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Default This is bun-derful!!!!!!!

This is Bun-derful.....Check it out....

Q: What Do u call a male Bun??

A: Bun-Da

Q: What do u call a female Bun??

A: Of course,Bun-Di

Q: What do you call a bun which is walking away??

A: Bun-jaara

Q: How would u tell a bun to come to u??

A: Bun-Aanaa

Q: How do you respectfully adresst a bengali who bakes buns?

A: Bunner-ji

Q: The most popular brand of buns??

A: Ray-bun

Q: Place for hajjaar pro grammer buns??

A: Bun-galore

Q: What do u call a Bun from the city??

A: Ur-bun

Q: What do u call a helping bun??

A: Mehar-bun

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