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Default Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na - 8 April Writtern Update

short update:

* dad loves the bengan ka barta everyone is happy

* shubh tries romancing with aastha but all in vain

* rimi aunty intorduced...where she feels insulted but aastha

detailed update:

at the mansion dad is upset at seeing the bengan ka barta...he stands up shouting to take it away everyone gets up aastha looks disheartened...shubh's mom asks him to calm down but he calls manav kaka comes when oldest bhabhi asks him to eat the served food his wife says if he diesn't eat it will be sits forcefully has a bit as shubh and the rest watch he tells manav kaka asking him how long how u being working here for...he says many years dad says to him so couldn't u tell me that bengan ka barta can taste so good...everyone is relieved but the three offers to give a gift to him when manav says that aastha made it....younger bhabhi taunts aastha in her head...shubh starts to compliment aastha's cooking as younger bhabhi says she will surely think of something else..she thinks who knows i might get a chance tonight...shubh holds aastha's hand and is about to kiss it when she pulls it back shyly walking away...

at night there is a function going on everyone is all ready and dressed guests have also arrives...aastha is looking good in a green sari when shubh comes beside her wearing a black kurta and pulls her to the side... anu bhabhi is walking down when she sees shubh and aastha romancing...aastha asks shubh wat he is doing he says that she cheated she asks how?he says that he was supposed to meet her alone she said she was busy shubh says that she will get punished when anu purposely calls aastha....she says to her that she wants her to meet rimi aunty...rimi aunty is introduced..she walks to her anu baby and they hug...anu introduces her to aastha...aastha is about to touch her feet when she stops her and insults aastha....she gives aastha a bundle of money to which she is confused...aastha says that some people give blessing and others give money she says she will take the money as her blessing....rimi feels insulted...anu puts oil in that fire saying that she will surely insult aastha infront of everyone...

shubh' sis announces that they are going to play a game where everyone has to choice their partner...shubh is holding aastha closely as she's trying to move him away...they have to pick a card with numbers and whoever picks the largest # can make their partner do anything...shubh decides aastha as his partner when his sis says that u can't pick your own partner but.... u have to pick a card and whoevers name is in it is your partner...after a lot of hesitation dad agrees to play and his partner turns to be salochna(his wife)...they pick numbers and mom gets to give punishment she asks dad wat punishment should i give u..shubh interferes saying u can't ask...shubh says that maybe he can sing the song that he used to sing in mistake he says sonu and everyone pulls their legs...but mom says that his punishment is he won't get one...then she moves to aastha..shubh says that his name will come when she announces that her partner is anu...aastha and anu are shocked and so is everyone...anu has an evil smirk that she has a chance now...the numbers are called out and anu as the max #8....anu says that astu luvs taking blessing so she wants that aashu takes blessing of the family's oldest member...aashu gets up and walks passed aunty and walks to the guard...everyone smiles as she takes his blessing...anu and aunty are insulted....the guard blesses her as everyone claps...epi ends on anu's face...

precap: shubh aastha's suhaag raat...

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