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Default Saath Phere 21st JULY Written Update

KTJ n Kalika

KTJ comes home and finds his wife sleeping. Kal gets up when KTJ touches her face… she gets terrified to see him so close.

She asks him what he is doing there. KTJ reminds her that it is his house n his room…and she cannot question him. Kal pushes him away from her. KTJ says that he just wants to show how much he really loves her.

Kal slaps him and tells him that not to think about any such things, not even in his dreams.

She says she is with him for a reason, n that’s all… she says that she knows how to prptect her self respect. She blames him for his carelessness… she says its all becoz of his drinking habits. She says that he can never achieve his goal if he is a slave to his drinking habit.

KTJ says he is just too upset about his father’s announcement at the dinner. KTJ says if they too have a son then they too can get their portion in the property.

Kal says that she is trying to get him the whole property n not just a portion… but she says that her plans are going to fail becoz of KTJ.

KTJ gets angry… but keeps quiet. Kal says that he should just follow her orders and do whatever she asks him to do….then she promises that she will get the entire property to KTJ.

KTJ thinks he can never forget the slap he received from his wife… and he will wait to take revenge till he accomplishes his dream.

Kal too knows that her husband can never forget her slap… but she thinks that she will leave him the minute her goal is achieved.

Sal n Adviteeya:

Sal giving bath to adviteeya… Dheer comes there and jokes about how much Sal loves Tara’s son. He asks her to keep some love aside for her own son.

Sal doesn’t like the way Dheer is talking to her … she says Adviteeya too is like her own son. …And she has no difference between her two sons.

Kal comes there and tells Dheer that he is wrong in saying about Sal’s love towards Tara’s son. She defends Sal. Dheer leaves unhappily.

Kal thinks that she only should create the rift between Tara n Sal… and cannot give that chance to anybody.

I will do what I want…and no1 will notice anything till everything falls apart.

Tara n Sal:

Tara n Sal are trying to dress up the kid… they argue about which dress they should make him wear. Bhabbho jokingly says that they should let the baby decide the dress instead of them arguing. Kid selects the same dress which Sal picked up for him.

Kal comes there and says… Sal knows Adviteeya more than her own mother. She says that even the daughter-in-law will be of Sal’s choice. Tara becomes thoughtful…

Sal sings a lullaby and puts adviteeya to sleep.

Sal n Bhabbo leave the room… Kal once again tries to put ill feelings into Tara’s head about Sal’s closeness to her son.

Samar n Nikita:

Nikita is crying a lot and Samar is trying to calm Nikita, but he is not able to. Samar looks at his wife’s picture and becomes sad…

Kaveri is at her parents place… and she thinks about how much she really loves Samar… she decides that she cannot live without him. She questions Samar in her kind that how can he do such a thing to her.

Samar n Kavery decide to call eachother at the same time…and get the line engaged.

Both think that the other kept the phone busy on purpose.

Ambika comes and takes Nikita from Samar’s hand…n tries to calm her but she is not able to.

Kal comes there and tells Ambi that she came to take her for sal’s godh bharayi. Ambi says that she knows about it, and Bhabbo invited her. But she says that she may not able to make it becoz Nikita is uncontrollable.

Kal insists that she should go along with her becoz its her daughter’s function…and she must not miss.

Ambika goes inside to get ready.

Kal advices Samar to take Nikita to her real mother as Kaveri is not there. She says that only her real mother can calm her.

Samar agrees… and goes inside to get ready…

Kal calls the servant and asks him to inform anyone who calls that Samar has gone to Kotha to Nikita’s real mom’s place.

She is sure that Kaveri will try to get in touch with her hubby…and she will b informed the same. She smiles evilly.


Bhabbho gets a shock when she gores to the Shiv temple at their place and finds the “anatha Ksheera dhara” stopped flowing… She is terrified…

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