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Default 8th January 2009 KS written update


The show starts with Veer is telling Jai that the number they traits is from Walia house and somewhere near to Walia house.Jai says it means she is near in this hall but how can she comes in as the security is checking everything.Veer tells him that he is confident that Meera can never come in but it's better for us to ask the security about this.

A lady with a mask appears at the party.Jai ask the security did anyone of them suspect anyone who comes in the party?One of the security told him that they did suspect a lady but she had an invitation card with her and she was wearing mask.Jai and Veer was shocked and Jai runs in the party and Veer is shouting at the security guy for letting the lady in without checking her properly.

Jigyasa comes there and ask him why are you scolding him?He did as what you have told him and enough with your act Jai bhaiya already went to the party again.Veer then gave her a smile(OMG he is just acting,he is still with that monkey Jigyasa)

Jigyasa tells him that she is scared that he'll give up in all this and he told her that you've help me a lot in this.Jigyasa tells him that I have to help you as your mission is the same for this.Jigyasa tells him about the day he wants to kill Bani but it never happens and scared he'll give up in all this stuff.

A flashback scene appears and tells him that she was scared that he'll give up in all this and then tells him about the attempt to kill Bani was fail and she tells him that 17 years ago we've also tried to kill her but nothing happen.Jigyasa tells him that if you want to kill Bani then destroy the family first.She ask him to take advantage on the fact that Jai once slapped him and ask him to start his pretense about repenting and Veer also counts back the incident when he connected to the other kids.

Veer says that he had made the family believe him and then they talk about how the found out about Meera and he says that it will be a day that Walia will remember it forever.


At the New Year Eve party that Rishi and Ganga is attending whereby Rishi is still drinking and there was music played in that party and everyone was enjoying.The song Kariye Na Kariye Na is playing and Rishi is drunk.The dancers pulls Rishi to dance with them and he started to dance.

Then Ganga took him to the room and he is wishing everyone Happy New Year (hahaha)Ganga lay him on his bed and he holds her hands and ask why are you leaving me as I am nice and she tells him that she hope this is just a joke.He then passed out.

At the party Jai is worried about that and Jigyasa Veer is talking about how Jai loves Bani and etc.Veer says lets enjoy the party with his scare.Jai ask Veer have you found her?Veer tells him lets call the phone number and see if she is here.Veer calls and the bell rings of the same lady with the mask.She doesn't pick up and keeps walking.Veer and Jigyasa was surprise too and she is walking towards Bani and Jai follows the lady and the lady taps on Bani's shoulder.


Bani look back and the lady took out her mask and it was Shonali!!!!Jai then is relieved and Jigyasa too.Bani looked happy to see Shonali.Adi pulls Vicky and Varun's leg and Krishna tells him to take Vicky out of the fan list as he keeps on getting blank calls.

Shonali tells everyone that she is the one who keeps on giving him blank calls.Jai then looked happy and he walked away and Varun tells Shonali that Vicky has a lots of girl friends(hehehehe)Then they all started to dance again.

Jigyasa is asking Veer that when will he start giving panic attacks and Veer tells her that she is right and lets give final attack to Meera's chapter.Adi tells everyone that only left 1 minute for 2009 and Jigyasa is wondering what if he using Dadi for his attack.There are two clows who throw knife and take out of dots to make 2008 to 2009.Veer points somewhere and tells Jigyasa that is his Ace and we are shown shadow of someone.Jigyasa ask him what is he going to do.

And everyone starts wishing each another Happy New Year.Jigyasa says that he is not going ot do anything like that.Veer stops her and Bani tells Jai that after so many years she is celebrating New Year with him.

Someone picks up the knife and throws it towards and Jai saw that and he turns so that he can protect Bani.It was the same women with the mask !!!!

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Default lol

lol lol lol : > ---
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2009, 8th, january, update, written

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