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Default Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan 6th October 08 Written Update

Continued from yesterday

Sin is running and the cops are closely behind. She falls on the floor(poor buddi) but continues to run.

Meanwhile at home everyone is watching the Sin tape. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Sin says how she killed Sagar and Vidya....Mahua turns it off. She says she can't watch this anymore.She said how Rajeev always told her that Sin was bad but i didn't believe him. Bharat picks up the phone. He says that Sin has ran away from the police and their still looking for her. The rest are all shocked.

Sin is running on a train track and the police are still behind. She slows down and sits on a bench. She opens a can and puts water on her face. There is a wanted poster of her on the wall. The sardarji who owns the restaurant spots sin and says its her. He tells his friend, she is the one the police is looking for, the one who killed her brother. The whole clan follows her(heheheeheh)

Aniket is sleeping and remembering when sin and chandra let the dogs go on him. He wakes up and says she is going to kill me. Bharat, additi and the rest come to calm him down. Additi says no one is here. Amar tells Bharat to call the doctor. Additi is wiping the sweat off aniket. Divya notices this and says we don't need a doctor.Bharat looks on while amar smiles. She makes Aniket go back to sleep. ( a cute moment without sin)

Sin is running like a crazy women(it is night time now). She runs into this little hut. The town people have torches and are running to look after her. Sin hides under the table and everyone surrounds the hut. The light the place on fire.


Sin is frightened and is remembering when sagar and vidya were stuck in a hut. She remembers what Divya said, about how she will pay for her sins. The police comes. Sin holds a stick and makes a whole in the hut and escapes from the other side. She runs until she reaches a bunch of buses. The police sirens go off and their coming to her direction. Sin gets on the bus. she finds a mask and puts it on her face. The police come on this bus and look around for her but don't find her. Sin takes off the mask and the bus starts to leave. The bus is headed towards[ ].( i didn't catch the name). Sin says maybe this is a sign, i'll stay there for a while.


Amar wonders how sin escaped.They say Sin is smart, they wonder where she has gone and it will be hard to find her.

The bus stops. Sin is sleeping. The guy tells everyone its time to leave. Sin wakes up and looks around. Sin asks the man what stop this is. The man has horns on his head(lol)..He says its your end.

Precap:Sin calls Bharat and says she needs his help.

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