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Default Kasam Se 30th Oct short written + Pictures update

* Bani tells Jai to forget about Ranvir and he says i cant take lies and esp when they are family members.. and they say Raashi is the family memers... Jais watch doesnt fit and then Bani comes to fix his watch and she says i cant belive u dont knw after all these years.. he says its so u can come close to me.. its a white lie.. Jai then says they will with the kids ogo out to eat.. but Bani has to go somewhere with daksh

* The kids are pullin a fuss saying they dont want milk.. and by accident Rano spills the milk and the kids jump up and down all happy.. HEHEHE! Rano syas the milk fallin is not ausipicious.. and the kids leave with Bani disregarding it.. the hymns play in te background.. the kids turn back and wave and Bani smiles.. and they walk off hand in hand.. and Rano looks worried.. as they walk out the screen goes black and white...

* The kids are droppped at skool.. and photo wala is there.. Danraj phones her sayin hes cumin to meet her at kandala.. and asks for forgivness.. She tells the driver to collect the kids as she wont be able too..

* Jigs gets a call from Arushi.. and Jigs tells her to hush it when they tlk about Ranvir..

Arushi says that Bani is with daksh at the kandala.. and jigs sayss not possi as Bani doesnt go there anymore. and then indirectly calls Jigs old! Jigs listens on when they say daksh is going to marry Bani.. [all fake tho to jog his memo] and then jigs gets the adress. and Jigs then plans to make Jai see Bani marrying daksh..

* Jai is searching for a filr and meera finds it.. and then she asks about his restlessness and he says Im takin my wife and kids 2 resturant.. and asks her to pop along too.. but meera refuses..

Jigs comes saying something about a resort in kandala.. and jai listens on.. and he tries to refuse [as he plans remember] but Jigs says the plans can be made slighter later.. and meera will pop along as its office wrk.. jigs all gleaming..

HEHE listen to jugs say Bye bye! then in thoughts she says shes sorry but it had to be done

Preview: the wedding


Bani is gettin ready and remembers Danrajs is blackmail and Jais wrds.. and their anthem kicks off and Bani says shes doin all this hidin from you and all the family and after Daksh is better i will tell u the whole truth.. and i knw you will forgive me!

Woah!!! the weddin is all luxerious! Daksh is lookin around and loosk as if something is happening in the taakla

Bani comes down the stairs and Daksh has flashbacks of his wedding and Anamika..

Jai calls Bani but isnt picking up.. and then he calls the driver hu says she had wrk so he is pickin the kids up.. aww the kids all happy and jump in the car and angooti [ring] wala goes to follow the car.

Daksh and Bani marry.. well phere left.

Jai makes it to the resort .. the knot for BD is bring tied.. namastasay is playin in backgound. the knot catches Fire.. and its a repeat of what happen to daksh before..

Jai and meera go to the weddin to find meera saab.. Daksh carries Bani in his arms and Jai is walkin behind with meera

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