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Default Saat Phere 29th JULY Written Update

At the hospital:

Saloni is missing from the hospital. Bhabbho asks Nahar to call Brijesh immediately...

Brij n co arrive at the hospital... and get shocked to hear the news about Saloni.

Bhabbho blames herself for this disaster. She thinks everything happened becoz she dint inform the family about "akhanda Ksheera dhara". Kakasa comforts her...he says she neednt blame herself for what happened.

Brij asks Kakasa to go home and rest but he refuses.

they all start their search for Saloni... in diffirent directions.

Nahar is on the streets searching for Saloni.. He shows Saloni's picture to the ppl on the streets and asks

them whthr they have seen her anywhere. but he doesnt get any positive response.

He loses his hope... starts crying..He prays god to return his Saloni back to him...

Kal n KTJ

They too are searching for Sal in their car... KTJ stops the car in the middle...and asks Kal why they are

becoming too much emotional in the present case... why they are searching for Saloni.

Kal says, her aim is not to kill Sal... she says that her goal is to see Saloni suffer...which can happen only if Saloni is alive. She once talks blah blah.. about her revenge...!

Kakasa n Brij too are searching for saloni.

Nahar completely loses his hope... he starts calling for Saloni... he pleads her to come back to him. He promises her that he would give anything she asked...he says that he just wants her to be back to him...and says he cannot live without her... He breaks down completely.

In the morning....

Brij n Kakasa find Nahar on the road....

Kakasa gets a call from Bhabbho asking them to come back home immediately....

All three rush home immediately.

Bhabbho takes them to Saloni's room.... where she is sitting on the floor like statue...she is in a state of shock.

Bhabho says its not good for Saloni if she doesnt cry. and request the family to make Sal cry...

No1 is ready to do that... then Bhabbho asks Tara to make Saloni cry.

Tara then talks to Saloni...n tells her that her baby died...and her dream of becoming a mother has shattered. She tries her best to make Saloni to react.... She even brings adviteeya amd puts him in her lap...asking her to make him sleep. Yet, Sal remains silent... she doesnt react to anything.

Nahar too tries his best... He once again tells her that they have lost their child... He starts singing the "lori" ...which Sal always used to sing.

Slowly tears start running down from Saloni's eyes... She comes out of her shock...and breaks down completely...Hugs Nahar n they both start crying...

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