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Default Written Update: SP May 1st

Padam gets a call from office.. Padam says that what can he do if it’s the last day to fill the tender.. He hangs up.. Rijesh hears this.. Chandini questions him… dheer comes there with lassi for them… the phone rings aagain, padam gets irritated and asks him to throw the sales tax people.. He hangs up.. Padam says that why will he care about the business… dheer says that what was the need to take the office then?? He suggests them to send nahara nd brijesh to the office.. Padam says that its good idea.. Dheer says that in return he wants his room back.. Chandini says ok.. Padam calls nahar and brijesh and orders them to take care of the office… dheer tries to convince them.. Chandini looks suspiciously.. Padam says that from today, nahar and brijesh will take care of the office from today, they wont get their cabin though.. And asks them to leave.. Chandini stops thema nd says that she needs some time.. They can join the office a little later too.. Padam says that he cant understand her at times.. Padam leaves.. Chandini says that he will decide when to send them to the office and asks them to leave.. Dheer says that they got free servants, and she let them go, is she thinking about something else???? Chandini asks him to stay in his limits… kuvar comes home and asks his mom if everything is ok? Is chamki ok?? She answers that everything is ok… chamki comes there and says that she slipped from the stairs and almost lost her child.. Kuvar asks her to sleep down.. Chamki says that she can sleep in the guest room, and only mom stays in the other room.. Kuvar asks his mom to give chamki her room and to sleep in the guest room.. She protests.. But kuvar insits.. Kuvar gives his mom her blankets.. And leaves.. Chamki taunts her.. And wishes her a happy birthday sarcastically.. Kuvar’s mom wonders how did she know??? She spreads her bed sheet and finds a birthday card by shubra.. And cries and thinks that she has let this monster in the house, and she threw such an angel out of the house…

Later at night… chandnis lies down on her bed.. Sheer coems there with badam and kesar milk.. Chandini says that she is about to sleep.. Dheer insists that she should have it, as no one else would do it.. He is about to leave. Chaninii says that he is being alittle too nice.. Is there something wrong ?? Dheer says that no no, he can never do anything wrong… he leaves.. Chandini is about to have the milk and thinks that she doesn’t need to follow everything that he says.. May be he is wrong.. She keeps the milk back and goes to sleep..

In the morning, dheer comes back from his excerise, and eats an apple, just then his phone rings, chandini asks him to shift her dad’s stuff to the room where nahar’s dad lived… the workers change the room.. Nahar questions them.. The servant says that they have been asked to do this.. Nahars warns them to not touch anything.. He calls everyone… brijesh questions the servants… all are questioned.. Nahar says that nothing can happen in this room.. Brijesh asks them to let it go.. Aditi stops him.. Brijesh says that whats the use to keeping a dad man’s memories.. What is the point.. As someone else is feeding them, and they need to take care of their needs.. Aditi says that she wont allow this.. Dheer say sthat he too respects his father in law, but now chandini and her dad are their care takers, so they have to look for their comfort.. His father in law is dead, he isn’t looking from top about whats going on.. He adds that at times of need they have to take care of the one who takes care of them… aditi declares that if he cant respect her dad, then their relationship is over... Brijesh says that he supports aditi today.. Nahar and brijesh throw dheer on the door step… all are shocked to see chandini and padam there.. Chandini and padam look angrily at them.. Dheer gets and hides behind padam.. Padam questions them.. He asks dheer.. Dheer says that people you feed, you have given shelter to, are throwing their man out.. Chandini asks them to tell her what happened.. Dheer says that he asked them to give up the room, but they started lecturing him.. He adds that he is sick on this confusion.. Who really own the house? Them or her?? Chandini says that how dare do the beat dheer? Padam says that its not their father’s house to throw anyone out like this.. Brijesh yells at him.. Padam asks himto shut up.. He adds that he gives them shelter, and they have no right to talk about who stays where.. Nahar says that the room is their temple, he wont allow anything to happen there.. Padam says that abhay singh was their father not his.. And adds that whatever dheer says should happen.. Dheer is over joyed and says that they better understand that their reign is over.. And asks them to go to their work and not stare at his face.. Dheer, chandini and padam walk away.. Everyone stand there feeling insulted…

Preview: Padam tells chandini and dheer that nahar and brijesh will not have any respect in their own office.. And they will keep an eye on both of them…
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1st, update, written

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