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Default saat phere - 31st jan written update


Nishi House

Nishi’s mother (Shanti) stops an excited Sals from opening the door and tells her to go inside. Sals feels sad but goes in. Nahar comes in and gives the gifts to Shanti who tells him that Brig has gone to meet his friend.

Nishi Room

Nishi asks Saloni why is she upset and Sal says aunty is bad and is always screaming and stopping her from doing any activity. Nishi tells her that she shdnt think like this and her mother cares for you and loves u. Sals asks her whats wrong in opening the door and Nishi says so she is feeling bad becoz she cldnt get to meet the guest. She then takes Sals to meet the guest.

Nishi Living Room

By the time Nishi-Sal reach Nahar has left and seeing Shanti staring at her Sal says she doesn’t allow me to meet anyone and even scares me. Nishi tells her not to worry and she can meet the guest next time. Sal goes in and Shanti says that she behaves inappropriately and her mind might be of a kid but her body is of a young woman. She doesn’t like her behr with Neerav. Nishi ponders that she doesn’t know that there can never be any impurity betn Neerav-Sals reln.

Brijesh Room

Tara asks Brijesh that which one is their kid and they will go get him. Brijesh dejected says none of them. No child has a DNA match with them. Tara is heart broken when Urvashi comes and remarks so how do u feel when dreams are broken? Urvashi adds it might be nature’s miracle/doc mistake or her lie. She is still testing their yearning for their child. Yes’day they were laughing by putting Vrinda a servant against her. Today she is laughing at them. Brijesh promises that he will find his son. Urvashi retorts at least he promised her something and wishes him all the best.

Nishi Living Room

Neerav informs Shanti that he will be going out of town. Sal comes and clings on him asking him to draw Cindrella’s chariot. Neerav tells her it was her dream so he cant draw and Sals goes to draw. Nishi goes out to see off Neerav and both are talking. Shanti is happy to see them when Sals is going out. She stops her and tells her show the sketch later. Sals is upset and as she tries to take apple from fruit basket but Shanti takes it from her gives it to her. Sals feels bad and throws the apple. She goes inside. Nishi sees this and asks her mother not to trouble Sal. Shanti replies she doesn’t like the close bonding betn Neerav and Sal and after all she is a grown up woman.

Kaveri Room

Kaveri calls up Urvashi and says her idea was good. Urvashi fumes that becoz of her idea she was insulted badly in front of whole family. She doesn’t need to listen to her advice and disconnects.

Kaveri smirks that even if she is angry it doesn’t matter. She will use Kakisa against her and vice versa. Both of them insulted her and now by targeting them against each other she will be only winner.

Nishi Living Room

Brig and Shanti are sitting and Saloni is drawing. Brig asks her what is she doing? Sal tell him she making a sketch of her prince( its of Nahar). Shanti informs him that Nahar had come and Sals asks who is Nahar. Brig tells her that he is his close friend’s son. Shanti tells him he will be coming for dinner. Brig asks Shanti to call Neerav too as she informs he has gone out of town. Next Brig goes to see the sketch when the Guard comes to tell him Nahar Singh has come. Sals feels bad. slits out the page and goes inside.

Brig asks Nahar why is he not staying with them. Nahar says he didnt want to disturb them and Brig says his big house has rooms for him and he has to stay. Nahar agrees and asks for Nishi as Brig tells him that she is on hospital duty. Brig tells him that they have fixed her marriage and gives him the engagement album. Shanti asks them to have food and throws the album. Nahar sees Neel -Nishi photo and is shocked. Nahar furious tells them he is a hoodwink and untrustworthy. Nahar continues that this is the man who ruined his life. He is a black spot in the name of friendship and humanity. Nahar reveals the real identity i.e. Neel and his past of how he that he snatched his wife from him and deceived his fly. Now he is playing with their daughter’s emotions. Brig and Shanti are shocked.

Nahar then takes their leave despite Shanti asking him to stay. Nahar tells her Neel has opened his past wounds and he is extremely agitated and wont be able to face Neel. Brig allows him to go.

Nishi House Terrace

Sal is holding the sketch and mumbling that no one wants to see her prince sketch and now she wont show it to anyone. Saying this she waves off with the page flying off and falls on Nahar’s car windscreen. Sals sees him and yells ‘Prince’ she is his Cinderella . Sal then runs down to meet him.

On the Road

Nahar upset comes out of the car and throws off the sketch without looking at it. He then sits to start the car.

Sal has reached the door.

Next Week: Urvashi remarks to Tara that she is isn’t interested in snatching Brijesh as she already got what she wanted from him.

Credit: Realitybites
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