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Default Kamya Punjabi aka Sindoor's New Avatar

The new look donned by Kamya Punjabi in Dulhann was not whole-heartedly accepted by the actress. Yet she carried it off well.Read to know more...

In the last few weeks, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann witnessed a 20 year leap and a major change in the characterization of the roles essayed by Sharad, Divyanka and Kamya. While Sharad and Divyanka swapped their lifestyles, Kamya was shown as an older, uptight, no-nonsense kind of woman.

Prior to the leap Kamya Punjabi, better known as the manipulating Sindoora, was seen in a semi-casual attire with her hair left down, whereas now she is seen sporting a new look with her hair gelled up and tied in a high bun.

It is heard the Kamya is irritated with her new hair-do, which does not allow her to ease off in between her shots, and take to the bed and relax. We caught up with her to know more and Kamya says,“Earlier I was shown wearing simple sarees and my hair was left. But now that I play the role of a woman who is nearly 55 to 60 years old, I cannot be expected to carry on with the same look. So we decided to make a few changes to the look.” She further adds, “In my new look I still wear simple sarees but my hair is tied up in a bun and I wear full sleeves blouses. This look gives me a more stern appearance which is required for the character. I have even changed my make-up and wear a darker shade of lip colour.”

About voicing displeasure about the new hair-do Kamya states, “Initially I was a little uncomfortable with the new look and my hair tied into a bun, and was not very happy with the changes being made. But if the character and script demand the change, I cannot say anything. It will just take me some time to get used to it.” There was also a rumour that initially white streaks were shown on Kamya’s hair-do but have seemed to disappear as the track progressed to which Kamya retorts, “No that is not true at all. There were never any silver streaks shown in my hair to begin with. So how can they disappear?”
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