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Default 21st October 2008 KS written update


The show starts with Rishi and Ganga who just arrived to the party of Jai and Jai invites them.Rishi and Ganga says Namaste to Jai and Jai does it too and Rishi says ek minute and goes to Adi and Ganga asked Jai is he leaving India.She said how can he do this and says how can you live without me.Jai says how can this be,and Ganga says she will follow him.

Jai says why are you talking like this,you're married.You have husband and family with you,you have to keep them happy and I'll be back soon.Just think it as a break,and he ask her to relax and enjoy the party,i'll be back.Jai leaves.

Rishi came and joke around with Ganga.Ganga asked him to shut up(funny scene)because of this Pronita all this happen to me and now papa is leaving India.She says because of Pronita she is with a middle class family now.

Pia met Jai at the party(it was just like yesterday scene).

Pia asked Jai how is he?He replied and said he is fine,and Jai says after so many years you are back to India?Jai says my kids killer is inside the jail thats why you're back now.He says again that he talk to Pushkar and Pushkar said you know who was the killer and because of Veer life you kept quiet.

Jai says it's okay you did it because of your son's life.Jigyasa came and says it's better for him to go and change,and light went off.

Pronita was in dandiya,the light went on and everyone was shock to see her.Jigyasa asked her what is she doing here.Pronita says talk properly Jigyasa Walia,I think you forgot about something,I'm your bhai's legal wife Pronita Walia.With that ristey I'm your babi.The malkin of this house.I can come to this house and if I want I can remove anyone from this house.

Adi says what are you trying to say,you wanna remove us from this house.Pronita says no Adi uncle I have no problem with you.Adi says then why do you came here.Rano says for what else she came here for money again.

Vicky and Krishna taunt her saying that you must have felt 20 crores less as now you would be wanting money for eating zeher saving Krishna from drugs and so on.

Adi says you should feeling that you are great because you took out the truth about Priytush and Adi ask her how much money do you want now?Rano says whatever it is we don't wanna see her in this house.Everyone leave from the place where Pronita is there.


Pia was still there and she was looking at Pronita and Pronita looked happy and says Pia.Rano came and ask Pia to come with her.

Pronita goes to Ganesh Ji statue and prays,Jigyasa came there and said she knows Bani will come back.She also said she is scared on what ever Pronita said just now in front of everyone.Jigyasa says what a scene by Rano,Vicky and Krishna just now by saving me and Pronita deserve it all.

Pronita said whatever you said was right and I've to thank Jigyasa aunty for that.Because you're the one who made me as Pronita,if I'm still Bani how will I do the job that Bani couldn't do.You were right Jigyasa aunty,for this few days will be so entertaining for you,whatever you're thinking now it will not happen.Pronita says again that she is sure that no one will leave the house,and I wont leave this house too.Because of me they think I betray them.Till now they hate Pronita but in their heart they love Bani.Pronita says it's so sad you can change my face but not their heart that they love Bani that much.

Pronita said I think you forgot that with Meera I fought a mahayudh with her for 18 days and with you Jigyasa I'm gonna play 3 days of yudh with you and I'm sure that I will win.Kasamh Se.

Rano was telling to Pia this is the story of Pronita and this is the true face of her.Pronita wants to save the family but she did this all just for money.Rano says she feel that Pronita come back with a plan.Pia says nothing will happen.Because of me the family went through a lot of sadness but still everyone forgives me for that and Bani dee too and I'm sure if Bani dee is still alive she wont let the Pronita does it all.Starting from today no Meera,no Pronita and Pia will ruin this family now.

Pia says I won't let that Pronita to come and it's a vaada from me to Bani dee,Kasamh Se.

Pronita goes to Jai and said Mr.Walia.Jai said not right because I'm still busy.Pronita says Mr.Walia again.Jai says okay I give you 2 minute time,whatever you wanna say ,say it now.Jai says why are you disturbing me,what you want,you wanted money isn't it,take it.I love Bani and I hate Meera because she tried to ruin my family and you I cant even hate or love you as you did it for money.Take an taxi driver as an example,we cant be thinking that the driver is doing mahan to us as he is doing all this for money sake.Pronita looked very shocked and sad when Jai says that to her.

Jai says so you did do any mahan to me.Jai says again you can do whatever you want to do,you can stay her as you wish but please don't disturb me.He then leaves and Pronita cries.


Pronita enters Pia's room and saw Rano,Pia and Bani's picture on the bed.Pronita was going to take it but Pia came and stopped her.Pia says how dare you touch my dee photos.I know you are the malkin of this house ,you own everything in this house but not this photo,and you know who is she in this photo ,she is my Bani dee,she is the bagavan of this house.Pia says you are not the same of my Bani dee,you both are different.You know only how to take but my Bani dee she knows only how to give people.She will do anything for this house and never think for herself.I will not let you to ruin the family because this is my Bani dee's happiness.Mr.Walia gave you a cheque before and now I'm giving you.

Pia gave her a blank cheque and ask her to stay away from the family.

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2008, 21st, october, update, written

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