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Default Saath Phere - 25 December Writtern Update

Today's Update

Brijesh's house

vrinda is crying and tara goes to her and hugs her,tara say to urvashi what are you saying urvashi says wow you care so much about a servant now

she says anyway the happiness of this family controls in my hand i can ruin it any time.bhabho says that doesn't mean you take advantage of it.

she says you shouldnt have treated vrinda like this urvashi says to bhabho dont talk to me like this. brijesh says bhabho is elder you cant talk to her like this .

urvashi says to vrinda from now you will do what i tell you othervise you wont be staying her for long.she says dont you guys care about your family's honour.urvashi looks at vrinda and says why do guys want to be with low caste urvashi is leaving ,deer stops her and says who u calling low caste person.he says she's like our family memeber. urvashi says to deer when did a servant become a family member any specific reasons.and she says dont mind but we all know you track mind,you having relations with servants.urvashi says to vrinda from now on if you are seen with deer ,it will be very bad urvashi says from now on everything will on the way i want it.vrinda is crying in the room and deer come and says whatevr happened ,i'm sorry for it,please forgive me vrinda says no its not your fault. i know she's just looking for chances to make things worse. bhabho says you are right. she suggest her to go to nahar and brijesh some family house ,so she wont be trated unfairly here but vrinda says i cant leave you guys i'm going to stay her

Nishi's place

nahar reaches to a house and rings the bell ,nishi opens it and says you.nahar says am i mistaken or am i at a hospital

she says no this is my house. nahar says i'm her to meet(nishi's dad). she says come in ,i will call him. he comes and nahar says namaste,he says i didnt recognize you ,he says i'm from kakasa. he says oh and talks about when they were young nahar gives him the gift and he says he always gives gifts to me

nahar is about to leave but nishi's mom makes nahar sit down and says you cant leave without eating food. nishi's mom is talking about saloni says i wonder where she went. and they tell nahar about it.
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