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Default Written update - 4th December 07

A doctor screams stop stop that streture. Neel hurries and holds the streture and brings it up on the stairs. Lady Doctor thanks him and says you were sharing happiness in patients before now you started saving life mr. Nirav(name changed here)

Neel says it is nothing like that. He puts a rose on Saloni without looking at her and says good luck and scolds the ward boy and tells him to be careful patient could have died.

Neel and doctor chats for a while. then neel goes to room to share gifts with patients.

In brijesh parivar

The ceremony is going on for aditi's death. kakisa asked bhabho where is ishan. bhabho tells her he at reltives' house and vrinda. kkai says poor thing. could not see his mother last time. Jiji enters covering her head. She looks around and mumbles oh aditi's death ceremony is going on. she goes close to aditi's photo and says: poor Saloni they don't even know that saloni is dead. bechari. She was going to give waris to this family now she is dead with aditi and no one here shades 2 tears for her. Saloni i really pity you. Then she walks away when every one gets up.

She stops by bhabho and tells her what a tragic death of aditi. i feels sad for ishan. Aditi should not have died like this. Bhabho is shocked may be she recognized jiji. but some one comes and jiji leaves.

In the hopstial neel talks to patients and give them roses and tries to comfrot them. As Neel comes out and talking to doctor again Saloni 's streture passed by him and he does not see her. But the rose falls. neel picks it up and gifts to dcotor. Doctor gives him back. Neel says this is cheating. As this belongs to some one else.

In the car Neel asks doctor how's your rpatient. She says it is a strange case. She is not coming out of unconsiousness poor thing. I wonder where her family is. Neel says: I don't know the patient yet but I have a feeling I will know her very soon.

Samar's house

Samar lying on the bed with headche. Kaveri comes and asks him to join them for food. samar says he is not hungry. Kaveri offers to press his forehead. Then she holds his hand. Samar takes away his hand and gets up. kaveri asks why Samar I am your wife? Why are you staying away from me? samar tells her : everytime I come close to you. I am reminded of nikita's face and how you cheated me sorry.

Some new ppl are arguing with dudhwala. why dudh is so little and why so thin. Husband is brigadier and wife's name is shanti. it looks like they are parents of Nishi the doctor who is treating saloni.

Neel and nishi walks in. Neel tells them he came to say thanks and to have a wonderful food you make. brigadier says thanks you came . i am so glad at least your aunt is quiet now. You alwys bring happiness here.. Neel says it is nice of you to say that. My life is your gift. You are so nice to me and nishi comes to ask neel how's her new dress. Nirav(neel) jokes it is not made for animals and nishi hits him while her parents watche them.

Samar's house

Nikita is crying while kaveri is comforting her, samar comes and asks why is she crying? kaveri says: nikita has departed us, but now I promise you that Nikita will bring us together . Nikita still cries so kaveri asks Narpat to take her out. Narpat goes to park with nikita in stroller and talking to her. A man comes asking for change for 500 rupees. While narpat is looking for a change away from nikita some one takes Nikita out of stroller and runs away with her.

When narapt moves back he sees nikita missing. he frantically looks for her asking everyone.

At samar's home Ambika calls samar for food saying look what kaveri made for you. all your favorites come and have food. They are about to sit and sees narapt . Narpat looks s worried and keeps saying nikita nikita. samar asked what is wrong papa where is nikinta? narpat says nikita is missing. every one is shocked and episoe ends.

preview: Brijesh is saying kakasa is coming here and he will settle here now as He can not handle things being so old.

my comments: There is not much in today's episode except jiji entered the house finally and I think bhaho recognized her. it seems like jiji thinks both aditi and saloni died. So i wonder if she know about them. Also neel has not seen saloni and he has new name Nirav. So may be he had some accident and Nishi 's dad saved him and in process he lost memory or something. More characters is SP now. Neel and nishi looks very comfortable with each other does that mean Neel finally found some one nice for a change. i couldn't be happier for him. kaveri might have hand in nikita's kidnapping to get close to samar.
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4th, december, update, written

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