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Default Saath Phere - 17 December 2007 Writtern Update

Saloni :

Saloni reaches terrace running behind a butterfly… Nishi and Neel run behind her. Sal reaches the tip of the terrace wall… she is about to step forward; Neel stops her by shouting her name.

Saloni stops… but Nishi becomes confused thinking that how Neerav knows the patients name.

Neel runs towards Sal and stops her.. and scolds her in a soft voice for what she did.

Nish n Neel bring Sal back to her room. Neel tells her a story… and makes her sleep.

Neel gets up… and about to leave Saloni’s room… he gets bumped into Nishi who has been watching Neel all this while. Neel becomes uncomfortable seeing her expression.

Nishi asks him how does he know her name…

He tells her that the previous day Saloni herself told him her name while he was playing with her.

Nishi doesn’t believe Neel’s word… yet she keeps quiet.


Ambika tries to call Sal’s cell phone, but it says the number not available.

Narpatji comes there and asks her about whom she is making the call.

She tells him… She expresses her worry about Sal… she tells him that she is not able to reach her daughter thru her cell phone.

She calls all Sal’s friends… but none of them know anything about Saloni.

Narpatji calls Saloni’s prog manager… and asks him about his daughter, but he says he dint hear anything from Saloni for last so many days.

Ambikaji n Narpatji are worried a lot about Sal. Ambikaji then asks Narpat to call Neel…

But he says he doesn’t have Neel’s contact info … they both feel helpless… Ambikaji worries a lot about her daughter.

At the hospital:

Doctors are discussing about Saloni’s case. Neel n Nishi too are present in the room. One of the doctors calls Saloni as “paagal”. Neel loses his temper… and shouts at the doctor for calling Saloni a paagal. Nishi is so surprised to see Neels reaction. She starts observing him closely.

Neel calms down says sorry to all the doctors for his behaviour. He tells them that he lost control becoz he felt very sad for the patient… and he dint like the patient to be called a paagal.

Brijesh n Nahar:

Brijesh finds Nahar in the garden … driking continuously…

Brijesh: “Nahar I can understand what you must be going thru… but drinking like this will not help you in anyway. Tomorrow Kaka sa is coming here, and as we all know that he has just recovered from a major stroke. I don’t want him to get any further shocks or surprises..”

Nahar : “what to do Bhaisa, I am not able to forget anything…”

Brijesh: “Sometimes we have to forget our pains and troubles and live for others’ happiness. This is not the time for you to sit and brood about the past… this is the time for you to take proper care of kakasa.”

At the hospital:

Saloni is crying… A nurse is trying to give her a medine, but she doesn’t want to take it. She keeps crying for her parents.

Nishi tries to calm Saloni down… she tells Saloni that she can go to her parents if she takes her medicine. But Saloni doesn’t want to…

Neel comes there… he gets cotton candy for Saloni, she forgets all about the medicine… and gets very excited about it. Neel tells Saloni that he brought a surprise for her, and he takes out an achaar bottle and shows to Sal.

Sal asks Neel to give achaar to her… but he tells her that she should 1st take the medicine…

Saloni finally agrees… n Neel gives her the medicine and then achaar bottle.

Neel feeds her and makes her sleep…

Nishi is impressed with Neel about the way he handled Saloni.

She asks him how does he know that the patient likes pickle. He tells her that its common knowledge that all pregnant women like pickles…. And that’s the reason he brought it for Saloni.

Nishi tells him that she is pleased the way he handles Saloni… she says that she feels as if there is some spl bond between Neerav n the patient.

@ Brijesh’s house:

Nahar asks the servant whther Kakasa’s room is ready or not. He asks him to throw all the liquor bottles out!

Brijesh n others are happy listening to this.

Servant announces Kakasa’s arrival.

Vrinda goes upstairs to Kakisa… and asks her to come down to welcome Kakasa, but Kakisa doesn’t want to go, as she is scared of her husband. And she feels that he wont like to see her there.

Kakasa car arrives… He gets down out of the car… (Parikshit Sahani). All the family members welcome him at the entrance. He greets n blesses everybody.

Then he announces his second marriage to everyone… and he tells everybody that his wife is in the car… waiting to meet everyone.

All the family members gets a shock. Kaksa tells them that he got married again, becoz he was fed up with his loneliness and wanted somebody in his life.

Before they could digest the fact that Kaksa got married again…. They get another big jhatka after seeing his 2nd wife getting out from the car.

She is none other than… our dear old… “don’t mind wals Jijji” (well… well… now u don’t ask me… how she went to USA… and how she got married to him…and all tat… )
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