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Default 29th October 2008 KS written update


The show starts with Dadi and her friends waiting for Rishi to come.Rishi brings them food and Ganga looked annoyed as usual.Dadi asked for water and both of them reach to get it for her.Then they both looked at each other and Dadi saw and pulled their leg.

Pia looked happy as their plan going to be sucessful plan.Pronita looked unhappy and she says that look at destiny,what I want Jigyasa has it and what I want I have it.

Pia says that she wants a gift from her after all these years.Jigayasa face when she had hand over the keys.

Jigyasa calls Ranvir and slaps him for frauding in the company.Ranvir replies by saying that she is the one who thought him to do all that.Jigyasa seem to be very mad at him.

Jigyasa wondering how can she tell him what had happened.Jigayasa says if you're cought in the future be careful.She repents slapping Ranvir,and also insulted her in front of the three sisters.So she decided insulting Bani by her sisters.Kasamh Se.

Dadi,Rishi and Ganga is at the audition and Dadi looked so exicted.Ganga prays that these people are not made fun off.Ganga says that they are innocent and you could have stopped them.Rishi tries to convince her but she doesn't want to listen to him.

Dadi and her friends sang the Kasamh Se title song and Ganga realises that Rishi has done that for her and she finishes the song for them.


At the audition place,they annouce about the contest Bali Umar KO Salam and the winner is Dadi and her friends.Dadi then thank the organizer for giving her the chance.She also mention and thank Rishi for encourging them.

Ganga gave him warning not to go to that stage.Rishi is confuse and the judges says that they want to hear Riahi to sing too.He then sang the song Kitni Baaten.

Ganga then walkway and Rishi looked dispointed.Jigayasa is very angry and throwing all Pronita's things,she says this is what Pronita is doing and she then calls Pia and Rano and intices them,and started insulting Bani's memories.I stopped her and Pia was thinking.Jigayasa entices them futher.

She says you're not saying anything,but don't worry I will,she gooes to slap Pronita and Rano stopped her from doing that.


Jigyasa the realize that the sisters knows the truth.Rano says that they won't let anyone to insult their sister.Jigaysa says I should have thought about this before but don't worry I will disturb your equation again.

She says don't come between me and Bani.Rano the says whatever happens we are together.Jigaysa says that she is going to enjoy the game more now.

Pronita says you finished your game.Now it's my turn,we will be too much for you.

Our parents thought us not to do wrong to anyone but bigger wrong is to quietly suffer the in justice.Tomorrow is Karva Chauth,I shall keep the fast as Pronita Walia but finish it as Bani.

Jigaysa then says that she is not interested in her promises,and it does not matter to what she does.You keep the fast without even drinking the water and you've have to break it after you've seen the moon and Jai ,you will keep on waiting for him but he will be leaving tomorrow evening at 6 o clock.Pronita was shocked.

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2008, 29th, october, update, written

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