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Default Kasamh se - written update for 1st October 2008

Hello guys, so here I am again, doing the written update for u cos my twin sis was so lazy to do the update hehehehe She did a half and I continued from there, so hope u all will enjoy our written update hehehehehe


The show starts with the haldi rasam going on between Ganga and Priytush.Ganga look well dressed and she started to pray in front of God.Pronita watches everything.Jai ask Pronita why did you cry yesterday?Pronita says sometimes things happen to make us cry,but today I promise you that today will be the tears of joy and i just want to share the happiness with only one person that is you.Meera looked at them.

Meera comes to Pronita and says that the chuda rasam is also done and everything is also ready for the wedding.The only thing left now are the pheras and the bidai.Meera says I have a lot of work to be done because I'm the bride's mom,see you later.

Sonali was about to leave and saying bye to Rishi and Pronita and says that I liked coming to India and I like the people here.Priytush heard the convo between all of them.She leaves from there.Priytush was about to leave from there when Rishi calls him and says you look at the bills of the function till that day.

Mitals came there and Priytush leaves from there.And Rishi leaves too.Pronita says Sonali left something for you all to the Mitals.And it was the blank cheque.The Mitals was very happy to hear that.Pronita says Sonali really loves Priytush,she tried even to tell the truth but still she is still crazy about him.She also wanted to give everything that she owns to Priytush.

The mitals looked really happy,Pronita says actually I don't to give you the check but what to do it's Sonali's wish.She is so heartbroken coz she cant marry Priytush and she decide to leave India and I could not stop her,but felt to do something for Priytush so she left this to him,you can fill in any much amount that you all want.I should not be saying this but you can cancel this Ganga's wedding to Priytush to Sonali weds Priytush.

Pronita says Sonali loves him a lot and you all will get your money and Sonali will get her love.Mr.Mital says is to late for this now coz Meera will kill us.Pronita says she will kill you if she comes to know.Pronita says i have a plan if you decided to follow.Mrs.Mitals says what will happen if the walia comes to know that we broke off the wedding.Pronita says if you follow my plan then all will know that Priytush loves Sonali and they will never let Priytush to marry Ganga.Mr.Mital says that Mr.Walia is very happy with the wedding why do he want to break the wedding.

Pronita says if Mr.Walia finds out the truth he will stop this wedding by his own.Mr.Mital says how will happen.Pronita says I will tell you.


Jai was talking to Ganga,Jai is teasing her that princess don't get up for any one and he bows down.Ganga says that there are few people can marry the person of their choice.Whose dreams comes true,and what ever happening in my life now is bcoz of you.Ganga says if my life is a fairy tale is bcoz of you are the author.If not bcoz of you I will never know that I love Priytush

Then she gets emotional, Jai sstops her and says that he'll pray for her hapiness

Pronita overhears and thinks how to tell Mr Walia that their daughter is entring a life of sadness

The barat arrives, Adi tells krishna and Vidya to not to let dulha in untill he pays them hehehehe Rishi takes Ganga to the Mandap.

Krishna and Vidya dont let Mittals in and say that they cannot enter the wedding untill dulha pays them hehehehe The Mittals assure that pritush is coming and he will pay the money, then the Walia family welcome Mittals

Mr Mittal says he want to talk befor the next rasam, Jai asks why are you being so formal and asked him to say it, Then Mr Mittal says that its better to finish the taking and giving talk before pheras Jai and Adi are surprised, Jay says that he didnt understand why he wanna talk about it and the muhurat will be passed in these talks so askes him to do the pheras first, Mr Mittal asks him not to act innocent, and you are bride's father and you will give your daughter something for her happy married life and he wanted to know what it is ( so rude )

Meera too asks what are you talking about, Ganga is Walia's daughter and she will get a good dowry and nothing less Mrs Mittal says that they are talking about it to make sure that there will be no tension later (yeah right!!! duh) And she says that they wanted to know how much money and jwellary they will get ( very funny Mrs Mittaal )

The poor Walia family is shocked hehehehe Mr Walia is shocked too much to hear about the dowry talk of the Mittal family lolzzz Shocked Jai thinks what the hell are they talking when the barat is at the door step lolzz Then jai gets angry and says its not about hapiness, its all about making a deal, and they have never given or taken any dowry and also that they wanna make a relation, not a deal. Then the stupid Mittals says that the will have to reconsider, and the Walia's get a shock again lolzz


Meera is wondering why Mittals are behaving like that, She asks jai to sit and discuss the matter before it gets worse, then she asks Mittals how much they want, Mr Mittal says other than jwellary and other things they want 50 croros in cash (stupid lady) now Meera is also in a shock, and the poor family too still in a shcok hehehe then Meera goes to Mittal and asks why are you doing this drama, and he says its the time he can make some money and also says the amount they gave him was very less (urhhhh the Mittals are too much) Jai asks Meera to not to talk to them and tells her that he wont give any money hehehehe

Mrs Mittal says fine and they are leaving, Jai says yeah as u wish lolzzzzz Meera is shocked again, Jai says if they are talking about dowry today, they will talk a bout sending my daughter back tomorrow, and they might talk about divorce (good thinking)

Meera says that they have done all the rasam and Ganga is in wedding dress and what people will say after all this? Jai says he dosent care about others, and he is unable to give his daughter to a family where money comes first (good thinking ) Meera says are you ready to sacrifice your daughters love because of your ethics, Jai says that his decision is final......

Ganga speeks up and says that she hasnt taken any decision yet, she says its her decision to marry Pritush and it this wedding is breaking off, she has to talk to him first, She is confident that pritush cannot do something like that (comeon Ganga, what are you talking about???) she says that he is not greedy and she is sure that Pritush is unaware of what is going on, Mrs Mittal asks not to get their son involved in this, Ganga says it's important that they do, and she says untill he says her that he wants dowry, she will not believe it pronita too agrees with Ganga and says she is getting married to Pritush and not his family hehehehehe and they wanted to know what he thinks,

Meera says lets call him and ask him so that everything will be cleared, Shonali enters with pritush, he has a blindfold over him and he is wondering where she is taking her, she says it's a surprise, They are wearing garlands around their neck, the Walia family is shocked again

Pritush says to Shonali that they cannot believe that they are going to be one very soon and says that he thought that he will have to marry that Ganga but thank god he could run away from the barat and could get married lolzzzzzzzz he asks her to open the blindfold so that he can see their dream house, she says if she opens it he will get the biiggest surprise in his life lolzzzzzzzzzz then he tells Shonali that he loves her lolzz then he gets shocked to see where he is when Shonali opens the blindfols lolzzzzz


Pronita tells meera that it could have happened to her but she wont let her off so easily, she had thought of a special plan and asked wheather she wanna konw how she did it, and also says that she learnt it from her cos she took Pritush from marrying Shonali and she picked him up from middle of the barat lolzzzzzzz

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