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Default Banoo Mai Teri Dulhann - 17th April 08 written update

17th April 2008 Written Update

Divya is really happy and thanks. She runs to call Amar but remembers the promise she made to Bindiya. Rajeev and Mahua come in and ask why her mood changed all of a sudden, they too ask if shes in love and if she is in then she should not let her love go. Divya thanks them for the advice and she decides to call Amar. Amar’s Dad picks up the phone and tells her that Amar is getting engaged, Divya is stunned. He passes the phone to Amar, Divya congratulates him but Amar angrily puts the phone down. Chintu looks at the call list.

Divya is packing her bags, Samrat comes in and asks if his love was not enough to make her stay. Divya tells him that she has only seen him as a friend but Samrat tries to convince her to marry him and proposes. Divya remembers when Samrat had got her back her chain and also the fact that Amar has got engaged.


Divya agrees to marry him. Samrat is ecstatic.

Amar’s mum finds Divya’s green dress from the cupboard. Bindiya takes it so she can remember Divya but Amar angrily says that they should not remember a person like her, Amar’s mum agrees and wonders why Divya did all that. Bindiya says to herself that only she knows why Divya changed all of a sudden.

Samrat and Divya come down, Sindoora thinks she is leaving but Samrat tells Sindoora that Divya has agreed to marry him. Everyone is surprised. Sindoora remembers the Guru’s words. Apart from Sindoora and Chandra, all leave. Sindoora is adamant that Divya will not marry Samrat.


Haldi is being applied on Amar (Erm...Hotness). Amar remembers Divya. Chintu comes to apply haldi on him but realises that he is looking upset. Amar gets up and walks in. Chintu follows and tells Amar that he only loves Divya and he should stop this wedding. Amar shouts at Chintu when he stops to realise that someone has heard them.

: Sindoora and Kaamna

credit: Reemz
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