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Default 06 Aug Written Update Don't Miss It

dont miss the episode it was mindblowinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggLOL

All r shocked 2 see ridz hand in armi hand.....rahul is smiling......armi says i want 2 share some news.... armi says very important news?? atul ask whts the news??? anji says he again irritated u ridz?? just tell me... aall ridz says its not like tht...... atul says its not like that... anji stops him muski also starts saying that boys r a prob rahul also interfare....interns starts fighting with the cofee mug..... armaan shouts and stops them.... armi ask y u guys r fighting? atul says good Q,,, they all point out @ ridz and says becoz of u..and then again shift their fingers @ each other.... muski takes anji and ridz with her... atul ask whts the thing??? armi says now swhts the point...atul leaves as he gets the pager... he tells armi 2 share the news later...rahul says u were going 2 tell abt u and ridz?? armi says its none of ur business.. rahul says no point... he says all thinks that u and ridz r enemies... u have 2 do something big?? armi says wht big thing?? rahul says something big...some 1 calls rahul and he leaves!!

Muski is in morgue... she is crying and is ahving a knife ..she has 2 cut the dead body.... she is crying when rahul comes and ask wht happened?? he says i will open it.... she says no need its my work..he says but u... she says i m just crying u just leave and u r not God that u always save me ...she says whts ur prob?? he grabs her tell my prob is that u dont understand my prob and leaves... muski thinks....

Shsh is with kirti and tell we will send anji 2 some place... kirti says good and when she will come back she can share her experience with frnds.... shash talks with ridz.... ridz gets a call from armi...ridz tries 2 convince him that papa is here.... armi says pai laguu sasur ji...ridz keeps the fone!! ridz goes in the lift..... armi and ridz talks..ridz says wht u ahve done for me?? he says i took u on date!! ridz says jail wali he says i will do something big but wht u will give me?? she says nothing///.... anji says i will leave sanjeevani or will tell atul 2 get lost... armi says ur sis is coming we will show that we love each other.. armi smells ridz dupatta ...anji comes and shouts that there r tissues in sanjeevani but u r cleaning ur nose with ridz dupataa.. he says wht?? ridz says he was not doing that..... muski and rahul comes in the lift..anji ask wht happned?? muski says rahul loves some 1 and doesnt tell that who is that girl... anji ask who is that?? rahul sees muski... ridz says do u love some 1...armi grabs her and tells that u concentrate on ur love story... armi ytries 2 tell muski 2 see him and ridz hugging...but no 1 sees them...rahul leaves from the lift.... anji and muski leaves!!! armi says 2 ridz that we have 2 do something so every 1 can see that we love each other!!!

all interns r in cafe r having cake.... armi and ridz comes... they all start fighting when the cakes fells on armi face.... armi says 2morrow is sunday... so we will go 2 picinc ...atul says i dint even paid 2 my landlord..and i dont have money...armi says its a treat from my side and tells him abt his anji relationship willget strong... he convinces rahul also...rahul says ok..... rahul says i dont want 2 fight with girls ... msuki says so we start the fight or wht?? ridz calms her down and convinces her,, armi leaves ridz and leaves but comes back 2 take her!!!

All interns r in car and leaving for picinc.... shubh and kirti r also there!!! armi sees ridz chupkay chupkai;..anji ask where is atul? armi says he wishes 2 spend time with his plants so he is with them and must b reached there already.... armi turns the car..ridz fells2 her shoulders..muski in rahul and kirti @ shubh.... shubh says something suddenly their tyre gets punctured!........

Atul is very tired..he comes tehre where the interns was... he ask where u went..and u left me alone? he sees the tyre punctured!! atul says armi will make alright the tyre... armi says u think im a superman but i dont bring tyre from home... muski says u will not do then who will do??? rahul says y u girls blame us... she says u r all boys r sam.e... armi tells relax...kirti ask shubh abt stephny...shubh says we didnt brought that... kirti says wow... we came 2 picinc without any safety.... anji says they all r loosers. we cant b with them we will take lift...ridz says its ok guys... kirti says no anji is right we will go... the girls leaves armi sees ridz she also sees the girls takes lift from some bus... in bus its written dil mil gayee.. they all wave their hands and tells bye. 2 the boys.... they also says bye in an upset mood....

PrecaP: boys and girls r in water playing with ball and the girls r winning... armi plays guitar and singh kia mujhay pyaar hai..he lifts ridz....all couples r enjoying..... and dancing...

plz use thank u button

sory for the mistakes
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