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Default Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka 30th July Shortest Update


angad watches as mahi gets ready and is taking pictures f her

kamya sees him there and asks him whats hes doing and he just says he came to get the camera

shabd says he is happy about his sisters engagment

angad says he cant do engagment without mahis acceptance

engagement takes place and kamya and angad hug while angad looks at mahi

part 1

everybody have a family photograph after kamya suggests it

couple of pictures are taken

angad wants to stand near mahi so hi tells moni to stand near kamya and he moves towards mahi

mahi does not like it

angad looks at her and mahi indicates shabd to move so she can stand next to kamya

angad does not like it

everyone si then enjoying the engagment

soni congratulates kamya and says it was a great function

kamya says theres more th ebest bit is for the end soni is confused

kamya goes in centre and anounces to everyone that she wants a present from a singer that is in the funcion to sing for her

she turns to jeet and he is shocked

jeet says he cant sing but then everyone start clapping

jeet does not know what to sing and kamya tells him something in the ear

jeet looks at soni and so does she

jeet remembers moments of him and soni when soni tells him to sing for her and he says ok ae song is only for her and he sings the same song in the function

couples go in the centre and start dancing

all the coupels move around while mahi ends up with angad she is trying to get out of his grip but he wont let go

mahi pushes him away and ends up in shabds arms

soni and jeet look at each other

cherry comes in the centre and starts clapping

everybody is shocked

part 2

cherry comes in the centre and looks at jeet

moni comes towards soni and asks what cherry is doing at the function

cherry says come on auntyji there is a function in the house and i am jeets wife i should be here

its my right to come here

mahi comes forward and says what right are you talking about, what right are you talking about, what are you doing in my house, who said you are allowed to step in, this is my house which has no space for people like you, get out from here

cherry says fair enough but i have not come for you, but for my husband jeet. i have to be where he is, i dont think you know, that i have come back in my husbands house and life,

everybody is shocked

cherry says how long can a wife stay away from her husband you should know better than me

moni says who let you enter the house and she looks back at durga

cherry tells jeet to tell everyone

mahi says i have never seen a shameless person like you, these people are only quiet because they are respectful people and did nto chuck you out fo the hosue t you are so shameless to go back in the house

cherry says ofo mahi,whats it to do with strenght if a wife will not go to the husbands house so where will she go

mahi says you call yourself a wife do you know the meaning of it?, this is india not canada agfter marriage relations have to be kept with husband and in-laws, you need to love both as well, but what did you do? kill the son of the family you married in and you call yourself a wife

mahi pulls soni forward and tells soni to look at her, thi sis a wfe but you took every colour away from her, and then you have to guts to walk in my house ? there is no place for you here get out

cherry points at her and says who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do? nothing happens when you all think things but if the court has said i am innocent then i am.

cherry says your sister is ready to apply vermillion again and that to by snatching somebody elses

mahi and everybody are shocked

cherry says you all dont look at me like that because it is true

moni tells her not to blame soni

mahi tells moni not to explain becayse there is no point

mahi says it is bad for us to talk to a person like that

cherry tells her to mind her tongue

cherry points a finger and mahi holds it pullying it away

cherry tells her to leave her hand

mahi tells her to get out

kamya tells mahi to stop it

kamya pulls there hands away and tells shabd is is important for all this to happen today

shabd says one minute

he goes in the centre and says thanks to everyone for coming and giving there blessing to the couple

they all leave

mahi tells shabd to tell cherry to get out of the house

cherry refuses saying she wont until her husband leaves

mahi says i do not wnat a low girl like her in my hosue

kmay goes up to her and says, mahi stop, its enough you have aklready ruined my engament funtion, what else do you want to ruin. i did not know you were jealous of others happiness

shabd tells kamya to calm down and that angad will understand

cherry is smiling

kamya says you ruined the best day of my life

mahi is in tears

part 3

soni is near veers pik

jeet walks down the stairs and looks worried

he calls soni she stops

jeet apologies for not doing anything when cherry insulted her

soni says dont worry it was not your fault i know you felt bad as well

jeet says i could of stopped her from saying anything to you

soni says dont worry cos i have forgtten everything it does not make a difference to me because i love veer my god knows that

bebasi dard ka alam starts playing in the background

jeet walks away and soni looks at veer puictre


kamya says to shabd that mahi had full right to say whatever she did to chrry but not in my enegament, but she did nto dot his for soni and shabd says not for soni then? kamya says she did this to ruin my engament celebration

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