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Default Karan & Sukriti Love Scenes


Ridz enters Sanjeevani and Armaan stares at her and is mesmerized.

zSHARE - june2ndarscene.wmv

* Ridz enters...Asmaani Rang Ho is played...while Armaan watches Ridz.

zSHARE - june3rdarscene.wmv

* Armi/Ridz become friends again [lyk that is possibleLOL].....No pranks....No shaitani....only dosti nibhaaniConfusedLOL.

zSHARE - june4tharscene1.wmv

* AR Dupatta Scene...Ridz falls....Armaan catches Ridz...staring session.

zSHARE - june5tharscene1.wmv


Armaan offers his pen to Ridz when hers doesnt work.

zSHARE - june5tharscene2.wmv


Ridz answers the doorbell and finds Armaan at her door.

zSHARE - june5tharscene3.wmv


AR Coffee Flashback!!!!

zSHARE - june9tharscene1.wmv


Ridz gets hurt...Armaan worried....Armaan stares at Ridz as she looks at Shash-Padma.

zSHARE - june9tharscene2.wmv


Girls say bye to boys as they leave Gupta's house...AR staring.

zSHARE - june9tharscene3.wmv


AR staring session under the flower petals shower....Asmaani Rang Ho played.

zSHARE - june10tharscene1.wmv


Ridz's hair begins to blow...AR lost in each other's eyes.

zSHARE - june10tharscene2.wmv


Armaan bumps into Ridz...holds her by accident.

zSHARE - june12tharscene1.wmv


Couples Dance....AR dancing together.

zSHARE - june12tharscene2.wmv


Armaan n gang come with Padma to Ridz's house for Padma-Shash Engagement...Ridz opens door to find Armaan.

zSHARE - june16tharscene1.wmv


Armi stares at Ridz as Dadi takes aarti of Padma.

zSHARE - june16tharscene2.wmv


Armi gives Ridz her shagun ka tofa.

zSHARE - june16tharscene3.wmv


Ridz opens the shagun ka tofa given by Armi to find a pink sari for her.

zSHARE - june17tharscene1.wmv


Ridz upset....Armi consoles her. *Cute Scene*

zSHARE - june17tharscene2.wmv


Ridz helps Armi pick out a sari for return Armi gifts her a sari for their new-found friendship.

zSHARE - june18tharscene1.wmv


Ridz-Armi bump into each other in the stairs....staring session.

zSHARE - june19tharscene1.wmv


Dupatta scene....Ridz n Armi both run toward the flying red dupatta which ends up falling on both of them.

zSHARE - june19tharscene2.wmv


Armi/Ridz off together to pick up Padma's wedding outfit.

zSHARE - june19tharscene3.wmv


As Ridz gets out of the car, her dupatta gets stuck....she thinks its Armaan holding her.

zSHARE - june19tharscene4.wmv


Armi dreams that Ridz is wearing Padma's wedding sari.

zSHARE - june23rdarscene1.wmv


Armi/Ridz drive back after picking up Padma's outfit....Ishq Leta Hai played.

zSHARE - june23rdarscene2.wmv


Armi/Ridz feed Padma kheer together.

zSHARE - june23rdarscene3.wmv


Gore Gore dance performance by girls.

zSHARE - june24tharscene1.wmv


Armi/Ridz terrace scene...shooting star...Ridz's friendship speech n all...

zSHARE - june25tharscene1.wmv


Armi brings Ridz to Padma's mehendi function.

zSHARE - june26tharscene1.wmv


Armi makes Ridz dance at Padma's mehendi function.

zSHARE - june26tharscene2.wmv


Armi vs. Ridz....Dhol Dance!

zSHARE - june26tharscene3.wmv


Armi tries to see if Ridz wrote his name on her hands with mehendi.

zSHARE - june26tharscene4.wmv

* Girls apply mehendi at Shashank/Padma wedding.

zSHARE - june26tharscene1.wmv


Armi/Ridz n the gang dance at the Sangeet function.

zSHARE - june30tharscene1.wmv

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