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Default 25 September Dill Mill GayeWritten Updates

minnie is teaching armaan how to tackle girls..and how to impress them...armaan like a nice student is listening to minnie..she says be caring ..dun try to act cool.. give respect etc etc(from the last time i knew...armaan has had soo many girlfrnds that poor thng had to look up a diary to find the name...!!and now bechara...look at his haalat..!!he has to take advice from a 10 year old..!!!)

Ridz is walking and Armaan is coming from the front , he is looking at her Ridz gets angry they passed ach other when Armaan calls her Dr.Ridima ,(and from the way he sed was a hard attempt..!!totally..!!he cudn bring the words out of his mouth..!! then he remembered minnie's echoed in his brains like a wandering aatma...and armaan remembers his mission....but still...bbbbaaa...cums out..!!and again he was hard...but he had to try...afterall he luvvd her...and she was upset wid him...and he hasd to b caring and respectful...and ball stadium ke baar...!!"dr riddhima".....)Ridz turn around with a look of surprise on her face, he says sister Padma ji is looking for you, today you are assisting your papaji in surgeryshe says do you call me Rididma, he says yes basket ooommm Rididma(yes baaask....!!!ermmmm...riddhima...!!i swear riddhima sounded so ajeeb ajeeb coming from him...),he turns around and walks toward the lift, thinking that this formula is working, the lift opens and he bump into it and umar bhai comes he collided with him and falls down, Ridz is also standing there umar bhai made a scared face, Armaan gets angry, his nose is bleeding, seeing Ridz here he put his hands around his shoulders and says not to worry about anything, umar bhai says you are bleeding, i think youhave also hurt your brain too(waah umar bhai!!!ur smart...!!!and ur smart for the reason that dhwani shares similar thoughts wid yu!!)he says no its my heart, he leaves,(yess..!!!he says that...and now dr ridhimma gupta has gone deaf too along with having gone blind...!!) and umar bhai told Ridz he is acting bizzarre, i think he has hurt himself on the head very deeply...(yeaaa..!!ek bechara insaan is telling yu sorry ur saying he's lost it...if he wud have caught ur collar and sed "dekhkar nai chal sakte kya??" wud have been veryyy sweet of him naa??!!)

Shashank is worried, when Padma comes and asks Shishank why are you so tense, he says why are you not telling the truth to your daughter and why dont you want her to know the truth, she closes the door, she says why are you worried so much is there something in my report which is scaring you, she says promise me you would never tell her the truth....(hey bhagwaannn!!!tell who the truth??!!!riddhima of anjali....pleaseeeeee batao!!!pleaseee that u cn stop showing this padma shashank bakwaas...not being mean..but its really bakwaas...!!finish it u cn stop showing and i dun have to c it..!!and for god's sake ...dare yu ppl show that whoevr it the daughter of them both...ill suicide...and before dying,ill take yu wid me and go...!!i promisee..!!)

Dr.Shubhankar asks Mr.Rathore that why is he so happy today, he says today my daughter is here, she comes here, she thank them,Mr.Rathore told her to thank sapna because of her she is here, Sapna imagines Dr.Shubhankar saying that whateveris said in your praise is less, you are comming to my house wearing red dress, you dont need to come to OT,Sapna comes back to reality ,Shub is saying you are comming to OT during the surgery,(great!!just great...!!so now v have docs gng to various lands for a mini trip during work hours..first armaan to ridziland and now sapna to shubooland...!!i wonder wht'll happen in the ot..!!!???lord save the patient..!!!) Shubankar asks Rathore tht where is your daughter living, Sapna says she can stay with me, i have no problem with that. (yeaaa...!!hospital mein toh ..patients r to b just left wid the doc in charge...and the fly members cn go to the doc's house and have chai-paani...i mean hello??!!!if ur dad is undergng a bypass,wudn u b in the hospital rather than at the house of the doc??!!and trust me...ud b in the hospital till he was given discharge...!!!!)

Atul told Sapna now that Ridz has won the award we should do something,Anji and Ridz come there in the canteen, they saw Armaan there too, who is sitting alone and is very sad Sapna told Ridz i think you had scolded Armaan to much that's why he is very sad, Ridz feel bad,waiter asks Armaan what he wants he says "Milk" (milk...?!!!!huh???did minnie tell yu to go there in the canteen and sit lk a devdas apart from ne1 else and ask for "milk"????is that caring,respectful or whtsoevr???well,if ne1 thnks it is...please explain to me in which way!! like to knw!!)everyone is surprised, Anji smiles,Atul says he is acting weird , this morning i bump into him but he says sorry, waiter brings milk for him, he drinks mik than hides his face and eats a frankie(yeaaa...!!and now along wid ridz ...all the others have also bcum blind...they'r constantly staring at him in amazement..and still they cnt make out...and plus,he took such hugeee,biggg,enormous,gigantic bites of the roll...!!as though sum1 was gng to take it away from him ne moment..!!)Sapna tell Armaan to join them he says it is of no use when no one trusts me.He leaves making sad faces, Ridz feel bad....

Armaan apologized to Ridz for yesterday and wishes her goodluck in Urdu (omg!!!he's sooo cutee....!!!he sed it sooo cutely..!!!)and offers her a hand shake she shake hands with him and thanked him , and told him i scold you so much in anger, dont take it on heart...and you look good when your joking and smiling, he says i know you were missing the old Armaan, and you cant live without the old Armaan,and i missed your angry face to that gets red in anger and your eyes look more bigger, Ridz gets angry so it was all a drama,(now she's realising...that was overlydone drama..!!not drama...!!..but the good part was dun only for yu!!and plus it was sooo cuteee!!!) he holds her hand and makes her say forcefull that she missed him...and she says that...then the lift opens...she gets into the lift and says i didn miss yu...wid a face and armaan gives a flying kiss...!!(yepp!!!this wAS the only thng left now...get into the lift and make faces which my 8 year old brother has also stopped dng...and give flying kisses...!!!)Shashank comes over there and asks him if he is feeling alright,Armaan told him i was just stretching my arms doing exercise, Shashank"baday aashiqana Andaz main strecting kar rahay thay"Shashank told him that dont forget you are doctor and you are in Sanjeevani, he leaves and Armaan repeats his words, aashiqana andaz.(shashank...if yu only knew...who that "aashiqana andaaz " was for...u urself wud make him forget that he was a doc in sanjeevani...!!)

rating :9.5/10...the epi was cutely romantic...i wanted to cut 2 for the shashank padma scene...but cudnt resist...!!armaan riddhima chemistry was perfect..!!it'd be mean to give nethng lesser than this...!!

scene of the day:

i'd have to say the canteen scene...all 5 interms had perfectt timing...!!and esp it was all complete wid armaan's expressions ...and atul's one liners...!!

actor of the week:

karan...!!!!!way to go...!!for being absolutely cute...!! was funny...!!ur facial expressions wud have made me understand what was happening...evn if i wud have watched on mute...!!u rocked the epi...!!!

joke of the day:

can yu guys pleaseee tell me one thing...its regarding anjali...whts the jinx yeaa..??its totally jinxed..!!first dr kirti wala this case...if looks cud kill,sapna wud have been dead yest...and ridzz long before...!!

okay guys...this was it...hope u liked it..neway liked it...didn like it...comment...!!i wont continue if i dun get good dun worry abt the pestering post ..wont post it ...!!


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