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Default 15th December 2008 KS written update


The show starts with Veer is driving the car and was thinking about the convo that his grandparents had.He was driving and thinking about that again and again.There was two guys blocking the car and Veer gets down the car and started hitting them and he gets back into the car.

His grandma opens the house door and sees there were inhaler and the grandpa came and sees that too,says this is good that Veer heard everything.Grandma replies by saying that keep quiet and she says she have too inform Pushkar about this.

She then goes to make a phone call and Jigyasa picked up the phone and asked who is this.Grandma replies by saying that she is Puskar's mom and wants to talk to Pushkar.

Jigyasa says that Pushkar is not there right now and ask her to tell her everything that had happen.Grandma then tells Jigyasa everything to the phone.Jigyasa smiles and replies to her that not to worry she is here na and will handle everything.Jigyasa says that she'll sent this message to Pushkar too and says bye bye.


Veer came back to Walia Mansion and Jigyasa saw him and calls him.He doesn't want to listen to him and just walked by ignoring her.Jigyasa was thinking that there will be more action,the son will ask the fathers name,but Veer is going into his room.

Jigyasa thinks that the grandma had thought wrong about this and she says she have to put more fuel on this fire.Then she walks into Veer's room and had a talk with him.

She told him that his Dadi called and she is worried about him.She thinks that you've heard their convo.Jigyasa says you...omg.Jigs says I know all this will happen one day.You hate lies and I hate lies too she says that to him.

Jigyasa says she know and everyone in the house knows that Veer is not Pushkar's son.She told him she understand with what he is going on.She says that she is with him and will tell him who is his father.Jigyasa tries to tell him but he grabs her throat and ask her not to tell him the truth and don't hears anything from her.He tells her that he wants to hear the truth from the person he loves the most in this world and not from her.Pia came and called him Veer.

Pia and Pushkar walk into his room and he went to see them.Pia and Pushkar were shock to see Jigyasa was in his room.Bani came there and hears the convo.

Pia asked him that you took so long to come here and Veer replies by saying it takes time to recognize relations.


Jigyasa thinks and says that he wants to hear all this from his parents mouth,and I will want to see all that.Then will start Bani's destruction and she calls grandma and tells that Veer is doing fine and he does not know anything.

Rishi is frustrated and says that he was trying to find a single excuse for not going for that honeymoon.He had return his parents ticket and now Rano aunty gave him a new ticket.

Rishi tells Ganga that we have to go and our time is bad right now.Rishi told her if we keep on avoiding from all this na,then everyone will get to know about us.Then they will feel sad about it.Rishi says if you want I will tell them everything now and Ganga stopped him and agreed with him.Ganga says but remember one thing Rishi ,we are going for this honeymoon is just for our family and nothing else.

Early in the morning Pushkar told everyone that they all going for dinner to celebrate my new company launch.Veer comes there and says Dad we are launching our new company and there's such a small celebration going on.He tells them to get ready for the press conference.

Pia and Pushkar looked very happy and Pia says coz for the first time Veer being so nice to his father.

Bani was talking to Ganga on the phone and says nehi Ganga that ticket was given by Rano.She ask her have you pack and Bani gave her to talk to Jai.Ganga says we are leaving and Jai replies by saying very good,when you are already there he asl them to call him.Jai says what happen.Ganga says she'll miss them both.He says bye and have a good time to her.

Jai and Bani was walking out from their room and sees Veer.Bani then praises him that he look good today.Bani says she is very proud of him and says she is sure he'll be a very successful businessman.Jai asked why is he wearing gloves on his hand,Veer replies and said he is looking for an answer.

JIgyasa says to herself that you are close yet you are so far,you don't know that you're matching steps with the answer s that you're seeking badly.


Everyone was at the press conference and Pushkar thank everyone and talks about the project.Jigyasa was so bored and waits for a action to happen.

Pushkar announce that the CEO of the company is his son Veer.Pushkar calls Veer on stage.Pushkar says that he ahd gone through a lot and reach her and now it's my sons turn to take over the company even further.

Pushkar says that he wants the person to give out the legal papers to Veer,he said coz of him today I am here.He meant Mr.Walia.He praises Jai and says I am back because of him.

Pushkar ask Veer to take blessings from Jai,but before he was going to Jai stops him and hugged him.

Veer says he wants to thank that person who thought he is capable of this responsiblity.I am saying that person cause today I cannot even call him as my father.Pushkar and all was shock...Coz he is not my dad.


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15th, 2008, december, update, written

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