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Default Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka 29th July 08 Shortest Update


the inspector wants to arrest jeet for using physical violence with cherry.

cherry begs the inspector to not arrest jeet

cheery tells jeet that she did this because he did not give her the right of bieng his wife

jeet slaps cherry

angad says to mahi that he is happy she picked up the phone but mahi just passed it to kamya

mahi is worried about kamya

part 1

mahi is getting ready for the enagament and her necklace gets stuck she asks shabd to help her

mahi tells him to do it quickly but he just watches her

mahi asks why are you looking at me as if i am new

shabd tells her you look different

mahi says i look like everyday

shabd plays along and says yes sure you look like everyday i look handsome today

shabd compliments himself and mahi says that he is mad

shabd says what can he do if mahi does not compliment him and that she is in her own world

mahi says you are most important to me

mahi and shabd hug while angad comes there mahi lets go of shabd and tells him someone is there

shabd walks away irritated and mahi is confused

angad comes back and is trying to click pictures of mahi

kamya is irritated that the preperations are still bieng made sh then ask about angad

kamya sees angad looking in shabds room

angad senses someoen behind him

angad turns and sees her and kamya asks what he was doing

angad just says he came to get camera and the they both walk off

khurana family come in and meet each other

kamya takes mahi with her

say shava track starts and couples all start dancing and enjoy with each other

at the end of the song all the girls get a dupate and the guys have to find ttheir women angad tries to get mahi but mahi grabs shabd and then everybody clap but shabd and mahi are still in the duppatta

part 2

a person call out saying wow what a couple they still look newly marrried.

kamya says its my engagament not theirs

shabd and mahi look embarassed

moni says we should start the ceremony now

shabd says on stage that he is happy his siter is getting engaged to his best friend

angads dad agrees with it and says i dont think i will have to worry about my son

angads dad aks shabd do you think they will be adults after marriage or just fight like kids

they all laugh

shabd says i dont think they will change but they should not because if they stay frieds like me and mahi then things work out better

he also gives examples of tayiji ad tayiji

moni ges kamya the ring

kamya picks up angads hand and is about to put the ring in when he stops her,

everybody looks shocked

angad says to kamya that he cant get married to her

part 3

he then says i want mahi's acceptance to this engament

everybody is shocked and tell him to stop jocking on his engagenet day

he asks mahi for his ring she is confused and angad tells her to look in her bag

she does and finds the ring

they get engaged and hug

angad looks at mahi all the time she feels unconfortable


jeet sings a song remembering moments with soni

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