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Default 16th September 2008 KS written update


The show starts by Aditya says wah what a dance,very good who is she?Pronita says this is Sonali my pati ji.She was with me in Calcutta and now she shifted to UK.She heard that Ganga is getting married so she wants to be part of this and want to see the typical wedding ceremony.Sonali oh oh Pronita ji ,who is Ganga ?She is getting married right?Pronita says this Ganga,Sonali says Ganga looks very beautiful,but who is the bride groom.Ganga says he is the bride groom Priytush Mital.Sonali says what a catch I must say this Ganga ,he is very handsome (lolzzzz).Oh i've heard about the Mitals a bit.Pronita says of coz Sonali you should know about the Mitals coz you yourself a business tycoon.Aditya says ek minute she is a business tycoon?Pronita says haan she is very big business tycoon in the UK.She is do hazar million's companies boss.Everyone was shock to hear that( hehehe).Sonali says come on Pronita not here.Pronita says Aditya uncle she suppose to be here two three days ,and now she came.Sonali says there was 500 million's deal ,and I have to be there.

The mitals seem to be very happy.

Sonali says I swear dee my heart was here in India.Sonali says im here to enjoy.Vicky says wrong not to enjoy but to impress everyone,great Sonali.Sonali says oh sona you are so cute.Pronita says chalo chalo go a be fresh and come.Sonali says okay but before that i have a gift for the dulha and dulhan,let me give them first the gift.Sonali is passing all the gifts to them.Sonali says I hope you all will like it as have no time only this I can bring it to you guys.Sonali was walking away and was going to fall,but Priytush hold he back and all the family was looking.

Mr.Mitals says she has alot of money,Mrs.Mitals says haa even she likes Priytush.You can see how she was talking to Priytush.Priytush was thinking about what did Pronita says about Sonali.Pronita ask someone to pass a letter to Priytush.

Priytush receive the letter ,its written I want to spend time woth you handsome,i can full fill your needs handsome,I'll be wating for you in the room.Priytush was walking to her room.

Rishi says to Ganga,oh you are standing here,Ganga says why you have problem with it.Rishi says no this is your party and everything.Yr Pritush was looking for you go and see him.Ganga left and looked for him in the room.Priytush was in the room with Sonali.


Ganga wa shock to see all that,and everyone came into the room.Pronita ask what is all this Priytush.Priytush says all this are just misunderstanding.

(Everyone was in the room)

Pronita says all of us was down for the sangeet and Ganga too was with us.and you are here.What is all this.What are you doing here with her.Priytush says trust me i was here to meet Ganga.Pronita says you want us to believe in all this.

Jai came and says Priytush is right.This is just a misunderstanding.Im telling this coz he was holding that gal by calling Ganga.I was here in the room and I've heard everything.

Ganga says im sorry Priytush ,i suspected you.Priytush says its okay Ganga,I thought you was here.I don't understand Ganga since was here there is a lot of problem.Ganga says maybe some had plan something.Priytush looked at Pronita.Ganga says don't worry ,we had kasamh before.Jai says okay go and sleep and tommorow we will be to Mount Abu.

Sonali says to Priytush I know you didn't do any mistake and you came here to find for Ganga.But tell me honestly when you touched me can you feel that im not Ganga.

Baba says Jigyasa Sonali was very good and Priytush can see from his face why with Ganga ,I suppose to have Sonali.Jigyasa says what ever you say about Sonali i trust you,she is good,and to trap Priytush is a easy thing for Sonali.

Pronita says thank you Sonali for everthing you did.You handle it very well.Jigyasa says why suddenly about the mount abu plan.Pronita says actually Mr.Walia heard Rano and me talking.Rano was telling haan Bani and that is me,its my wish that Ganga wedding should be in Mount Abu.And will get blessings from my baba.Mr.Walia heard and said that all the rasams will be in mount abu.This is very good idea,and you suppose to see Meear's face,her face change when she heard about Mount Abu.Jigyasa she suppose to get scared with what she did few years back.I think her time has come.Pronita says now time has come to revenge Meera for my kids death,im just waiting for the moment.When i bring the truth in front of everyone,and will punish her.


Ganga says papa why are you looking and smiling alone.Jai says nothing I was just looking at your previous pictures.See this photos.Jai says arey where is your graduation ceremony photo,come one help me to find it.There i found it,dont know what will happen if i cant find it.Ganga says for just one photo of mine was missing you became so hyper about it.Only three days left for my wedding,what will you do then.

Jai says you know when is daughter is getting married ,he will remember everything.Mehndi and sangeet and all,and what work had left out.Everything we will remember.But oly one thing will forget about it,sometimes I don't to remember it at all,and that is wedding.When you are small right I used to send you to school,and you don't want to leave me,and now after your wedding you will leave me forever.Okay leave it.Im happy where are you going now you will be very happy.I know he will keep you happy as how I kept you.And you to have to love him as much as you love me.Ganga and Jai hug

Pronita looked at them and says this to herself,you don't know Mr.Walia the person you think will give happiness to her,and you want her to get married with ,the person gonna give Ganga sadness.But im her mother I wont let this happen.I will stop everything for making her to be their daughter in law.Because that house will only give her the sadness.Meera thinks this is a game,but for me this is my daughters life.I cant give up in anyway.I have to win for my daughter.


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16th, 2008, september, update, written

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