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Default 16th October 2008 KS written update


Half of the show was just like yesterday.Jigs was saying that Pronita acts like Bani in front of Rano because she thought Pronita to be like that.Rano remembers the time Pronita was passing some books to her and Rano says that the novels is her favorite.Jigs tries to make everyone to believe her that Pronita does act like Bani.Jigs says she is the one who thought Pronita to be like Bani.Jigs says I have no other pan to bring out Meera's truth but only one way that is to bring up Pronita to this family,that why she hired and train her for that.

Jigs some how tries to convince the family that Pronita is actually a fraud.Pronita did all this for money.Jigs says that Pronita wants 20 crores for all the injuries she got from Meera.She is still yelling on how Pronita asked her about the money.Jai asked her to relax as he said nothing will happen,Pronita will get the money that she wants.Jai then walks out from there.

Jigs was so happy and she looked very satisfied and she manage to convince all of them about Pronita.

Pronita was shocked to hear all that and reminds her on how Jai gave her the cheque.

Jigs says that Pronita is so dumb and believed all her words.You had suffered a lot and you did not change how come Jigs will change.You've trusted Jigs who that God don't even trust her.


Jigyasa was telling Pronita that she spent 17 years taking care of her and who spent lots of money on her,someone who wanted to destroy you was my aim.For 17 years have hugged you but you're not even fit to sit in my shoes.Jigs says you have no idea how I went through all this,and I really hope that you've learn something from me.She says that she thought Pronita will kill Meera and go to the jail and she will be the witness of all this but she didn't do nothing like that instead of getting hurt.

Jigs says even now if you try tell the family that you are Bani,no one will believe as they think Bani is dead,and the one who is standing in front of them is Pronita.Jigs told her does she sti remember about the kangan that she had would be a proof for her and Baba's diary could be the proof too but Baba's diary is missing,and the writer of the diary is also missing.Baba is my friend thats why he helped me.

Jigs says no kangan,no diary and no Baba.

Jigs says that even she changed Pronita's face.Jigs says you will easily believe people,your game had over ,family will not even talk to you.Bani is dead and Pronita is alive as she told.Pronita is th eone the Walia Mansion hate.

Pronita says you double crossed me this much?Jigs aunty why are you so cheap.Jigs says no no don't be so rude with me,in fact you have to thank me ,say thank you Jigyasa aunty.I've save your life and gave you another pretty face.I did all for you.Because of me you was with your family for just a while.I made you to meet Jai and even the kids.And also made Jai to give you the 20 crores.Say thank to me Bani,i did not cheat you.You're still pretty so go and trap another rich man and enjoy the life as all the family hates Pronita now including me.

Jigs says from today I will rule.I will make sure that no one will think about you.Kasamh se Bani.I promise.Jigs calls the security and tells them to throw out Pronita from there and make sure you wont come near the house as this is Jai Walia's order.Kasamh Se theme song was playing and Pronita remembers the time she walks in the house.


Pronita was walking on the road and remembers the time that Jigs tries to convince her about everything. Jai was drinking and Adi was with him.Adi asked him whats wrong?What happen?Jai says why does all this always happen to me,why do people I trust always betray me,first it was Pia then Meera,I can understand why they did but now Pronita,why she did it,Jigyasa was listening to their convo from far.Adi asked are you angry with Pronita.Jai says no I'm not angry with her,she brought my kids on the right path and saved Ganga and brought up the truth about Priytush and all she did is because of money and but one thing she did wrong,she reminded me of Bani.Jai says she should not have done that.

Jigyasa wak away and says this to herself that I'm sorry Jai Bhaiya,I'm so sorry and I know I'm bringing lots of trouble.I love you so much and that much I hate Bani,if it would be someone else I will not do it,if you all think Bani is dead then I wont change it.Jigs get ready like before on how she use to be and gets the house key and she wished herself goodluck.

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16th, 2008, october, update, written

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