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Default Kasam Se - 1st May 08 written update

Part 1

The show starts with Jai asking Pronita who she is and how she knws Bani. Jai shouts thats his wife in the picture. Pronita is shocked, Jai says oh you came to my house etc, and Pronita thinks i never went inside the house or saw a picture so how is it posible (oh come on its ydays episode.. )

Krishna is in a strop. Ganga and Meera come to visit her. Ganga asks why she isnt downstairs celebrating, Krishna then says i cant leave the room as SOME ppl think i would go to a disco or i lie.

Meera tells her that she isnt in the mood to argue, and calls her downstairs. Krishna says she really didnt do anything. Meera says dnt worry she wnt tell Jai.

They then have a happy banter.... Ganga picks up Krishna's clothes and a packet of cigs falls..

Krishna says its not hers, and Meera tells her to shut up, this is not JWs brand and Adi stopped smoking two years ago.

Krishna says think about it, if i smoke i wouldnt leave it in the room.. you come here, and she shares a room with Ganga.

Meera says learn off Ganga..

Krishna says im fed up of the comparison in the house (i dnt blame her really) she says i start to hate it, she loves her sister to bits, but she doesnt care anymore!

Ganga goes to say something but Krishna tells her to leave.. she takes the packet and takes a cig out to smoke

Part 2

Meera is walking up and down and thinks she has to tell Jai, adi and raashi listen to her.. Meera swears as she cnt get Jai's number.

Ganga hugs meera from behind, meera tells her not to defnd Krishna. Ganga sits her down and says we have to tlk to her lovingly. we all know how Krishna is. She requests Meera not to tell Jai as he will get more stressed.

Meera says you love everyone, and take care of everyone in such a way, i feel u are older to me. Ganga and meera hug.

Pronita is in the car and thinks of how she remembers bits and bobs of everything. She remembers seeing Jai at the mandir and how she fell in his arms (basically the past few episodes)

she then gets a call from her baba, hu congratulates her for winning.. Pronita then says the painting she got the award for is the painting she finally completed.

Pronita says she wants to stay in Mt Abu longer.

She then thinks, why do i see things? Why do i feel im connected to the kali ma mandir, and Mr walia and this place. I must find out what the connection is.. ( soo bani like)

Part 3

A taxi pulls up at a mandir, Pronita says i am here to get some answers.

She walks to the mandir and thinks to herself: Ma, you called me here, i know something has happened to me, i completed the drawing after cuming to u.. ppl know that drawing as Bani, do i have a connection?

she asks God to tell her where she can meet Bani (get the mirror love ) amd asks for help.. please tell me the way to get to my past..

the flowers falls and she picks up to see something to do with Bani.. she says Mr Walia's wife, Bani Walia is dead?

She asks the Pandit about Bani, the Pandit says Bani died near by, the house in the distance is Bani's. She lived in Mt Abu, then one day she went to Mumbai to marry. They came back one day and she passed away.

Pronita says this house holds the answers
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