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Default 24th July Brief written update

Jyoti and khurana are going somewhere and they are in a rush. Khurana tries to start his car but it's not starting. They are going to catch the taxi and go. Permeet comes there and tells them that he'll fix the car because he use to do it back in canada whenever his car shut on him. Permeet starts fixing the car and jeet also comes there. He asks if permeet needs any help and permeet tells him to get the toolbox. Permeet rolls his sleeves up and he has scratch marks on them but he didnt noticed. Jeet comes with tool box and when permeet is going to grab the tool, it fall. Permeet notices that his sleeves are rolled up and the mark is showing. Jeet bends down to grab the tool from the floor and permeet quickly changes his hand which doesnt have the scratch mark so that he can take the tool from jeet and jeet wouldn't get suspicious.

Angad comes on the roof to meet mahi. He sees her standing and he goes to her and grabs her from the back. He talks to her sweetly and tells her that his love attracted her. The girl turns out to be kamiya and kamiya tells him that she loves him a lot too. She hugs him and mahi is standing facing angad. She has a smirk on her face and angad thinks to himself that mahi was very clever and he'll have fun playing this game with her. He also thinks that he is going to be the winner at the end.

Jeet goes to his room to get some file and cherry comes out of the shower. She asks him how his day was and if he had fun with soni. Jeet is disgusted with her and she tells him that she knows it all and that she saw him and soni together at the mandir. Jeet tells her that when she doesnt know anything, she needs to keep her mouth shut. Cherry tells her that inside they are separate but outside they are together. Jeet gets pissed and he throws the file on the bed. He tells her that her heart is full of dirt and all that dirt is reflected in her eyes, so whatever she sees looks dirty to her. He is about to leave when cherry grabs his hands and he asks to let go. She tells him to stay in the room and she'll let go and he tells her that what she wants, she'll never get. He leaves the room. Cherry thinks to herself that she'll do whatever it takes to get him and that she knows how to do it as well.

Mahi is talking to soni and telling her about angad. She goes angad thought she was a punk and she'll face him now. Shabd comes there and put his hands across mahi and mahi screams and is about to slap him thinking its angad. Shabd asks her whats wrong and why she was going to slap him. She tells him that he scared her and she is upset with him. He tries to flirt with her and they have a sweet moment together.

Cherry is looking for jeet and she has some saris and suit in her hand. She goes to jeet's room and asks him what sari should she wear and she even got a suit for him to wear. Jeet is just staring at her and she keeps asking him. Jeet takes the suit and throws it outside the window. Cherry is shocked and jeet tells her that she is not invited to the party and that only they are invited, so she needs to get out of his room. Cherry tells him that she is his wife and jeet tells her only for name and they dont any relationship neither she has any relationship with his family. He pushes her outside the room and closes the door on her face. Cherry looks very pissed.

Next epi: Permeet goes to open the door, and there is police outside. Jeet comes there and is shocked to see them.
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24th, july, update, written

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