't know of other serials as of now... But I am hoping to get into movies soon.

wildthang:Hey Karan! I wanted to tell you I love you so much! I think your an amazing actor totally addicted to your show! My question what is your most memorable thing happened to you on the sets of Dil Mill Gaye

Armaan Malik:Hi and thank you... My most memorable moment is when I played Heer Ranjha in Dil Mill Gaye...and accidentally ended up punching Shilpa...She had a swollen lip the whole time.

guest_dip:hi Karan... I am a very big fan of you... I mean can not miss a show... Do you think fans are attacking your privacy? I mean when they come up two you everywhere you go?

Armaan Malik:No they aren't... I have a nice and descent loving fans... I don't have problems in meeting fans like that.

falaque:Hi! I just love Dil Mill Gaye, it is the best show I have ever seen... You know what's the best part of it... You are doing a great job... Keep going... All the best !

Armaan Malik:Thank you so much...But its not only me but its others hard work also put into it.

zeba2301:You and Shraddha make an awesome pair! Our Indian Brangelina!

Armaan Malik:He he he... That's so sweet... Thanks so much... Happy that you like us so much.

guest223:Hey Karan... This is Nivi... I am very big fan of yours... I have more than 800 photos of your's... Some 300 videos... My room is filled with your posters.

Armaan Malik:That's so sweet... Hey Nivi that's so overwhelming to know that you have so many of my pictures... Thank you so much.

guest292:Hi Karan! Thanks so much for coming to talk to us... I just have one question. How do you do it? I mean you make the audience really feel exactly what Armaan feels and I believe only the best actor's can do that. So how do you do it?

Armaan Malik:It's not me yaar... It's because you people loved me so much that you end up feeling what Armaan feels... That's really sweet of you guys.

guest152:Hi Karan what is your nick name? What does your mom call you?

Armaan Malik:I don't have a nickname... And my mom calls me Karan only.

kashlover:Karan... I have loved you in Dil Mill Gaye as Armaan and you are such a natural... And I think you are rocking Zara Naach Ke Dikha as well... All the best in everything.

Armaan Malik:Thank you so much for your support.

guest180:Is the tattoo on your hand a permanent tattoo.

Armaan Malik:Yeah its a permanent one... I have tattoos in various other places also.

guest247:Hi Karan... As I've read that you were living in Saudi Arabia for 18 years, I've been wondering if you spoke Arabic... And I just want to tell you that I love you very much, and I wish you good luck for your new show.

Armaan Malik:I lived in Saudi Arabia for twelve years... And I really don't know Arabic... Thanks for loving me.

guest356:It will be my the luckiest day when you will answer my question I watch your serial daily and I like your character very ,much you looking good if you are not married please marry me I am Suhanna.

Armaan Malik:Really so sweet of you... But I am sorry as I am truly in love with Shraddha.

guest251:Hi Karan. This is Sheena from the United States. I am in love with your work and I hope to find someone just like you in my life. We love you Karan.

Armaan Malik:Thanks so much Sheena... I am glad that people love my work outside India also.

zeba2301:Karan will we be seeing you and Shilpa again on screen again? Hopefully I will get to be your co-stars one day... Are a role model actor! Awesome! And you should bring Shraddha to London!

Armaan Malik:I will bring Shraddha to London may be London... I do not if I will work with Shilpa again... But noting is sure yet.

kool27:Hi, Karan I'm Sana from Pakistan well you do not know but you have a great fan following in Pakistan as well... God bless you.

Armaan Malik:Thank you so much Sana... It's a nice feeling that people have accepted you all over.

heenah:You know Karan Indian dramas are very popular in Pakistan but your drama is the gems of Indian television hope in future you visit Pakistan.

Armaan Malik:I would really loved to visit Pakistan one day... Thanks for calling Dil Mill Gaye gem.

wildthang:Hey Karan my name is Isha and I wanted to know how you met your girlfriend Sharadha.

Armaan Malik:I met Shraddha in a friend's party... After that I took her to drink coffee... That was the most memorable coffee I ever had.

guest353:Hi Karan! This is Sneha from Japan! I just want to tell you that I am a really big fan of yours! I love your acting! Good luck for your new reality show (Zara Naach Ke Dikha)

Armaan Malik:Thanks a lot... Please keep watching both the shows!

guest47:Hi Karan... What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you until today?

Armaan Malik:Well I would not call it crazy... They are all very nice and descent... I got to know especially in this chat that she has so many pictures of me... That's really sweet.

guest247:Hey Karan.. I love you and your acting. I just wanted to ask if you're planning to do Bollywood movies... And I wish you good luck for your new show Zara Naach Ke Dikha, god bless.

Armaan Malik:Thanks so much... I am planning to get into films... There also I need your love and support.

guest192:Hey Karan my name is Nivedita... I simply love you... I have been your fan since Kitni Mast Hain Zindagi... I also saw Parivaar just for your flick role in that... So when are you coming to Delhi next time? Will my Armaan of meeting you ever come true.

Armaan Malikefinitely it will come true... Thanks for watching all the roles that I have done... Thanks a lot.

guest193:Can you please visit our forum on where so many of your great fans are there !

Armaan Malik:I will definitely try and do that... I promise.

indya:That was the last question for the day - Your favourite actor has to go on and do what you all love that is - playing Dr Armaan! So let's get him back on the sets.Here is the message for all you fans whom Karan couldn't answer... He is sorry as he has to get back on shoot.

Armaan Malik:Thanks a lot for all you to come to this chat... I really love you all a lot... Thanks for loving me this much from past one year.... Please be with me... Also I do visit indya forums and will answer you people's questions there... I promise

indya:Thank you so much Armaan / Karan!

Armaan Malik:Bye... My pleasure... Love you all

Coming Soon: Audio files from the chat of your favourite star Aarman / Karan from Dil Mill Gaye.
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