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Default Sunaina Gulia- Interview transcript

hey everyone.. this is a transcript of sunaina gulia...our thought id ahre with u all cause iv seen intervies of every1 from DMG apart 4m hers ( unlesss i missd n sorry if i did )

heena > Do you like the new Ridhima?

sunaina > Yes of course I know her since past one year we have already became good friends.

esha > Do you enjoy your character?

sunaina > I love my character because it was so nice and innocent in the beginning it was very negative and evil I found it difficult to play that in the beginning and then slowly my character got changed... and now it is positive, confident and nice... its great fun to play her

trtrtr > Hi Sunaina tell us about your chemistry with all the costars in Dil mil gaye????

sunaina > I think I didnít had this much of fun on any other TV Show than DMG because the whole lot of us are really crazy each one of us is worst than the other... full of life .. itís great fun to stay together , act together and stick together.... I have learnt a lot from all these people.. Dil Mil gaye is life a picnic...We all are spoilt now...

geeta > Hi Sunaina who is the most funny person on the sets of Dil Mill Gaye???

sunaina > Hi Geeta , thatís a tough one of because we all take turns ... all of us are really funny and full of life... I guess Pankit is really funny.....Dr Shubhankar also is the mostfunniest person I have ever met.....

yuvi > Hi dear you are really very pretty ... don't u at times feels bad with the kind of attention Dr Ridhma gets and u dont???

sunaina > Hi yuvi... well I do have an attention problem but there has not been any situation where I think she is getting more attention than me.... thanx

sunil > Hi will you ever say yes to Dr Atul in Dil Mil Gaye

sunaina > What do you think?????

yatin > hi sunaina wot do u have to say about kareena's zero size

sunaina > Hi Yatin.... I think it is the secret of good life is butter.....and chocolates and a lot of food you live only once so eat and workout.

neha > How do you identify yourself with the onscreen character of Dr Anjali???

sunaina > I think in our show one thing is really commendable that in the beginning all the characters in DMG were very away from ourselves and now they are very us.... Dr Anjali is very me now. The way she talks the way she reacts on the screen is very me and our writer writes dialogues just they way we talk.... my character is pretty similar to me accept from the fact that Sunaina is very sweeter and Dr Anjali is more confident

richa > Do you think an actors popularity is limited to his or her last appearance on TV?

sunaina > Yes I think so.. because it depends they do another character very quickly... it depends on what impact you had on the audience with the last character you played

sulabh > When did you realize acting was what you wanted take up as a career?

sunaina > Hi sulabh... I love that question.. when I was a kid I used to be very unhappy, I have no clue why I didnít seem to like this world one day I realized at the age of 10 I had a feeling to be a super star and after that I really lived very happily in my life .. I am really glad to become an actress..

sanna > How do you improve on your acting?

sunaina > Hi Sanna in the beginning I took acting classes and read books... my director helped me a lot...he is quite different, secondly all my co-stars really helped me .......that made me more reactive ..This how one becomes better and better....

renu > which is your best moment from Dil mil gaye???

sunaina > There are lots and lots of them .. Life on sets of DMG is a new adventure every day.....

renu > Do you have any inspirations in life? Any role models?

sunaina > Hi dear, not exactly any role model or one person....

nidhi > Hi Sunaina what are your future projects apart from DMG???

sunaina > I m working for a travel channel ..... I am working for DMG for about 20-25 days a months so I don't get much time... till the time something brilliant happens

ghfxghshsrtyh > What is your Ambition

sunaina > My ambition is to be successful in whatever i do.. its wonderful to be an actor as it make people laugh, cry and think... acting is a wonderful thing ...

rajesh > Sunaina how comfortable do you feel you are with shedding clothes as now its requirement of all kind of acting

sunaina > You don't have to shed away your clothes to get recognition.....

hi_paru > What are your hobbies ?

sunaina > I love to travel, reading, listening to music and singing....

Aayushi > Sunaina you felt comfortable while working with Shilpa or Sukriti?

sunaina > Hi , both of them because they both are lovely wonderful people... We miss shilpa and sukriti is already a part of the family.

gaurav > Hi Sunaina can you tell us who is your favorite actor as well as actress

sunaina > I like SRK a lot , brad Pitt, Johnny Depp...actress I really like Kaajol, Meg Ryan

ria > How you feel acting as a doctor??? sunaina > Hi Ria, its a very cute question when we were young i wanted to be become a doctor and acting helped me in accomplishing my childhood dream,....

Signoff Message>

sunaina > First dream your dreams believe in them and work really hard ...we live only once so make it the best live possible... love Sunaina
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