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Default Dil-Mil-Gaye-3rd oct written update

3rd October Update - Minni Gets Attack!!

armaan goes 2 canteen where his colleagues r sitting,he tells mentally torture is very bad..every 1 ask who is torturing u he sees ridz .. he says i m leaving sanjeevni... ridz comes n sits

anjali says its not a good excuse n u cannot leave sanjeevni.. armaan den wink his eye 2 anjali changes her statement dat its ur wish...armaan ask whts ur advice basket? atul says she must b happy..ridz stops atul...when ridz is trying 2 say something armaan pager rings so she leaves! anjali also leaves! minni is with sumit..sumit says u do so much chutter putter dont u get tired..minni gets upset over this! ridz comes..n minni doesnt talk 2 her..ridz says i have a importanat news for u! she tells armaan is leaving sanjeevni! minni ask where is armaan? so ridz tells i dont know!..ridz n minni smiles!

armaan is is his locker room..when he says i m leaving sanjeevni..n ridz feel bad abt tht..suddenly he sees ridz n he stops..ridz says u r joking dat u r going? armaan say ssometimes i become serious... ridz says armaan..armaan says wht..she says minni is calling u! armaan gets angry... anjali also comes n says how is ur plan working>>? armaan says ok..n is abt 2 go..when dere atul says still u dint went?? atul says i have got taxi for u! armaan says u r very fast atul..he leaves! armaan is walking in d corridor he says i have 2 do something abt basket when dere shashank comes n tells sat i thing u need a psychiatrist! he leaves..armaan is waiting for lift n he thinks yes shashank sir is right if i dint solve this prob i will become mad,miini calls armaan but armaan doesnt listen..n lovely is finding minni..minni hides..minni is coughing..lovely ask atul did u see minni..he says no!.. he goes 2 lift..when d ward boy says u want 2 go down..but d lift is moving upwards..armaan says i know!dr. shashank is sitting when his mother comes there...he tells her dat padma have brain tumor.n we have 2 tells d truth 2 our daughter.. maaji says once i lost my daughter..but i cannot loose my granddaughter! she leaves..armaan is telling some plan 2 ward boys ..when atul comes n thinks he is still here? ridz also ward boys starts dere acting dat plz sir y r u leaving us? ridz becomes sad! armaan again goes 2 locker room where atul gives letter 2 armaan? armaan ask is it love letter? atul says no minni have send it! armaan does 2 acting dat he is leaaving sanjeevni n hugs atul..he tells dont miss me atul..atul says dont worry i will not miss u, sapna ask r u really going? armaan says yes... he is abt 2 go when lovely comes n says i will miss u..armaan says iwill miss u 2 but after my going,if u eat 8 parathas dont eat less.. lovely says i eat 12 parathas..atul looks shocked! armaan says after i will give my resignation i will meet minnii...he leaves.. ridz goes behind him..she tells dont go armaan? armaan ask y ?he says ridz u behave like this dat i m nobody..he goes inside d lift ridz follows him...d lift gets closed.. ridz tells armaaan dont go..armaan stops d lift..all hospital pple r waiting for lift..armaan goes near ridz n ask y? she says if u r going becoz of me..den dont go..he goes more close 2 her. ridz snatches d resignation letter n tears it..ridz says now u dont have d letter also.. armaan ask y u want i dont leave sanjeevni .. he says dont hide ur feelings.. suddenly dey get pager from cancer ward.. armaan ask who is in cancer ward.. ridz says minni.... armaan gets shock..he tries 2 open d life..n is getting impatient! ridz tries 2 calm him down..d lift stops n armaan runs in d cancer ward.. ridz follows him..armaan n ridz reaches d cancer ward n gets shocked!
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dilmilgaye3rd, oct, update, written

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