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Default Written Update January 5th 2009

-Amar is crying and He tells Sagar's Mom that Divya has been in her room since yesterday and she still hasn't opened the door.

- Aniket says everything will be OK Amar hugs Aniket

- Gauri come down the steps

- Amar remembers when the doctor says that Divya shouldn't have any tension because it could be bad for her health.

- Amar calls the doctor, but the doctor doesn't pick up

- Gauri says before leaving she wants to see Diyva and talk to her.

- Amar says you won't see Divya you won't talk to Divya and I don't even want your shadow to come close to Diyva. Stay Away. Why did you even come to this house. Amar asks Sagar's mom to tell Gauri to leave

- Chandra tells Amar that they have to get Divya back to normal again.

- Gauri walks towards the door , and when she is almost out the house Divya tells Gauri to stop. She says What do you think that if you leave this will be over. Everything isn't that simple Gauri things can't happen the way you want them to be.

- Divya takes Gauri's hand and takes her to the mandir in their house. Amar and the family come into the mandir too. Divya takes a thali with sindoor in it and says, Gauri you remember this sindoor it is the same sindoor that I shared with you and gave to you to put in your maang. This sindoor shows that a woman is married and today I give you premission to use this sindoor I give you premission to be Amar's wife.

- Amar asks her if Divya knows what she is doing

- Divya says that no matter under which circumstances you put the sindoor in her maang she is your wife and now you have to do your duty and give her what she deserves.

- Amar says what are you saying? This isn't necessary Gauri is ready to leave

- Choti Ma says Amar is right. This is not a joke.

- Divya says I know this is not a joke sindoor in a maang isn't just red color it is a promise. Will you remove the sindoor in Gauri's maang and break a promise infront of god? No you can't.

- Amar says do you understand what you are saying.

- Diyva says I know the truth now you have to accept that she is your wife

- Amar leaves the mandir. Everyone else leaves too.

- Divya is shown walking (Tarap Tarap from Hum Dil de chuker Sanam plays in the backround) and then Divya goes into her room she drop a glass of water on the ground and it shatters she walks on top of the glass and her foot starts to bleed.

- Amar is angry and he throws funiture all over

- Gauri is sad and shes crying

- Divya is crying.

- Amar lays on his bed and crys

- Amar goes into Divya's room. Divya is on her bed and Amar comes in sits on the floor and kisses Divya's hand.

- Amar asks for forgiveness. He says that he has given her alot of pain but he can't accept what Divya said about him being with Gauri. He says that he can't be with anyone else.

- Divya says you were someone else's when you put sindoor in someone else's maang. I don't want my husband to do anything wrong Why should Gauri be blamed for this.

- Amar says I can't even think about this

- Divya says that I can even think of this either I can't believe that my husband makes a promise with someone and later he can't even fulfil the promise. You promised to be someone's husband and being your wife I want to remind you of your duty. This can't be a coincidence think how can it be that you go to her village and she thought that you were Shivam and she came to Delhi and she comes straight to our house. How? Why did she come to our house. In this big city we were the ones that saved her how did that happen. Somewhere this is Shambhunath ji's choice. Somewhere in my fortune it says that I have to share my sindoor.

- Amar is about to leave the room and he says love is a special relationship not land which can be shared.

- Divya sits on her bed and thinks there is only a little time left now then you won't even have to share his love.

Precap: Amar is sitting next to Divya and he says why haven't you taken your medicine that's bad for your health. Divya thinks, "sorry Amar this medicine is no use for me now."
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2009, 5th, january, update, written

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