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Default saat phere - 14th feb written update

Here's today's update! Enjoy!

Nishi living room

Nahar calls out for Sal as Shanti comes asking where is he going? and she thought they cld celebrate anniv together. Nahar tells her that they are going to the Mela which is a fly ritual. Last year they had gone and may be this yr Sal may recollect. Brig also supports this.

Meanwhile Neel calls up to congratulates Nahar who asks him he remembered the day. Neel replies that this was the biggest and happiest of Sals life so he had too. Next Nishi brings Sal wearing red saree & jewelry. Sals asks hows she looking? Nahar keeps gazing at her and then she asks again not good at which Nahar pretends not to like. Sals feeling bad says then why did he get the saree & jewelry then? Nahar now tells her she is looking very nice. Sal now asks him why donít they leave for the mela. Nahar takes her.


Sal sees Nahar folding hands and copies him. Pandit tells them that taking 7-phere there will make them a pair for 7 lifes. ( meaning they wont get moksh! Haahaha) Sals says Prince Charming I want to marry you here so that she can be his wife for 7 lives. Nahar says yes they will.

Outside temple

The whole Singh parivar has reached the temple & then proceed to climb the stairs.

Phere compound

Here Sal is walking behd Nahar and gets the past memory flashes of her marge with Nahar earlier.


Brijesh prays toMataji for bestowing her blessings and for peace in their house. Tara prays that Jiji has destroyed the peace in the house and she wants her to protect her family and child from Jijiís evilness. Urvashi is saying that she hasnít begged ever and hasnít learnt to seek, whatever she liked she snatches it and what she canít take she breaks. Bhabho prays that Sal committed a mistake but Mataji shd bless her for wellbeing and happiness.

Phere compound

NS are taking phere when Sal suddenly stops and her memory flashes that now she will lead. The pandit tells Nahar that now she will walk ahead. Sal now comes fwd.


Veer says he was given the charava and is abt to proceed when the pandit tells him that taking phere here is auspicious and the pair is blessed with togetherness for 7 lives. Urvashi says she too wants to take the phere and asks Veer who replies that he is lucky to have her support and will take 7 rounds of the world. Then she asks Brijesh to take phere with Tara. Brijesh is upset and tells her not to worry for them.

They all then proceed for the phere compound.

Phere Compound

NS complete the phere and Nahar asks Pandit to bless them so that nothing ever separates them. Pandit says I pray that Mataji blesses u and fulfills ur wishes.

Nahar then ties mangalsutra and Sal looks at it happily.

Temple area

Veer-Urvashi are climbing down the stairs to proceed towards the phere compound. Veer suddenly misses a step and sits down spraining his leg. Urvashi sits beside him rubbing his ankle. Others too join later.

Phere Compound

Nahar puts sindoor in Sal maang as she again gets the past memory flash. Both then gaze into each others eyes as the song ďwaqt ke saath kitne hi..Ē is played and Nahar is lost into the past loving memories.

Suddenly Sal asks Prince charming what are u thinking breaking his trance. Nahar smiles as Sal says now that they have got married she will get lots of good clothes, sweets, shoes, etc Nahar nods.

Temple steps

Dheer asks Kakasa who tells him he sprained his ankle. Veer tells Urvashi who is rubbing his ankle not to do as people are watching and call the driver. Urvashi says she is his wife and will take care of him.

Phere Compound

Sal tells Nahar lets go to the mela and as they are walking towards the steps where the whole singh parivar is sitting. The pandit calls to tell him that for mela they need to go from the opp side and NS turn back.

Temple steps

Veer regrets that he cldnt take 7 phere with her. Urvashi says she doesnít believe in all this and she will still want to be his wife for 7 lives and when she gives her to heart to someone then she doesnt leave them easily. Brijesh-Tara are stunned. Brijesh then says he wants to take 7 phere with Tara so that no one can ever come in betn them.

Phere Compound

As Brij-Tara walk in and take phere they too remember their past ceremony. Dheer-Vrinda and Ishaan also come there with Bhabho. Dheer Vrinda also take 7 phere there. Bhabho then blesses them but when blessing Brij-Tara she remembers Sal-Nah and gets tearful. Tara tells her she knows the reason of her tears. Bhabho says she remember her daughter. Brijesh tells her not to worry as whatever happens is by Godís desire.

Temple steps

As Brij-Tara take Veerís blessing he asks them to take Urvashiís also but she refuses saying her blessings arenít fruitful and it might harm the reln of the beautiful pair Brij-Tara. Ishaan nudges Dheer who tells Kakasa that Ishaan wants to go to the mela. Veer tells them all to go but Brijesh says he cant leave him like this. At this Urvashi tells him to stay with them. Brijesh is flummoxed.

Next Week: Nahar tells Sal that he can hold her in his arms and carry her. Sal laughs off saying does he even have the strength at which Nahar picks her up.

Credit: realitybites

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