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Default love konnection part 1

hey frndz.!

dis is kalgi..keaina{riju}' sister..

well i'm hea to post imaginary stories nd get to noe yew ppl much betta..make new frndz!!

i truly hope dat yew ol njoi dem.>!and plzz dont comment on this thread comment on ~LOVE KONNECTION DISCUSSION AND COMMENT THREAD~

Part 1

it was the first day in college after diwali vaccations..!

evrybody was so happy..!

nd so were armaan nd naina..(naina is armaan's girlfriend)

nd riddhima and meet..(meet is riddhima's boyfriend)

dey all were sitting in cantin with their friends rahul, muskaan, atul and anjali.

evryone was teasing armaan and naina..

riddhima: so armaan, in holidays mein tum dono kahi gaye the??

armaan: (looking at riddhima nd asking) meri chodo..tum batao..tum kahi gaye the??

riddhima: (she wasnt having any answer to give) nahi..

armaan: arre?!kahi bhi nahi??

riddhima: nahii..kahi bhi nahi!!

armaan and riddhima felt sumfin weird..!as if dey wr feeling for each oda..!


armaan and riddhima were best frendz foreva!

armaan den one day..went to riddhima and introduced her to his friend meet..!

riddhima neva wanted to do dat..but caz of armaan..uski insult na ho isliye..she said yes to meet!

dey started hangin out wid each oda..

meet always was tryina get close to her..but she din wanted to!

wheneva dey used to hang out armaan was always der..nd den one day meet was tryina touch her..

she din like dat..armaan saw dat nd so he juss caled her to sit beside him..

riddhima: thnk yew..armaan!

armaaan: dosti mein no sry no thnx!

and den both of dem lafed..

meet din like dat!!but he apologized nd as armaan said riddhima forgave him..

evrybody was den tolking when meet saw a d mall..

she was hot..completely modern types.!

short whoz olwayz flirt wid boys..from a rich family

meet asked him to ask her out..armaan acc was least interested in her..

riddhima din like meet asking armaan to ask her out..

she felt weird..she was JEALOUS!!

but armaan had no idea dat riddhima was feeling jealous..!

he wanted her to be but she wasnt!!

so meet nd armaan put an end to da conversation by having a bet..!

so he asked her out..she said yes..nd den dey both got into a relationship..!

dat day riddhima could only think of armaan..!!

and da reason why she felt jealous..

she asked anjali..her elder sister..

riddhima: ladkiya itne short skirts kyon pehnti hain..

anjali: (lafs) meri bholi riddhz!!woh hamesha se waisi hi hoti hain..

riddhima: i mean armaan aur woh ladki kasie ek saath ho sakte hain??

anjali: kyon nahi??riddhzi..are yew jealous??

riddhima: huh!??!nahi dii..main kyon jealous houngi!!

anjali: thik hain..kyon ki agar hum kisi se pyar karte ho..aur woh kisi aur se baat kare..ya uski

tarif kare..tabhi tum keh sakti tum jealous ho..!anywayz riddhz..i have to go..kal subha mujhe jaldi uthna hain..

goodnite..sweet dreams!

nd dey gave a goodnite each oda!

riddhima sat infront of mirror!

riddhima: (to herself) main jealous kyon ho rahi hoon??kyon main khush nahi hoon armaan ke liye??

she asked herself dis questions.. nd went to bed..

till da moment she fell asleep..she was finding da answer to her question..!

so dis way..all 4 of dem..started hangin out wid each oda..

days went..weeks passed..armaan and riddhima felt dat dey wr wid da wrong ones..

dey both started noticing dat dey wr feeling awkward wid dem..but none tolked abt dat!!

dey both started thinking abt deir in riddhima's and armaan's..when dey wr bffs!!

while dey wr thinking abt deir swwet memories..dey both lafed..!!

armaan's mom noticed dat..she knew it coulf be only riddhima!!

armaan's mom: riddhima ka number bhul gaye ho to mere paas hain..!

armaan: (blushing) plz mom..aap bhi na!!

she left lafing..!

he thot of calling her..he dialed her numb..he realized dat he was neva so much nervous to cal her..

he dials her number olmost 4-5 tyms..but he could not!!

his cell-fone was in his hand..he was sitting putting da oda on his head..he wanted to cal her..but,,!

his cell-fone rings..but he was like uhhh..wateva!!

but den he thot of atleast see whoz it..


armaan: hie riddhima!!

riddhima: hey armaan, wots up??

armaan: (he got up in xcitement nd was very happy)hey riddhima..!!!(but den calmed down as if hez kewl)not much..yew say!

amraan nd riddhima bot said each odaz name togeda..!

dey both lafed..

armaan: pehle tum bolo..

riddhima: he he..armaan..can i ask yew sumfin??

armaan: yeah sure..huh unless tiz abah meh nd naina!@

riddhima: ohh..i was acc gonna ask yew abah her..!are yew happy wid her??

armaan: no riddhima..I'm not!yew are my best I'm sharing dis wid yew..but shez not da one!!

she doesnt even noe my fav color..i feel as if tiz juss for namesake!!

riddhima: awwwh..dun wry..I'm der!!agar koi bhi na mili to main hoon na!!

she juss by mistake said dat!!der was silence for more dan a minute!!

nd den both lafed!!

armaan: i dun mind if yew really meant it!!

riddhima: (suprised and very shy) woh..armaan..acc..I..umm..!

her parents came so she hung up da fone.!

riddhima: armaan..have to go..later in college..bye!!

after she hung up da fone.

armaan still holding da fone: (lafs) riddhima agar aisa hain to phir main yehi chahunga ki mujhe koi na mile!!

flashback over!!

cantin tym got ova..!evryone was rushing hea nd in hurrying for deir classes..

but armaan and riddhima wr lost in each odaz eyes..nd den muskaan( riddhima's best frnd) saw dis..she understood!!

but she saw meet cming to she rushed to riddhima!!

muskaan: riddhima, chalo..getting late!!

riddhima: ohh haa..umm.bye armaan!

armaan going oda way but facing riddhima: bye riddhima,bye!!riddhimaa..bye!!

as muskan nd riddhima wr going..

muskaan: tujhe pyar ho gaya hain..

riddhima giving superficial smile nodding her head: jaise ladke se to hoga hi..!

muskaan lafing: riddhima..i meant armaan!!

riddhima stoppped nd ppl behind her fell on each odaMg..umm I'm so sorry!!(to muskaan huh?!?!kya bol rahi hain muskaan..aisa kuch nahi hai!!

muskaan: (raised eyebrows) accha!?! he he..meri maa..main sirf studies mein dumb hoon..lekin ankhein hain meri!!

dekha tha maine..cantin mein..!!bol kyon nahi deti!!

riddhima: (lafs) huh..kaise samjhega nahi ki jo kuch bhi hain humare bich wo kuch nahi hain..woh mujhe acchi tarah se janta tak nahi..aur ye..stupid armaan!!woh bhi mujhse pyar karta bhi kaha

janti hoon main..i mean..

muskaan was doing sum actions to stop riddhima saying wot she was..but she was so much into deir conversations..she juss kept

on saying..but she wasnt noeing dat armaan is behind her!!listening to her!

riddhima: i mean..kya bolu..mujhe khud bhi nahi pata ki ye kya hain..pyar ya kuch aur..ya fir shayad kuch bhi nahi..!

par ha ye sach hain ki..i started feeling fo armaan jab pehli baar usne mujhe meet se milvaya din mujhe pata chal gaya ki armaan ke dil mein mere liye shayad hi kabhi kuch waisi feelings ho sakti hain..aur fir dekh na..ab naina bhi yaar..aur use apne dil ki baat kehne ke baad..apni dosti nahi khona chahti hoon..kya pata woh mujhse pyar karto ho ya nahi.. pata hain muskan in do dino mein..I could ony fink of him..!

uski baawli ho gayi hoon main..pata nahi chal raha kya karu..kya in dino mein kisi ko kisi se itna pyar ho sakta hain??!!bol du..bata na muskaan kya karu??keh du use??

armaan whispered in her ears: keh do..!!

riddhima was shocked..!she was freezed!!


riddhima was freezed..she was feeling very awkward..

meet called her: riddhima taklu ka tym ho gaya hai!!

riddhima runs widout luking at armaan..: umm haa..aa rahi hoon..!!

muskaan too runs wid her..saying bye to armaan..!

armaan: arre?!?riddhima?!?muskaan??!!hmmm..aaj nahi to kal bolegi..he den puts his hands on a boy's shoulders who passes by him

armaan: ey..tu tension kai ko leta hain??!!

he then goes..jumps nd dances..singing apun bola song..!!

while the class was going on..armaan passes by riddhima's class..

she was drinking water nd when she sees him..she spils water on meet..!

mr.sharma: riddhima!!behave yourself!!aur tum bahar kyon dekh rahi thi??

riddhima: woh sir..bahar..woh acc!!

armaan enters into da class by giving a fake execuse dat his teacher sent him to give mr.sharma a note..!

while mr.sharma was reading da note..armaan smiles at riddhima..

riddhima immediately starts luking in her book..

armaan to himself: oye hoye!!

mr.sharma: armaan..tumne kuch kaha??

armaan luking at riddhima: nahi sir..wahi to nahi kar sakta!!par woh zaroor kahegi!!


armaan: kuch nahi sir..have a good day ahead!!

armaan leaves da class luking at riddhima nd slams at da wall..everybody starts lafing..riddhima makes a pitty face,,armaan den lafs very sweetly at himself nd leaves!!

da class gets over..

riddhima runs to catch armaan..but meet stops her..

meet: arre riddhima..itni jaldi meain kaha jaa rahi ho??

riddhima luking hea nd der fo armaan: important kaam hai..bye huh!!

meet: arre..

muskan: hehe..bye meet..!!

meet makes a confused face nd scratches his head nd leaves

riddhima searches everywhere fo armaan..asks everybody fo him..goes to his class..but he wasnt der..

she makes a sad face while going back..

armaan was behind her leaning on wall wid folded hands..he was watching riddhima doin evrything to search fo him..

armaan lafs: kise dhoondh rahi ho riddhima??

riddhima stops but doesnt turn back..feels shy..: woh main acc..main..

armaan cms infront of her..nd cms very closer..she takes her steps back..but den der was a pillar so she could not go back further..dey cm very close to each oda..she looses the grip of her books..nd her books fall down..

dey try to pick dem up at da same tym nd BANG their heads..

both laf..naina sees dis nd feels jealous..cms to armaan nd holds his hand..

naina: arre wah??aisi to konsi baat ho gayi jo itni hasi aa rahi hain..!!

riddhima: hie naina..

naina: hie riddhima..oh nd by da way..aaj party mein aa rahi ho na??

meet cms nd puts his hands on riddhima's waist..: ha ha bhai..zaroor aa rahe hain..!

riddhima tries to get meet's hands off from her waist as she was feeling very uncomfortable wid dat..

riddhima: okay bye guyz..c ya ol tonite!!

nd she leaves as she gets rid of meets hands..!

as soon as she leaves naina leaves armaan's it was juss to make riddhima jealous..

naina: okay bye armaan, i got class to attend..cya tonite!

armaan luking at riddhima going: yea yea bye!!

da college gets ova..

riddhima's place

riddhima is running hea nd der..messed up..searching fo da dress to wear in da party..

as she was luking at her wardrobe..she found da dress dat armaan gifted her..

it was a tubed one..a little bit above was white wid red roses..

she decides to wear it..she lets her hair down..curls dem a little bit..

anjali as entering her room holding her dress wid da hanger: wow ridzi..yew're luking beautiful in dat pretty dress..pehle to kabhi nahi dekha tumhe usme!!

riddhima: ha dii..armaan ne gift kiya tha..socha aaj pehnlu..

anjali: armaan's gift huh??not bad!!

meets cms to her place to pick her up..shouts her name..blows his horn..

anjali: ye lo..aa gaya langoor!!

riddhima taking her purse nd wearing her sandles: dii..tum bhi na!!okay bye huh..aur ha se aate waqt main apke saath aungi!!

anjali: okay..bye riddhima, cya der!

she leaves..nd sits in his car..

meet: riddhima??ye kya pehna tumne??ye to mera gift nahi tha..

riddhima: woh ha..acc tumhara dress maine dry clean mein diya mere cousin ki gift hain..!socha ise hi pehnlu..

meet: ohhh..yew luk sexy by da way..

riddhima sarcastically as she din acc like dat: thnx..chale??

dey both reach she enters..she catches armaan's eyes

armaan: oye hoye..!!

he den calls dem..dey both wish naina..nd gives flowers..!

armaan: riddhima, yyew luk really pretty..

naina feels sad as he din tell her how she was lukin or made a comment abt her dress!!..

riddhima: thnk yew!!(while putting her hair behind her ears)

DJ announces fo a paper dance..

rules: every girl has to dance wid a boy on paper nd da paper gets folded rounds by rounds..but!!!

ders a twist..da girls have to pick chits nd dance wid da boy written on dat chit!!


when it cms to riddhima..before she opens meet goes infront of her nd stands..but shez shocked when twas armaan!!

ol wr shocked..nd den naina had to dance wid meet..

first round:

armaan: riddhima, tum aaj college mein muskan ko kuch keh rahi thi..woh kaunsi baat thi??

riddhima: armaan, tum bhi na..kuch bhi nahi bhulte..

armaan: ha ha..very seriously..bolo na konsi baat thi??

riddhima: armaan..agar main kahu ki mujhe pyaar ho gaya hain to??

armaan: tum meet se pyar karti ho..!

riddhima: nahii stupid..I dun love him..

mujhe pyar kisi aur se ho gaya hain..nd i really dun like him..

da second fold:

armaan: pagal..agar kabhi pasand nahi tha to ha kyon bola??

riddhima: stupid..tumhi to mere liye laye the..aur to be honest..mujhe woh pehle accha lagne laga tha..lekin bad mein..

armaan: itna trust karti ho??

riddhima luks at him very sweetly: itna nahi..bahaut bahaut bahaut karti hoon..!!she holds his hands nd stretches very far..

armaan: accha??wait wait wait..agar woh meet nahi hain to kaun hain!?!?

riddhima tkes her hands from armaan's shoulders..nd tries to stop dancing..but armaan pulls her as he was holding her from her waist..he gets riddhima closer..

dey both dance da way armaan was holding riddhima on terrace at new years day..31st december!!nd riddhima just was so shy!!!!!

da last fold..nd twas only dem nd meet-naina left..

armaan picks her up..she first felt very shy nd din luk at him..but den armaan was staring at she slowly luked at him..dey both got lost into each nd naina wr luking at dem nd everybody else..everyone was lost his balance nd naina fell down..but armaan nd riddhima wr still lost in each oda..naina came..she was really mad..

naina: ahem ahem..

riddhima nd armaan immediately came into reality..he puts her down nd den da party got started..everybody was on dance floor..dancing..having fun..!

riddhima asks meet to get her one glass of juice..he mixes alcohol in it..riddhima really liked it..she had 4-5 glasses of dat juice mixed wid alcohol..

meet took her to VIP lounge..she was drunk..she had no idea where shez going..wid tried to take advantage of her..he tried to kiss her..but riddhima pushed her..he was tryina kiss her though..

armaan was dancing nd starts luking hea nd der fo riddhima..he seems worried caz even meet wasnt der..

he had seen riddhima drinking dat juice..he went der nd smelled it,,

armaan to himself in a worried face: riddhima!!


he searches fo her everywhere..nd den he gets really worried..!!

armaan holding his head: riddhima..kaha ho tum??

riddhima was drunk but she did had a bit of consciousness..

when she pushed meet..he got hit to a fell nd broke..

armaan heard dat noise...he rushed to dat lounge..

he saw meet nd riddhima..

armaan standing at da entrance of da lounge: meet!!leave her!!

meet got up..nd holded riddhima's hand very tightly..

he starts walking..riddhima din wanted to cm wid him..she was trying to get rid of meet..

riddhima hitting meet: chhodo..chhodo mujhe!!

nd when he was going out..armaan stopped dem by holding riddhima's anoda hand..

riddhima was very drunk..

armaan: apni aukad dikha hi di..tune bola tha ki main aisa kuch nahi karuga..isi liye maine tujhpe bharosa karke riddhima ko introduce karaya tha!!

meet: dekh armaan, ye humare apas ka mamla hain..tu bich mein kyon aata hain..tu ja na..apna kaam kar!!

armaan: (lafs)yehi to mera kaam hain..

armaan aram se riddhima ka haath chudva leta hian meet se..

he then tkes riddhima nd tries to juss walk out widout doing any jhaghda..

meet holds armaan's jacket..armaan puts riddhima on da sofa..

dey start fighting..but not dat much..

armaan kicked him..nd he got hit on da wall nd den runs away..

armaan den luks at riddhima very sweetly..he puts her hair behind her ears. which were on her face.nd den juss stares at her..!!

he picks riddhima up..nd leaves da party..anjali..muskaan..atul..nd rahul..everybody did too..

naina feels very bad bcuz of dis..not cuz riddhima got hurt..bcuz armaan left her party fo riddhima!!

at riddhima's place

armaan nd everybody else puts riddhima on her bed..dey ol go out..anjali nd muskan changes riddhima's dress..dey leave but armaan wanted to be wid her..he juss sits beside her..he feels he juss walks around her room..he lafs as he sees her fotoz..soft toys..their fotoz..nd while he was luking at ol dis..he finds dis diary..

as he had ol doze beautiful quotes..fotoz of her nd armaan..nd den he read:

"i love armaan, but wot if he doesnt??"he den luks at riddhima sleeping nd smiles..

he writes.." he does"

he was shocked cuz it had evrything abt armaan..abt her..abt dem!!

he then reads a quote

" It's hard to go out with someone, when you know, deep down, you're still in love with somebody else"he smiles..

riddhima den juss moves her hands..nd legs..

he immediately keeps it back..he then decides to make riddhima confess her feelings..!

everybody was sleeping in da living room..armaan was sleeping on riddhima's study chair..putting his head near riddhima's legs..riddhima wakes up..she sees armaan sleeping like dat..she then puts armaan properly on da chair..use blanket pehnaya..she smiles at him..nd says to herself: pagal..!!

she den quietly goes to da kitchen nd sees evrybody sleeping..lafs..nd den decides to make coffee..

riddhima could not reach fo coffee..she was trying to..den armaan cms sees dat..

lafs nd goes der..riddhima wasnt knowing armaan is watching her nd cming der.!

he goes..puts his hand on her waist..nd gets riddhima coffee..

riddhima feels very shy..she turns around nd armaan was very close to her..even not an inch!!

riddhima luks down..nd den slowly luks at armaan..

riddhima: armaan,,mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain..

armaan: bolo riddhima

riddhima: woh..main tumse!!

she was almost gonna tell him but!!

muskaan came der yawning nd scratching her head wid half eyes open: breakfast chahiey mujhe!!abhi!!

riddhima nd armaan immediately got away from each other..

riddhima den took red chilli powder nd started putting in the milk..she wasnt knowing that!!

riddhima: woh ha muskaan..umm..main coffee bana rahi hoon..tum logi?

muskan making a weird face: ummm..nahi!!

nd while going out of the kitchen..muskan: aur accha hoga tum bhi na piyo!!

armaan was lafing standing der..riddhima saw what was in her hands..

riddhima: ha ha..very funny!!mujhe pata tha okay!!

armaan started walking to riddhima: riddhima,,tumhe sab pata hain..sirf ek baat se hi anjaan ho!!

nd den he passes by her touching her hands intentionally nd smiled at her!!

riddhima stood der nd stared at armaan..she was gently smiling..she was observing him..

nd den he lafed at herself..she was smiling continously while she was making breakfast for everyone..

rahul saw dis..

rahul: arre riddhima..kya hua hain tumhe??kab se muskura rahi ho??bata na..kya ho gaya hain tujhe??

armaan luking at riddhima: pyaar..riddhima ko..pyar ho gaya hain!!

riddhima luked at armaan..

riddhima: woh acc rahul..kisi ke baare mein soch rahi thi..isi liye!!

rahul: oh ke baare mein??

riddhima still luking at armaan: haa..usi ke baare mein.!!

muskaan cuts da topic by asking everyone to cm at her place dis weekend..

everybody was excited..

@ college..

meet was waiting fo riddhima as he wanted to apologize nd make any sort of execuse to get her back..

riddhima was sitting in her home came nd sat beside her..

she was writting sumthing so she din pay any attention to him..she wasnt even knowing it was meet...

meet: riddhima..

riddhima:!!juss leave me alone!!kal raat ke baad tumhe mere paas ane ki himmat bhi kaise hui??

meet holded her hands..riddhima just took her hands away

riddhima: agar thodi bhi sharam baki rahi ho to plz..chale jao yaha se..aur ainda kabhi mujhse baat karne ki bhi koshish mat karna!!

meet just left as he was insulted in front of everybody..

riddhima den sat nd was very upset..

riddhima: urggggggghhhhhhh..(holding her forehead)

atul saw dis nd sat beside her..

atul: riddhima..kya hua??ohhh meet?!!

riddhima just nodded head..

atul: tum chinta mat karo..uska thikana to armaan hi lagaeyga..kal bhi kya pita tha usne..

riddhima: kal raat ka to mujhe kuch bhi yaad nahi..

atul: ha to kaise hoga..tumne pii jo rakhi thi..

riddhima: kya!??!oh my god...phir??

atul: phir kya??arre armaan hain na,..kya hero ki jaise pita use..lekin so sad..uski heroine nahi thi tu..

as he was saying..Mr.verma entered the class..nd dey just ended their conversation der..

riddhima den kept on thinking abt armaan..da whole tym..

atul got a was from armaan saying dat he is not going to cm college..

he showed dis to riddhima..riddhima pretended as if she din care!!

riddhima: ha to??so wat??its his life..use ana ho to aay..nahi to mujhe kya??

atul lafs: chill riddhima..we all noe ki tumhe koi farak nahi padta!!

riddhima: huh!!(to her self) samajhta kya hain apne aap ko??


as she entered cantyn..she was happy..but she was wat!??!so she just walked into cantyn as if shez normal to see him..!!


armaan was sitting wid everyone..

armaan: haa!!riddhima..kaisa laga prank??

riddhima drinking water..nd she din luk at armaan: prank??kaunsa??oh,..I knew it!!

armaan: (he slipped his hand from table when he heard dis)kya??so..tumhe koi farak nahi pada??aur by da way tumhe kaha se pata tha??

riddhima: kyun??atul ne bataya tha!!

atul: arre riddhima..main kaha se aya??

riddhima: kyon atul..aisa kaisa??party badal li?

muskan: accha ye sab prank achanak kyon??

armaan: woh..acc!!ye prank maine..woh haaa!!riddhima ke liye!!

riddhima : kyun armaan??mere liye kyun???

armaan den gave a gesture to shut up!!

muskan: anyways guyz..tum sab finally kal aa rahe ho na??

everybody said yes..!!

muskan: riddhima aur anjali tum college se hi direct aa jana..!

riddhima: ek problem hain..dii aap chale jana..kal woh sheetal ke yaha mujhe apni book lene jana hain..main waha se aa jaungi..

anjali: okay..par zyada late mat karna!!


armaan: riddihma..riddhima..

riddhima stopped..

armaan: hie!!


armaan: so??tum kal kuch kehne wali thi..??

riddhima: haa!!right!!bhool gayi main to..!! THNX!!kal party mein jo kuch bhi hua!!

armaan was smiling but den listening to dis his face became serious!!

armaan: thnx!?!ye kehna tha kal??

riddhima: ha!!kyon??tumhe kya laga??

armaan: nahi kuch nahi..anywayz..kal milte hain..

riddhima smiles: haa!!kal milte hian..bye!!

armaan: haa..bye..!!umm..c yu tomorrow!!

riddhima: yeah..c yu tomorrow!!

armaan: tum kal aa rahi ho huh..good good!!

riddhima: yes armaan..main kal aa rahi hoon..!!

armaan: okay den..

riddhima just leaves nd lafs at him..

anjali left college wid muskaan as she knew riddhima had sum work wid sheetal..

riddhima went she was in rickshaw anjali nd muskan called her..they ol wr doing masti but her battery died..!!

she reached sheetal's house..she took her book and as she was leaving..the door got jammed!!nd she locked herself in there!!!

she was so afraid..was screaming for help and the land line wasnt was dead due to sum technical problems!!

nd as her cell-phone was having no battery!!she was so afraid..and she knew der wasnt anyone..because sheetal went to her frnd's place nd she gave the keys only fo riddhima to her watchman..!armaan was passing by sheetal's place..he stopped der nd thought of taking riddhima wid him..he parked in there..waited fo her to cm out..but she dint so her went in and heard riddhima..he immediately went upstairs and opened the door.,riddhima was so afraid..nd crying!!

as he opened..


she just hugged him tightly..!!she was still crying..nd was just lost nd was syill in his arms..

he too hugged her..but den dey both came into reality..

armaan: ummm..chale!!

riddhima putting her hair behind ears..: haa!!

a song was coming on radio which they both loved..they both went to put the volume high together..they touched each others hand!!dey smiled..!!

armaan: riddhima..tum waha lock kaisi hui??fone nahi kar sakti thi..

riddhima: mein battery nahi thi aur sheetal ka fone bhi chalu nahi tha!!

armaan lafed.. : dar gai thi na.?!?!

riddhima: haha..very funny!!

armaan: accha socho agar main nahi ata to!?!?

riddhima: aisa kabhi hua hain kya??mujhe bacha ne tum na aao!!

armaan smiled..nd he was luking at riddhima..

he dint knew a vehicle was cming..riddhima too was luking at him..

she luked on the road smiling

riddhima holding his hand.: armaan!!

armaan saw nd jst was gonna hit by dat vehicle..

riddhima: phew!!armaan tum bhi na!!

armaan just luked at her smiled..nd den to his hand..

she took her hand back..!!

they reached muskaan's place!!

muskaan: arre tum dono saath??

riddhima: haa woh !! arre chhod na..bahaut lambi story hain!!

muskaan: accha thik hain//par fir bhi kitni der laga di..kab se wait kar rahe the yaar!!

riddhima: sorry..accha chal!!

all three of dem went into muskan's room..

anjali: kya tum log bhi na!! kitni acchi game miss kar di tum dono ne!!

armaan: accha..aisi konsi game thi??

arul: arre..dumsharaz!!

riddhima: chalo na dii..phir se khelte hain..bos vs girls!!

muskan nd everybody else agreed!!

it was riddhima's turn..armaan gave her " i love you "

she was feeling shy..but she anyhow did!!

she tried a lot..but no one was able to understand her..

armaan came nd thot of helping her..

armaaan luking at riddhima nd lost in her : riddhima..agar tumhe mujhe kehna hota..par sirf isharo tum kaise kehti!!

riddhima placed her fist at her..den to her heart nd den pointed to armaan..!!

everybody said : I love you!!

riddhima was shocked..!! armaan lafed..nd everybody was like ye ye ye!!

nd riddhima nd armaan were luking at each other!!

anjali: ye to boring hain..kuch exciting karte hain..!

rahul: lets dance!!

muskan: yeah!! dats a fabulous idea..!!

so everybody started dancing..on da bed..on da floor..nd was having fun..!!

armaan nd riddhima too..they were dancing..

while riddhima was dancing sumone stamped on her dupatta..she got stuck nd she was about to fall when armaan was behind her nd he just holded her..they wr lost in each other again..but then suddenly got into reality when sumone by mistake pushed armaan..!!

they danced a lot..nd ate nd wr off to bed..

at midnite..riddhima and armaan both were'nt feeling riddhima decided to go nd stand by the window..

as she was luking..she saw armaan swinging nd lost in his own dreams nd thots..he luked at her..

she went..while armaan was luking at da stars..she came out..nd sat beside him..

they both had nothing to talk..they just kept smiling at each other..minute by minute..

meanwhile..muskaan woke anjali up..

muskaan: anjali..sssshhhh..uth..woh gai..!!

anjali: gai..accha boys uthe hoge kya??

as she said so..rahul nd atul came into muskan's room..

rahul: armaaan aur riddhima dono gaye..!

they all were whispering..they had actually planned to get them together..!

they went downstairs and hid themselves behind the door!!

muskaan: offo!!ye log to kuch bhi nahi kar rahe.!!guys kuch karo!!


armaan: riddhima mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain.

riddhima: ha bolo!

armaan: woh actually..(smiles) bahaut nervous hoon..aj se pehle kabhi itna serious nahi hua hoon isi liye..

riddhima: kya baat hain..armaan..kuch hain jo tum mujhe bata ne ke liye nervous ho..tum bhi na..i mean tum mujhe kab se jante ho huh..chalo batao kya baat hain.

armaan: woh actually..riddhima..I'm in love!!

riddhima: oh!! (to herself in her mind) hogi koi mini-skirts wali naina ya koi aur!! (to armaan) to kaun hain..

armaan: kaun??

riddihma: wahi..jisse tum..yew noe pyar karte ho!!

armaan: tum..!!

riddhima: wot!?!?ye tum kya keh rahe ho armaan??

armaan: ha riddhima..main aaj tak samajh nahi paya ki pyaar kya hota hain..kyon ki main hamesha se aisi sab batoon ko avoid karta raha ye samajh kar ki main aisa ladka hoon hi nahi jo pyar vyar ke chakkar mein pad sake..magar sach to ye hain ki maine apni feelings so jitni daba ne ki koshish ki hain..woh utna hi badhti gai hain..

riddhima: woh..main..armaan..tum..!!

armaan: sach kahu riddhima..tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho na!!

riddhima: actually armaan main bhi tumse pyaar karti hoon..aur ye bhi nahi janti ki kabse..par main hamesha se hi darti thi ki tum mujhe nahi balki woh naina aur jiya ki jaisi modern aur bore ladkiya pasand karte ho..mujhe to abhi bhi yakeen nahi ho raha ki tum mujhse

armaan jst puts his finger on riddhima's lips..dey luk at each other nd hug..!!

everybody cms out screaming

armaan nd riddhima just get away..nd start blushing..!!

part 6

so everyone is you know happy and teasing riddhima and armaan..

atul: accha chalo guys!! ab in dono ko akela chod do!!

anjali: arre ha!! so you guys have fun..aur ridzi ye armaan se zara dur rehna..ek number ka badmash hain..!!

they laugh and then just go back into deir rooms!

riddhima and armaan sit near the swimming pool..

riddhima: (luking at da sky) pata hain armaan ye sab main apne sapno mein dekhti thi..hum dono..akele..ghar se dur..yakeen hi nahi ho raha ye sab sach mein ho raha hain..

armaan: (luking at da sky)hmm..mujhe bhi!!

then they luk at each oder nd riddhima just hits armaan's head..

she lafs and runs..armaan chases her..they play around..dey wr awake da whole nite!!

when everybodyz awake..they go out nd see armaan and riddhima sleeping hugging each oder on the chair near the pool..

muskan: awwwh..dey luk so sweet!!

armaan wakes up..nd he just smiles..

they all go back into da house..

muskan, anjali and riddhima were in the kitchen..armaan watching the TV..atul in the bathroom,,and rahul was sitting on the platform in the kitchen..eating apple

muskaan: rahul..hato!!

rahul: kya hato??maine kaha kuch kiya??

riddhima: muskaan se pyaar!!

anjali and riddhima giggles..

muskan smiles nd just goes into her room..

rahul: kya yaar riddhima..tu bhi na!!

riddhima: accha?? rahul!! main andhi nahi hoon!! mujhe pata hain you like her!!

bol kyon nahi deta!!

rahul: kya!? main??usse?? aisa kuch nahi hain!!

armaan: sale jhoothe!! abhi thode dino pehle to mujhse kaha tha..woh kya uska naam ha!shekhar bhi tha!!

riddhima: shekhar?? woh kaun hain??

armaan: arre meri society mein hi rehta hain..bahaut sidha hain..koi ladki uske paas jaye to sala rakhi ke liye haath badha deta hain..

rahul and armaan laf..

riddhima: armaan!! thats not nice!!anyways!! (to rahul) aur ek baat bolu?? kya pata woh bhi shayad..

rahul den jjust thinks of atleast telling her!!

they go to the movies..had fun..nd den nxt day at college!!

as armaan enters..

naina: arman!?!where da hell were you??aur apna fone kyon nahi utha rahe the!

armaan: naina..mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain..

she gets excited thinking armaan would say "I love you"

armaan: naina..tum bahaut acchi ladki ho..but I just dun feel right wid you!! I always liked riddhima but never realized dat..I'm sorry but ye relationsip ab hum nahi share kar sakte!!

naina: wot!?par!!

armaan: bye!! (he leaves)

naina: par!!main!!I!!ugh!!

she den searches fo riddhima..sees her passing by..holds her hand,,tightly..

naina: (she was very mad!) riddhima!! who do you think you are!!

riddhima had no clue..she thought armaan already told her a long tym ago..

riddhima: kyon?kya hua?is der any problem?

naina: oh yeah!! tum!! why dont you just leave armaan alone huh!!

armaan sees dis..

naina was talking to her,.everybody was staring at dem..naina was pushing riddhima..

armaan cms between dem

armaan: naina!! ye kya kar rahi ho!!

naina: tumse kaun baat kar raha hain!! tum jao aur apna kaam karo!!

armaan: oye!! yehi mera kaam hain..kya kar logi!? just leave us alone!! riddhima meri girlfriend ainda usse aise baat karne ki koshish bhi mat karna!!

riddhima stares at armaan nd gives a gesture as if shez feeling very special..!

naina just leaves insulted..

they hug..and everybodyz like woo hoo!! dey all came to know abah dem!!

days pass..they spend more nd more tym togeda..

one day riddhima's frnd's mother died..she sees her frnd crying..the way she was crying..ridddhima was so scared..she was scared of losing any of her special ones..she texts armaan wot happened..she writes "armaan..I really need you..I need to hug you!!"

armaan reads this..feels very happy..but den he calls her..talks to her..makes her feel better!!

armaan: promise me riddhima..kal shilpa ki party'll hug me!! I need you too!!

riddhima: (was almost crying) ha armaan!! I promise!!

riddhima..armaan..rahul..muskaan..anjali and atul..all were at shilpa's party..

riddhimawhisperes to rahul infront of armaan) rahul..aaj to bol hi do!!

armaan: ha rahul..riddhima sahi keh rahi hain..aaj bol de..

rahul: kya yaar??kaise!! armaan..thodi tips dena!!

armaan lifts his collar..he was about to say anythig but riddhima interrupts!!

riddhima: ye kuch karne wala nahi hain..main batati hoon!! dedicate a song to her..kneel down..aur bol do..sab ke samne!!

rahul and armaan togeder: whotttttttttt!?!?

riddhima: ha!! sach keh rahi hoon..!!

rahul: okay!! but I hope woh ha bole!

riddhima: arre bolegi..pakka!!

he dedicates woh pehli was muskaan's favourite!!

he kneels down..muskan had no idea.she was shocked but also very happy!!

rahul infront of everyone: muskaan..aaj se pehle kabhi kaha nahi..kisi se kaha nahi..kabhi itna mana nahi..par itna zaroor jana hain..pyaar kiya to sirf tumhi se kiya..aur kisi se nahi..!!

riddhima: ha bol de..muskan!! plz ha bol de!!

everyone den cheers: say yes!! say yes!! say yes!!

muskaan lafs.. : ha!! I love you too!!

everybodyz happy!!

they dance togeder on woh pehli baar..

rahul-muskan and armaan-riddhima!

armaan nd riddhima wr going to hug,.but den muskaan cms

muskaan: riddhima chalo!! plz..we're getting late! main tumhare saath aa rahi hoon..aur agar late ho gaye to main to gayi!!

riddhima: woh ha..

luks at armaan nd feels helpless

armaan wants her to stay as she had promised to hug him..

riddhima: bye armaan!!

armaan feels sad..a li'l mad.. : bye!!

he den jst leaves..

anjali: chale riddhima!! okay guys..bye!!

they leave!!

while going..riddhima thinks of armaan..turns around..armaan is just standing..wishing her ot cm back nd hug him..riddhima wants to!!turns around..nd den luks at armaan again..turns arpund again..thinks..

riddhima: wait!! I have sumthing to do!!

muskan: riddhima plz abhi nahi..I'm getting late!! phir kabhi

riddhima holds her hand.. : no!! I'm sorry muskaan..but I need two mts!! you guys go on!!I'll..'ll just be back soon..

anjali: par riddhima..

riddhima: plz dii..I'll be home soon..main apko muskaan ke yaha milti hoon,,!pakka

anjali: okay!! but dont be late..

riddhima turns arpound...sees him still standing der..runs to him nd hugs him..!!

they hug very tightly!! riddhima starts crying..!

riddhima: (hugging him) aaj se pehle kabhi itna accha nahi laga..

armaan: pata nahi kyon riddhima..par do minute pehle lag raha tha ki tumhe hamesha ke liye kho dunga..bahaut dar gaya tha..

riddhima crying..luks at armaan..holds his face : hey!! I'll never go away from you!! I promise..aaj nahi..abhi nahi..kabhi nahi..they rub deir noses..armaan wipes her tears..

armaan drops her at muskaan'z place..before anjali nd muskaan reach..

armaan was sitting in the car..riddhima was standing near his window..they wr talking..

anjali nd muskaan reach..while cming out of da car..

anjali: ye kaam tha..dey all giggle..

riddhima: ha!! sab se zyada important..(luking at armaan..holding his hand)

muskaan: chalo guys!! aur thnx aaj ke liye!!

anjali: cm on muskaan..aur waise sara idea riddhima aur armaan ka tha!!

muskaan: riddhima..aaj tumne mere liye jo bhi kiya woh shayad hi koi best frnd kar sakta tha..thnx!!

riddhima: muskaan!

they hug..

armaan: ahem!! muskaan..koi aur bhi shayad yu know thnk yu kehne ke liye!

muskaan: oh ha!! atul ko bhi keh dena huh riddhima

armaan: ey!!

muskaan lafs.. : okay okay baba!! (joints her hands)thnk you mere baap!! accha..chalo bye huh..later in college!!

she leaves

riddhima: bye him a goodnite cheek kiss..

armaan touches where she kissed..nd gets hypnotised..

armaan: bye!!

anjali: blows horn..

armaan: huh..what!!?!? ha ha..very funny!!

riddhima nd anjali giggles..

anjali: bye armaan..

armaan: bye!! riddhima..bye!

riddhima: bye ( as she sits in the car)

they leave..

armaan: (luking at da sky) oh god!! I love her!!


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