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Default Saath Phere - 26 December Writtern Update

Neel comes to Nahar and tells that he wants to talk to him about Saloni. Nahar refuses to listen to Neel about Saloni. He says that he has removed Saloni and her memories from his heart. Neel tries again and Nahar requests him to leave him alone. Nahar leaves. Neel goes to pay the flower shop where he took the flowers for worship(Didn't they show Neel entering the Mandir empty-handed...mmm) When he removes his wallet his cell phone falls and this is seen by Raghu who comes there and tells Neel about his cell. Neel thanks him and gives him Rs. 10 . He doesn't notices Sal there on the steps. Raghu comes to Sal and he tells her that he got the money when he returned the phone to some guy who dropped it. Sal asks who gave you the money and Raghu points out to Neel but unfortunetly Neel is already driving away when Saloni looks out for him.

Singh's Household:

Brijesh is Discussing some project with Kakasa in the LR. Tara, Bhabho and Dheer are there too having tea. Tara gives tea to Kaksa but he is stopped to drink it by JIJI who just gets there in time. Jiji tells him that he needs to drink sugar-free tea. She tells him that if she is not there even two minutes, he forgets all the doctor has told him. Jiji asks all if there is any serious atter that your faces are down. Brijesh says that ever since Aditi is gone we have been feeling an emptiness, we miss her. Kakasa gets emotional. Brijsh asks Kakasa to continue talking about the project. Urvashi again interupts and wants to know about the project. Kaasa tells her about building a tiles factory on one of their land. Kaka say that everything has been finalised we just were finishing some last minute details. Urvashi asks if its the same lamd which has the garlic growing on the field and asks Kakasa why to build a factory when there the land is in use. The factory can be built on any other land. Brijesh objets to this and says that machines have been purchased, Bank loans taken.if they stop the projest there will be a big loss to the company and the company reputation will go down. Kakasa tells him that Urvashi is right and i am cancelling the project and he is ready to bear small loss for Urvashi. Jiji is smiling on her victory.

Kaveri's House:

Kaveri is pacing in the living room thinking on how boring it is without any spark, she decides to call Dheer to find if he has some exciting news for her. Dheer is with a sad face whenn he picks up the phone. Kaveri easily manuplates him to know whats going on in the Singh parivaar. She comes to know about Urvashi returning as Kakisa. After she hangs up with Dheer she says that as long there is something happening in Sal's in-laws place she doesn't need TV or Films to pass her time.

Hospital Cafeteria:

Neel and Nishi are having coffee and Neel is lost in thoughts.Nishi asks him whats the matter. She also expresses her fear that she doesn't see any feeling for her in his eyes to which Neel denies and stells her that he is worried about Saloni. Neels tells her that in which mental condition Sal is, he is worried about her. Nishi consoles him and tells him to trust God.

On the streets.

Raghu gets Sal to where he stays. There is a lady there who instructs small children where to stand for begging. Raghu tells her that the lady gives them food and shelter and that she will take care of Saloni too. Saloni and Raghu go over to the lady. The lady asks her if she is ready to work for her to which Sal agrees without knowing what is to do. The lady asks her to beg. Saloni tells her that begging is bad and her parents don't allow it. The lady says that she looks that she comes from a good house and inspite of her not begging she will take care of her. She just asks Sal to be with Raghu and Raghu will do the begging. They leave.

Singh Household:

Everyone is sitting in the LR. Jiji is giving soup to Kakasa and tells him that he needs to eat healthy food. Infact everyone in this house needs to healthy food. She is thinking of talking to the cook and making a healthy menu for all. Kakasa agrees to it. Just then Narpat, Ambika and Kaveri come there. They are shocked to see Jiji there. Even Jiji is shocked to see them and tells to herself that if these people open their mouth she won't be successful in her goal. She interrupts Ambika and introduce herself as the new Kakisa. Ambika and Narpat are shocked and Ambika says but you are....Once again Jiji interuppts her saying that she doesn't recognize them. Kaveri says thet Urvashi ji, we are from Saloni's maayka. Kakasa gets happy and wants to sit and chat with them when Urvashi tells him that its time to check his Blood Pressure. As they leave Urvashi asks Tara to bring some snacks for the guest and also uinform the guests about her and kakasa's relation properly. Tara informs Sal's parents about Jiji's blackmail deal with them in order to save their baby. She request Kaveri that please do not tell anything to kakasa anything. Kaveri agrees but she says to herself..she definetly won't do any thing to harm Tara's child but she will use this situation to put a fear in Jiji's mind about Kaveri.

Episode Ends.

Peview - Kaveri tells Samar about Jiji.
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