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Default January 2nd Written Update

- Pundit Ji tells Gauri to write her husband's name on the thali and until she writes her husband's name the pooja is incomplete and that can be bad for her husband and can cause problems in his life.

- Gauri says I don't want him to have any problems in his life because of me.

- On her Thali she writes ?????(Shivam).

- Divya stands up from where she is sitting and she asks Gauri if she is the Gauri that Amar had to stay in the village for. Are you the same Gauri that Amar had to be Shivam for. Are you that Gauri.

- Gauri crys and says Yes.

- Everyone else stands up in shock.

- Divya asks Gauri if she came to Delhi looking for Shivam and she didn't know that Shivam was Amar. Does that mean that you married Amar.

- Amar tries to interupt but Divya doesn't let him. She asks Gauri one more time if She married Amar.

- Gauri says Yes.

- Chandra asks Gauri if she knows what she is saying.

- CM comes and says I told you before this girl isn't right. She lied about her husband not being here. Only god knows what other lies she has told.

- Amar interupts CM and says, Everthing Gauri said was all true. Gauri is that girl that I had to stay in the village for. Gauri is the girl whose maang I had to fill. Divya I swear on you that, the marriage wasn't a marriage it was just a try to save Gauri from the village people. I only love you Divya not anyone else Divya. Gauri isn't anyone for me I just saved her.

- Gauri says, Amar is telling the truth. We only kept this from you because we knew that you aren't feeling well and we didn't want anything to happen to you. If there is a relationship between me and Amar it's only a helpless girl and a saviour. Amar is my Saviour he helped me if he wasn't here than maybe I wouldn't be alive. Really didi that is our only relation with him.

- Amar says I've only helped Gauri. I only love you only Divya.

- Divya runs to her room and Amar runs after her. Aniket is about to go after them but Sagar's mom tells him not to go because the only person that can calm Divya down is Amar.

- Gauri is sitting on the ground crying.

- Divya runs to her room and then she closes and locks the door.

- Amar tells Divya to open the door and he tells her that she is the only one that he loves. Gauri is nothing for me I only tried to save her Divya. Just open the door once.

- Divya is crying really hard in her room.

- Divya and Amar both sit on the floor crying. Amar is on one side of the door and Divya is on the other side of the door.

- Amar says Gauri is my nobody. Gauri and I have no relationship. She is just a stranger. I just married her to save her. I swear Divya.

- Amar Divya continue to cry(really emotional)(the song Beshak Mandir from Bobby plays in the backround)

- CM tells Sagar's mom that you can never trust these village girls. I know these girls, her family trapped Amar. They got him married to her somehow. Then when Amar ran from the village she came after him to trap him again. If I could I would kick Gauri out of this house. It's still not late we can still throw her out.

- Sagar's mom says, that's wrong.

- CM says, why are you are thinking about right and wrong if something relates to your children's hapiness and the safety of your house then you can't think about what's right or wrong. For the happiness of the house, you have to take away any evil that can harm the happiness. I will have to do something.

- The whole family comes to see Amar and Divya.

- Amar is still sitting outside Divya's room crying and asking Divya to open the door.

- Bharat and Aditi ask Divya to open the door.

- Aditi says, she isn't feeling well and this can cause harm to the baby.

- Amar continues to knock on the door.

- Divya says, leave me alone.

- Gauri continues to look at the thali that says Shivam. She thinks of when Amar said that Gauri is her nothing she is just a stranger.

- Divya has flashbacks of when she asks Amar if he has anything to tell her and he says no. Also of when the doctor calls saying that he got back Gauri's test results, and she has a flashback of when she found the picture of Amar, on Guari's bed.

- Divya thinks about when Gauri wrote Shivam in her thali and said that she was married to Amar.


Divya and Amar are in their room. Divya says, "I can't believe my husband makes a promise to someone and he can't even keep the promise. You made the promise of being a husband to someone and being your wife. I would like to remind you of your duty."

Very emotional episode. But it was really amazing
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2nd, january, update, written

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