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Default Maayka - July 24th Written Update

Maayka July 24 Written Update

Recap: Kamya telling Mahi that Angad is everything to her. Angad staring at Mahi while she is dancing and then bumping into Mahi and asking her to meet him at the Rooftop at night.

Cherry sitting in the car watching Jeet and Soni coming down the Mandir steps together. Thinking that no more, I will do anything to get my Jeet out of Soni's clutches and I know how to do that.

Part 1

Khurana House - Mr. Khurana and Jyoti are hurrying to their car and Mr. Khurana asks Jyoti if she has all the bank transfer papers. They both get into the car and it won't start. They get out and Jyoti says lets take Jeet's car but Mr. Khurana says no Jeet probably needs his car for himself. Parmeet comes and asks what the problem is. Mr. Khurana says the car wouldn't start so they are going to take a taxi. Parmeet says let me have a look at it, only two minutes. In Canada we are our cars owners, drivers and mechanics. If I can't fix it then call a mechanic. Parmeet asks for the toolbox and Jeet comes out and asks if he can help. Mr. Khurana asks Jeet to get the toolbox. Parmeet rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and we see that on his left arm he has three scratch marks that he received in his fight with Jeet the night before. Jeet is standing beside Parmeet handing him tools but doesn't see the marks.Jeet hands Parmeet a wrench but drops it by accident and goes to pick it up. Parmeet notices the marks on his arm, gets shocked, has a flashback to the night before and takes the tool from Jeet with his right hand, hiding his left arm behind himself. Then he quickly rolls down his sleeve. Jeet asks if he needs anything else. Parmeet asks for another tool and Mr. Khurana asks if it will take much longer. Jeet says Papa why don't you take my car. Mr. Khurana says okay....end scene

Sareen house - On the rooftop, Angad sees a lady standing by the swinging chair and thinks it's Mahi. He gets all happy and wraps his arms around her saying that he knew she would come and that love begets love. That his love would pull her towards him, they have a special connection and he has been waiting for this moment forever. The girl turns around and it's not Mahi, it's Kamya! Angad is shocked and doesn't say anything. Kamya says that she loves Angad too and they do have a special connection and that's why they have chosen each other. Kamay says if you wanted to call me to the rooftop then why didn't you ask me yourself, why did you send the message via Mahi. Looks like sometimes you get shy as well or you like a bit of drama in your romance. She says I love you and hugs Angad. Then Mahi shows up and Angad sees her, Kamya can't see her cause she's in Angad's arms and looking the other way. Angad and Mahi have a little staring match, with Mahi just looking at him with amusement and Angad thinking that Mahi has won this time but the final win will be Angads. He thinks that this game was one sided up till now but now Mahi has challenged him so the game will get moreso interesting.

Khurana House - Jeet walks into Cherry's room and looks through the wardrobe and pulls out a file. Cherry comes out from behind the wardrobe and looks at Jeet. Jeet is about to walk out of the room when Cherry starts asking him how his day was and that he must have had fun spending the day with Soni. Cherry says just admit it, I saw it with my own eyes that you two were at the mandir together. She says that your style is so romantic that you are apart when you leave the house and then get together and meet up outside. Jeet throws the file and says Shut up Cherry. You shouldn't talk about things that you don't know anything about. Cherry says that she saw with her own eyes. Jeet says that people with dirty hearts see everyone else as dirty. It's not your eyes fault but your hearts. Jeet goes to leave but Cherry stops him says hey you're getting angry, I'm your wife don't I even have the right to know. Jeet says let go of my hand. Cherry says okay but only with one condition that you stay in the room with me from now on. Jeet says there's something wrong with your brain. Cherry says you are saying no to me. Jeet says yes I am saying no to you and I always will say no. Cherry says you will suffer for saying no to me. Jeet says do what you will but you will never get what you want. Your desires will never be fulfilled. Jeet then walks away. Cherry says to herself that Jeet shouldn't make such grand assumptions because they will break and she knows how to get what she wants.

Part 2

Mahi is on the phone with Soni and says that as long as girls stay quiet and scared then they will get taken advantage of and that girls should learn to stand up for themselves. Soni says that she is happy to hear that Mahi is not scared and wishes that Angad will stay away from her now. Mahi says yes Soni I hope so aswell otherwise I will teach him a lesson he will always remember. Someone goes to grab Mahi's hand. Mahi yells Tum! and turns around to slap the person and stops just in time because it's Shabd. Shabd looks surprised and says Mahi, why were you going to hit me. Mahi says Shabd you scared me! and turns away. Shabd says aww Mahi don't be gussa and says that you are a Punjab di Khuri and that as long as this Punjab da Sher is with you then you have no need to be scared. A cute pillow fighting moment then occurs between the two. Shabd picks Mahi up in his arms and tells her that she dances beautifully, Mahi teases him and says that he had said that the boys were better. Shabd says that he couldn't say that will the guys around but since they are alone now.... stops in mind sentence and a little love scene stars between Mahi and Shabd with Saajan Ghar Ana Tha-Jaaneman song in the background.

Part 3

Khurana House - Cherry comes into the room holding a few saris and a suit for Jeet. She walks up to Jeet and starts asking which sari she should wear. Jeet just stares at her. Cherry says that they are getting late for Kamya's Engagement and that Jeet should quickly pick which sari will look the best on her so she can hurry up and get ready. Jeet just stares at her saying nothing. Cherry keeps on blabbing about saris, being late and the engagement while Jeet continues to just stare at her. Then Jeet takes the suit from her, looks at her and throws the suit to the floor. Jeet then says that you'll only be late for the engagement if you go. You are not invited to the engagement only the rest of us. No one wants to see your face there. Cherry says I am your wife and the daughter in law of the Khurana household. Jeet says only by name, otherwise you have no more relations with us. So stop with your honey coated words and get out of my room. Jeet then takes Cherry, throws her out of the room and says Get OUt from Here!

Cherry throws her saris and just looks utterly pissed.

Preveiw: Parmeet looks up and Jeet freezes as he is walking out of his room... There are policemen entering the house.
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