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Default 27th September Written Update!

all r dancing when atul tells changed d music.. ridz n armaan starts dancing!suddenly armaan stops n ridz n armaan stare @ each other.. next morning armaan is sitting on his car n remembering ridz scenes.. ridz comes in an auto.. armaan comes n tells u did a good dance.. he reminds dat yesterday`s bet dat if iwill not do any shaitani u will agree wht i will say..he says we willgo for a movie n he leaves... ridz tells her colloeagues,dat armaan invite all of us fora movie.. sapna takes permission from her mom.. atul seems happy..n so is ridz.. anjali comes n says u r talking like u r going 1st time for a movie!... armaan comes n says u all was missing me... ridz tells we all r going for movie... armaan tells i have only 2 tickets... atul says dont worry..i know 1 man who sells tickets in black! armaan says no need we will not watch d movie from black tickets! scenes shifts 2 dat patient (who resembles sapnas father) talking 2 her daughter... he tells if something happen 2 me ..u will take care of ur self!... sapna is anjali says sapna dere r more patients in d oaty! so sapna leaves.. kirti tells all best 2 shubhankar for operation.. shubhankar says thnks iwas needing dis.. sapna comes dere..subhankar says how is dat patient? anjali comes n tells everything is alright!.. dey starts d operation... ridz is praying aftersometime.. d operation completes n armaan tells ridz now u can open ur eyes as d operation is successfull..she open her eyes n becomes happy! padma comes in shshank`s cabin he tells we should tells d truth 2 our daughters! padma disagrees..dey were talking when dere anjali interrupts! padma leaves..anjali tells dat doc were praising me... shashank is lost in something..he congo anjali!.. shubhakar comes n tells d patients daughter dat ur dad is alright.. sapna mom calls so she leaves, ridz is going when atul tells 2day is d seminar of water department so i m going so will not b able 2 watch d movie.. sapna also comes 2 ridz n tells mom said dat auto is not dere so u cannot go for movie come bak home.. ridz becomes upset... minni is with armaan.. minni tells everybody is getting 2day fone calls.. arman says i did all this as if iw ill not go alone with ridz how will i talk 2 her? minni tells but how will u convince anjali 2 not 2 come! next they show armaan is talking 2 anjali abt bet..he says 2day if iw ill go for a movie with ridz (alone)i will win d bet ..anjali tells ridz is my sis she will not agree.. ridz comes dere n ask anjali dat we will go 2gether for a movie! anjali says i cant go as kirti ordered me 2 stay.. ridz says 2days everybody is leaving so early..ridz leaves, armaan is with ridz n do acting dat r ur frnds coming>? ridz says no.. armaan says now my tickets will get waste, he says we will go alone, armaan tells ridz come early as i have habit 2 watch d movie from d start! armaan ask i will pick u up..ridz says now i will come by myself... armaan sees auto man (of sapna) he sends ridz.. he goes 2 auto man n gives him money!ridz sees..she says so he was trying 2 teach me..she further says now dere is gonna b fun... armaan is waiting outside d cinemma hall n says till now ridz didnt come!some man comes n tells u buy flowers... armaan tells dem 2 leave... armaan counts n says if ridz will not come in 5 seconds iwill tears dese tickets! he counts..n ridz appears she have wear red shalwaar kameez!.. armaan just stares @ her... ridz says i got stuck in d traffic..she syas ees i ahve wear red dress, saucy red dress,she says i have a surprsie for u...armaan sees behind.. 2 see atul,sapna n lovely..dey all says surprise.. armaan gets shocked!

Precap: armaan leaves ridz @ her house .... when ridz is leaving her duppata stucks in armaans button..he says come close ( 2 remove d dupatta from d button) he again says more close.. she comes so close 2 armaan..armaan removes her hair from her cheeks n keeps his hand on her face!
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27th, september, update, written

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