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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - 16th june 08 brief written update

* Rajeev is worried about Sindoora's next plan.

* Someone plants a letter underneath Divya's pillow. Divya wakes up and finds the letter which reads 'Beware you are in danger'. Divya wonders who is writing these letters and suspects that Rajeev is doing this secretly because he's scared of Sindoora.

* Mehndi preparations are on. Rajeev thinks to himself that he must be careful of Sindoora and try his best to protect Divya.

* Divya is sitting in the mandir. Kamna comes in and asks why she looks so worried. Divya asks her about Vidya but Kamna only knows that she was her mums cousin. Mahua comes in and interrupts their conversation.

* Mahua is helping Divya get ready. She leaves to get some bangles but Amar comes in and puts the pallu on her head. Divya remembers the sari and dori moment. Amar tries to be romantic but Divya feels that something similar has happened before. Mahua comes in interrupting their moment. Amar makes up an excuse and leaves.

* Rajeev notices that Amar's mum and Chintu are feeling alone. He assures them that Amar will come in a bit. Soon after Amar comes and jokes around with Chintu.

* Rajeev tries to warn Divya and she is about to tell him about the letters but expectedly Sin comes in.

* The mehndi ceremony begins. Amar brings his mum to put mehndi on Divya while Mahua feels looks on.

* Chandra asks Rajeev why he looks so upset but Rajeev says that he is just tensed about the wedding preparations.

* Sin gives Divya a drink but Rajeev swaps it and tells Divya that the one she was about to drink had too much ice in it and this could affect her health.

* We find out that Sin was the one writing the letters to Divya. Her next one says that she should go in to a particular room as she will find a sari there.

PRECAP: It seems like Divya has fainted again. Sin asks Amar how they the wedding will happen if her health does not improve. Rajeev understands Sin's ploy.
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