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Default New Sukirti Interview-Unexpected Thing

Hi guys, i found this on another forum n it looked interesting, n i cundnt find dis article on dis webi so i thought i mite as wel post it, sori if it has been tho. o n thnkz 2 valentina hu posted dis on da ova forum.

It is an interview from sukirti in which she mentions bout n unexpected thing coming, n she sez dat it will bring bak dose fans hu left da show, i think, n i dnt no wi but i feel dat dis relates 2 dat post bout shilpa cumin bak....

soo i dnt no guyz weva dat post woz tru or not n i think dis one is tru but we'll see... but i think it may av sumat 2 du wiv shilpa coz wi wud sukku sai dat? n da fans dat av left r dose of shilpaz n shez da one hu can bring em bak.... so dya guyz get me?? i mean mi thoughts may be rng but datz wot i feel n i thought i shud share it wiv u guyz plz comment n sai wot ya think, thnkz!

erez da article nwayz...

Dis is wot valentina wrote....

Orkut Sukirti Interview - Unexpected Thing will happen in Dmg read out the Article!!!

guys here is an interview of sukirti recent re means reporter & su means sukirti

reporter; u after such a long tym

su:ya i never thaught i ill be busy lyk dis in my lyf

re: how is ur serial going on wat abt ur character

su:it was difficult to replace an actress luved by audience a lot dere was lot pressure on me after shilpa left. well i am luky on dis part cauz i never aceepted so soon ill be getting such a fan following which currently i hav its a gr8 blessing

re: how is it working wid karan ?

su: karan is a sweetheart sum days be4 we had to shoot sum close scenes in which i was not comfortable but he was vry professional helped me a lot . He is a gr8 coactor to work wid great supporter a nyc frend

re:wat is going to happen in ur show in cuming days ?

su:well i cant tell u exactly i am not allowed &well sumthing unexpected is cuming ahead by which dose who left dmg ill be bak agn as its fans . gr8 storyline is cuming for which u hav to tune to dmg

re:best of luk for ur future


n datz it! thnkz agen n plz sai wot ya think! ta
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